Landcruising Adventure Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Shaded river camp

Just of the main gravel road. A small forested area with a clean river running through. Ample space to park. You can cross (4x4) the river and have an even nicer spot.

Ishonch (trust)

Full service laundry. $5 for a big bag of laundry. Washing and drying.

benzin and disel station

Paid 7.000 som per liter today.

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 42.46007, 59.61418


A couple of general STO's (machanic work place) next to each other in this neighborhood. Find Maqsood, who speaks English and runs a car gas installation workshop. He helped replace a broken brake line with a copper pipe of his gas installation stuff. Didn't have to pay him. Great guy. There are other guys nearby that can help with generic car problems.

Great Supermarket

Well stocked and big supermarket on the ground floor of a small mall. Off street parking in front. The small sushi bar inside on the right side is also nice.

Bozoi fuel

Bought winterized diesel here. They also have gasoline.

Overlander Campsite

We knocked on the door and made noise, but we did not meet anyone. It seemed closed to us.
The parking looks small and has a roof over it, so our high car definitely would not fit.

Specialist for diesel components

Stepan replaced the aluminum washers under the return pipes. Great service. Knows what he is doing. Professional Bosch testing lab inside.

Altai public bathhouse

5.000 for 2 persons in a shower room. Nothing fancy, got water after long dusty drives.

Bagagarin Chulu

Little side valley. Plenty of camping options.

Taiga Pitch Offroad Camping

Moritz and Olga just connected the newly build camp to the water and electricity. We have no illusion that they will build out this place into a wonderful rest stop along the connection roads between Mongolia and Russia, but also between the west and far east part of Russia.

Olga bakes some irresistible good bread and Moritz can help you out with solving your vehicles mechanical issues.

We are looking forward to see this place evolve into a full blown overlanders meeting place.

Avtolider Sto / Авто Лидер

Great bunch of people with good car knowledge. I only needed a place to leave my old oil, and a Mongolian mechanic (who spoke good English) helped me change the oil and filter.

chinese market (off-road eldorado)

Bought some gas bottles and housing isolation for the cold the coming months. If you need a winch, bull bar, led lighting for your vehicle, this is the place.

Super Forest Road

Of the main dirt road. A little open spot along the confluence of two little fast flowing streams. We think it is used for a logging camp when they harvest pine trees. Lots of wood for great campfires. Bring a saw!

Meakawa river camp

Free river camp site at the dead end of a narrow street. Little 45 degree angle parking lot for about 10 cars. You could park in the riverbed, but don't know how dangerous that might be?

Taihama beach

A free camping with access to a sandy beach. Open all year round. Mainly for tenters and weekend visitors.

Little harbor

A small little harbor. There is a paid campsite just along the main road. With showers and water if you need that kind of thing. We just parked here for the night and had a lovely evening with the little crabs roaming around. Early in the morning since fishermen take out their boats. Very quiet place.

Anan beach

At the dead end of a long narrow track along the beach. There is an abandoned little parking. Defunct toilet building. Some shade. Very quiet at night. Local people go for a stroll or go fishing. Weekends may see some more activity.

Yamanakako beach

Lapping waterfront, sandy beach with a splendid view of Mt Fuji.

Miyajima beach

Parked overlooking a deserted beach. There is a little shrine and numerous deer. The road leading to this place is very narrow and winding. Big rigs would have a very difficult job getting here.

Saito burial mounds

Small parking next to the second burial site. Toilets nearby.

Cape Hyuga Green Park

Large parking overlooking the ocean next to a huge green Park for playing. Walking paths with view points towards the sea.

Aso - Michi No Eki

The Michi No Eki are the famous roadside stations. These are on local main roads and not on the expressways (toll roads). This one has a small shop selling boxed food and fresh vegetables. Also a very good Tourist Information booth with free fast WiFi. Nearby are affordable Onsen (hotbath).


Parking place next to a lake along a popular hiking forest. Walking trails provided. Free.

Tea Cultural Museum

Free parking lot in front of the Tea museum. Toilets and wifi available. Very quiet.

Anmingogae Hill

Free. Be here when all the Cherry trees blossom in beginning of April. Toilet nearby.

Douane Recherche / Customs

To try and get your one month temporary car import papers extended, talk to Mr. Verweij. Note, first get your passport visa extended.

Extension Visa / Police

Get your one month visa extended with another month. Open daily till 14:00. You normally can wait to process your passport. Notice the dress code.

Moleson Creek

Free camp within the vehicle in the compound of the ferry company. Normally not allowed but with the correct attitude and questions, foreign overlanders will be granted to stay within the secured area. Wifi available, the young policeman logged in on my iPhone for us.


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