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Top of a hill

Dead end of a narrow gravelroad on top of a hill. Great view to Mjlet and Korcula, amazing sunset. Only recommanded with highclearence, maybe 4x4 will be good. Sometimes narrow with bushes, so don‘t go there, if you are afraid of scratches.
If you drive left at the crossing before this place, you can reach a lonley, small fisherman‘s beach. To the beach 4x4 required. We did not stay at the beach, because sun left early in february.

End of island

Great place, great view, very quiet.
In the evening you can watch sunset and in the morning sunrise.
But mind, if you come in summer: no shadow

Wild Paestum

New camper stop with really friendly and caring young owners. Shower and Bathroom very clean, hot shower 50 cent. 50m to the beach through a small pine forest. Beach clean, 15km of sand, not crowded in the mid of August.
Shop nearby, 10min walk to the small town, 25min walk to the sights/temples of ancient Paestum. Best place you will find here.
Wanted to stay one night, stayed three nights.
30€/2 persons and car/night


Still a good place for one night, great view over the street of Messina and Sicily, wonderful sunset. The place was dirty, we cleaned it up. So please take all your rubbish with you and don’t make fire! High risk when it is hot!!!

Area Sosta Camper

Best stop near Torre Canne, directly at the small beach. Friendly owners, only for vans and mobilehomes. All facilities, simple but clean, some shadow. 25€/night with electricity, warm shower 1€, cold shower for free, but most of the people use also the cold shower with shampoo and soap.

P13 Caravan parking San Marino

Very clean, quiet. We recommand to fill up at the gas stations in San Marino, it is a little bit cheaper than in Italy.

In Majella NP

Beside the gravelroad to some hikingpaths. There are also parkinglots at the beginning of the hikingpaths, but we prefered the nice view.

Chianocco - Grangia

Nice place, almost emty, quiet.
Toiletts are closed, filling up water is possible.
Places are watched by video(? Working?), because they ask for 4€/night, sent to an bankaccount or paid at a bar in the village.

The Beach (la Spiaggia) - Desenzano Del Garda

Still a very good place!
Payed 19€/ 2 persons, one car for one night.
Electricity is extra charged, we do not need electricity.
Sanitary facilities are very clean.
If you are lucky, you can get a pitch with lakeview.
Restaurant next door was excellent, especially the marinated gardalake trout.

Kamp Gabrije

Nice camp, relaxed atmosphere, places directly above the river, new and clean bathroom with hot shower, 13€/per person (sleeping in car)

Watermills near Souli

Parking above a little river, cool and refreshing.
Crowded diring the day, but quiet at night. Little restaurant nearby

On a meadow

Flat spots near the road but hidden from the road, bushes and trees. Next to a small river, but had no water in summer, quiet during the night

Above the cliffs

Small parkinglot near the the street to agios jerusalem beach, but quiet in the night. some shadow in the evening, beautiful sunset.
Nice place to sleep, if you don‘t want to stay at the beach.

Agia Ierousalem beach camp

Not recommanded in highseason
At the taverna beach is full with umbrellas and sunbeds. Some kind of campsite at the parking of the taverna, we saw some vans there, but did not ask for the price.
At the small beach next: full with mobilehomes and dirt in the bushes, did not stay.

Official overnight parkinglot

Near Hollenstein/Ybbs, official overnightparking. Place for 3 big cars, above a river, clean toilets, playground, very quiet
Shelter with tables nearby, small access to the cold river, old blacksmith (Hammerschiede) to visit
5€ donation per day for the Parking
Nice and green surrounding in the mountains

Overlooking Cerbère

Road closed, driving the track by car is vorbidden, only for hiking. Not possible any more with a car.

Picnic area

Just a parking area behind houses. Meetingpoint for youth with lots of beerbottles

Great place

Still good for one night, quiet, better than to sleep on the highway

Praia de Armacao de Pera Camping

Really good price, 10,50 for 2 persons and car.
Showers are lukewarm, sanitarybuilding is not completely closed, so if it is windy, it is a little bit refreshing having a shower, but for the price it‘s ok.


Very unfriendly, not helpfull, don‘t go there if you need quick repair!
They sent us to Portimao, but they gave us the adress of a shop, not of a Service Station

Melides Beach

Great place, you must enter on dirt roads shown as in, it is not possible to enter from the parking

Farol Cabo do Sardao

Just follow the dirt road south along the coast. Enjoy the view over the cliffs and the sea, there are lots of pullouts beside the track. Sometimes a little bit narrow, soft sand is possible. Not recommanded for big RVs, not for Wohnmobile.

Nice stopover next to beautiful beach

Great Place to stay, but crowded during the day, also during night with big RVs and noisy fishermen all night long. Would prefer Melida beach for the night.
Really great view on the sea, directly from the carparking. Bar closed in Winter.

Praia de Rei, Cortico, Obidos

Just a paved parking, not flat, would not stay there over night. There are nicer spots near for staying overnight , if you follow the dirt roads as shown in mapsme.
Beach is nice here.

Dinosaur footprints

Still a nice place! Great view, if you are driving 2WD be carefull, road as described before.

Near Torres

Small flat place next to gravelroad, quiet, nice sunrise. Not for big RVs, but Toyota, Defender...

Camping Regio

Open all year, hot showers, 17€/night, 2 persons, car, no electricity. Public bus to Salamanca

Fuentes Blancas

Campground with really good hot showers! Nice in December! 18€ per night, car, 2persons. Public bus to Burgos.

Camping Don Quijote

Closed in Winter, when we were there in December.

Chiemsee Schraml

Just s gravelparking behind the lake,
Not directly at the lake!
Not worth to pay 10€ for this.


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