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Water Refill Place

Place to buy water in big canisters or to refill the tank

Cabañas La Betty

This hugh, beautiful garden with plants from all over South America is run by Ezequel and his family (father, brother Mario and his son Alejandro). It's been developed by his father since over 20 years. The family is always developing more and soon they want to build a self sustainable area with Cabañas built from natural materials in the upper part of the park/garden. As they want to open the place for people from all over the world who are interested to learn something and contribute with knowledge or ideas to their project they are welcoming Overlanders to stay here, enjoy the garden and pool and exchange ideas. They also offer Workaway if you are interested. You can also rent a Cabaña if you like to have more comfort. There is enough space for tents. The family is super friendly and the beaches are in walking distance. The village is very small and quiet, nature all around. Shops are close by. There is no price for camping but sure they will be happy about tips.

Es un bonito jardin grande con cabañas. Los duenos son Ezequel, su padre, su hermano Mario y su hijo Alejandro. El padre esta desarollando el lugar desde hace 20 años. Pronto van a desarollar un projecto auto sustenable con casas hecho de barro. Ellos quieren abrir su paraíso para el mundo y viajeros que son interesado y quieren apprender o contribuir con conocimiento o ideas a su projecto. Se puede relajar acá, usar la piscina y intercambiar si se quiere. También ofrecen Workaway. Alquila de cabañas es posible también. Hay bastante espacio para carpas. La familia es superagradable y las playas estan cerca. El pueblo es pequeño, naturaleza esta a todos lados. Tiendas/Kioscos estan cerca. No hay un precio para acampar pero seguro les gusta para recibir propina.

El número de Ezequel (whattsapp):

YPF Town Center

Stayed here for 1 night. Quiet, free, in the center. Just asked the employee. Toilets are closed you need to ask for the key.

Start of Ripio heading to Tres Lagos

Ripio for about 70 km, road in most parts not too bad, just no pavement. Could drive with our truck camper about 60km/h, except for some harder parts with 10km/h.

EX Ruta 40

Google maps wants to send you on the old Ruta 40 to the south. You have to go through Gobernador Gregores on the 25 and 29 if you want to stay on paved roads. The road google maps shows you is the old route and unpaved!

Google maps mostra la EX Ruta 40. Hay que manegar via Gobernador Gregores en la ruta 25 y 29 si se quiere quedarse en asphalto. Google maps mostra la ruta vieja sin asphalto!

Road Sign: Do Not pass through by rain

Ripio ends after about 70 km unpaved road

Taller Cochelo (Paint / Dent repairs)

Good mechanic for paint and repair of damaged cars

Gravel road - ripio ~100km

From here northbound ~100km gravel road. Not really nice to drive altough the landscapse is beautiful. Hard for the car. Expect 2h when driving 50km/h.

De aka al norte ~100km ripio suelto. 50km/h posible pero duro para el carro. Dura 2h.

Very scenic canyon road and colourful rocks

This is a very very scenic road with loads of beautiful landscape like red bizarre shaped rockformations as well as mountains in every colour you can imagine, like painted by aliens :)

Partly a bit rough, but doable for every vehicle which is not crazy high, there's a tunnel near the lake which we could pass easily with our 3 meter truck camper, but you shouldn't be higher than maybe 4,5 meters or so. Road is paved from san rafael until the lake and (good) gravel afterwards. Enjoy!


Planetario, nothing too special, but worth a stop. There's a show with guide at 18:30, nice for children too. 100 pesos p.P.

Posada Cavieres Wine Farm

Hans' little paradise. We loved the spot! Not cheap (still 17 us), but definitely worth the money. Sorrounded by vineyards, huge garden/pool area and lots of places to sit/chill inside and outside. Hans is very nice and helped us to find a good mechanic. He brought us to a place nearby to have lunch - the best we had on our whole panam trip. All you can eat and drink, maybe about 10 courses (antipasti, salat, ham, cheese, meat and dessert) for 900 pesos. Highly recommended!

