M&C Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Refill Supergas Acodike, Paysandu

Still here, red sign, nice guy, filled our American tank no problem.

Vehicle Wash

Initially asked for 150Bols when we asked for a cheaper price he offered at 100B. Fresh water and super powerful wash. I think we lost more than the salt off the truck...rust spots that have been hanging on.


"Soldadura" nice guy helped us right away with a small welding job. 30Bls.

Cervecería Del Valle Sagrado

Enjoyed the beers, like any craft Brewery they are constantly changing and we must have hit it at a good time. Tasted all nine on tap. Several were excellent. Also they let us stay the night in the parking lot.

Tambor Campground

Wonderful large shaded Campground across the street from the beach. Plenty of room with tables and sinks throughout. Owner said tap water is drinkable. Toilets and showers just fine. 4000pp per night. We found it great to visit further on peninsula without dragging big rig.

Tambor Campground

You'll find it behind Henry's pizza.

Pájaro Azul


El Bosque Hotel and Overlander Camp

As described closest place we could access at 10 feet as the city has low arcs at entrances.

Fuentes Georginas

Stayed cin parking with access to hot springs, washrooms etc. No issues. Guard was very friendly, he offered electricity by we didn't use it. 210Q. Sunrise over the mountains was beautiful as was the drive out through the farmers harvest.

Hacienda Pueblo Real, Tecpán, Guatemala

Nice manager with absolutely no hesitation let us park here with promise of eating a meal in the restaurant. 800Q for my birthday meal with wine, dessert and Kaluhas. Same prices as Montreal food was good.
Also used car wash across the street. 15Q.

Lagos de Colón

We got here well after dark paid 20p pp. There was a pan flute playing for half an hour which was very nice. Left first thing in the morning. Seemed totally safe.

Restaurant Buena Vista

Stayed one night no issues but very very windy.


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