Lubricentro FURLANI

Nice place foir oil changes. Paid 4150 Pesos (5W-30) including work, oil and filter. Friendly and helpful staff.

Buenos mecanicos. Muy amable gente. Pagé 4150 Pesos para aceite, filtro y obra.

Taller de frenos Jorge Castro

Very good and friendly mechanic. Highly recommended. He finds parts that other couldn't in Mendoza. Good prices

Super mecanico y muy amable. El encuentra partes que otros de Mendoza no pudieron. Buenos precios!

Walmart car burglary - carro robo

We stayed for a night here. Someone broke the window of a car that was parking next to us (we think it was in the morning at daylight). Don't let your car alone for too long. It was quite close to the entry.

Alguien ha destrozado la ventana de un carro que fue aparcando cerca de nuestra camioneta y ha robado algo del carro. No deja el carro tanto tiempo sólo. Estaba cerca de la entrada.

Hualco Archeological Site Parking Lot

We arrived at about 5 pm, too late to do the guided tour as the guide leaves at 4pm. But the women looking after the place allowed us explori g the site on our own, use the bathroom and camp at night, everything for free. Awesome location to camp! Great view into the red gorge with lovely pools to swim. Highly recommended!

Hielo & Gas

Refilled our removable us-tank here without having an adapter. 21 liter for 600 pesos.

Garganta Del Diabolo

beautiful narrow gorge to walk/climb in a bit

Club Nautico y Camping

Now 25 per Person and 50 for the vehicle. Not the best view of the lake, but quiet and cheap.

Road in countryside

the road to belen is all paved now, perfect to drive

Toll Booth

We didn't encounter police, just toll 11 bolivianos

Viewpoint - Mirador

Beautiful 270° view of Lake Titicaca. 2h hike from the campground.

Buena vista del lago. 2 horas del camping. No hay senderos oficiales. Traiga buenos zapatos.

Mountain top - Mirador montaña

Spectacular 360° view of Lake Titicaca. No official track. Sometimes you need to climb a little bit but it's not difficult. Bring good shoes.

Buena 360° vista de lago Titicaca. No hay senderos oficiales. Traiga buenos zapatos. A veces se tiene que escalar un poco pero no es tan difícil.

Camp Titicaca

Nice campspot and beach. Friendly owners. 20 Soles per car. No height limit. Perfect roads, almost everything paved. Good hiking to the island. Great views.

Great view hike

Easy hike next to the campground. Beautiful view of Lake Titicaca. 30min hike.

Fácil camino a la montaña al lado del camping. 30min. Qué vista de Lago Titicaca!

Viewpoint 2 - Mirador 2

Incredible view of Lake Titicaca. No official path. 2h from the campground.

Buena vista. 2 horas caminando del camping. No hay senderos oficiales. Traiga buenos zapatos.

Quevado bridge height limit

This is a wrong information. The main bridge in Quevedo is passable for all vehicles and does not have any height limitations. We crossed the bridge with our truck camper so maybe the warning was placed in the wrong location (there are a few other bridges in Quevedo).


Located in the Calle Sucre. 5$ per vehicle and night. Eventually more expensive during the day (came in at 4pm and left 9am). Best spot to visit the center. Easily reachable. Not very flat but you can use rocks from the Parqueadero. Has toilets.

Parque Carolina

It was closed when we arrived here. It was newly paved so it may open again? We instead went to the Parqueadero close to the center in Calle Sucre. There would be other secured parking in the park but it is not fenched. He wanted 10$ but we decided to go to the center.


Horrible road through the national park, not only unpaved, but also very uneven and lots of potholes, stones... Doable, but I wouldn't do it again, as it's umconfortable, time consuming and bad for the car. We went less than 10km/h average with our truck camper and it took us HOURS just for a few kilometers.

Frenos John

Brake mechanic. Replaced our park break here (new cable) for 100.000 COP. Seem to be nice guys.


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