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Slot Canyons

Drove in last night and the road was rough. Drove out today and they were grating it making it much more comfortable! Not sure how often they grate it, nor how long the effects last but it was much better leaving today. Also looks like they are improving the road at the end going to the slot canyon. 2wd can easily do it. Highly recommend doing these!

Rockville Wild Camping

Please be aware, if you are coming from Zion national park south entrance there is NO camping unless you are 1/2 mile away from the dirt road (which is impossible as far as I drove up). There might be spots further up but the road is pretty rough. Many people seem to camp here fine, but you run the risk of getting a ticket. The people I talked to told us this area is monitored by rangers!

There is free blm land about 12 minutes further down the highway from Zion. You have no risk of getting a ticket and the road is in better shape.

Happy camping!

Mc Donald Observatory

For the people looking to do the star party but are worried about the weather (cloudy = no telescopes). If it is cloudy the observatory offers 3 choices.
1. Continue with indoor activities (presentations, live shows, etc)
2. A delay on your reservation. At anytime (even in a couple years) you can return and use the same reservation.
3. Full refund - $3 for admin fees.

I’m not 100% sure they do this every time, but I’d assume they do if the weather does not permit telescope viewing as that is what most people are there for.

Barton springs

There is a free spot and a paid spot here. The paid spot is a man made pool feed from the springs. It’s $9 a person ($5 for locals). It has bathrooms and hot showers. If you go downstream there are a bunch of free natural ‘pools’ you can go in.

Global gas

Global gas propane fill.

Coordinates may not be 100% accurate (adding this location after leaving).

16 de Septiembre 6522, Lomas del Sur, 72470 Puebla, Pue., Mexico (google maps address)

Agua purificado

Full service water purification place within Pemex. 14 pesos per 20L, 9am-9pm. Not open sundays.


I don’t believe minibodegas stores vehicles. However, directly beside this place is IPark. It’s $150 a day, 24 hour security, free shuttle to and from the airport. I don’t think there is a monthly deal.

Parkin beach

This beach is busy everyday all day. Nights are loud with music, drums, cars and everything else. It’s a nice beach with lots of locals but it’s always busy

Playa Delfines parking lot

Probably the best spot in cancun if you want to be by the beach. The beach has many palapas for free. Seaweed (as of August 6th) is not bad at all.

Before you stay the night ask the parking guys if it’s okay, they will tell you it’s okay but they might ask you to move to somewhere else during the day as they make their money from the spot you occupy.

GasAuto (Z gas)

Filled my propane tank (not fixed to vehicle). Also watched them fill the big local tanks used at restaurants.

servicio automotriz - antonio

Stopped here to get an oil change, fuel filter change and to try and equalize my deep cycle batteries. I can’t speak on Antonio’s mechanical ability as I didn’t have anything really done, BUT, Antonio’s personality is A1. He is super accommodating and helpful. He speaks perfect English and the lot he has is big enough to park inside of it (no sketchy street parking like some places).

We paid 350 for an oil change + fuel filter change and then 300 for electricity for equalizing the batteries.

I would go back for sure.

Ps. He has 3 baby kittens (just born) that are adorable and he is giving away 2 if you want a kitten

Agua ecologica de Mexico

13 pesos for 20L, 8 pesos for 10L. Machine can take 20 or 50 peso bills and gives change

Laguna Kaan Luum

Now 100ppp. Busy with people, get here early (opens at 9)

Soni gas

Large propane plant. Open on Sundays (at least at 10:30am they are). $5.23pesos/kg

Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Looks like a nice place. Owners are lovely and they have lots of RV’s parked long term. Didn’t stay the night.

Fire Station Toluca

5 parking stalls on one side and 4 stalls on the other side where you can park for the night. Around 8pm the firefighters let us park inside the lot. They offered us the bathroom, shower, and water. Beside a busy road so a little noisy but good enough for a night. Fire fighters are super friendly.


Coin operated. Fast and cheap. Parking beside the place but on the main road.

Mario Talavera / Colegio Militar

Stayed here for 2 nights at the very end of Calle Militar beside a delicious taco stand (see other icon). Some noise from dogs but other than that it was perfect.

Exquisites Tacos

Small taco stand on the street. Only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from about 8:30/9pm to 11/11:30pm. It’s a one man show and super busy so it takes a while to get the tacos but they are very good. 10MXP per taco. Perfect for dinner if you’re parked up on Calle Militar.

At this location is also a small fruiteria (same guy who runs the taco stand). If you access it from Calle Militar then it’s technically the back door but it’s behind the taco stand through the steel door.

sayulita street parking

Stayed 3 nights, had 4 other vans here on the second night and 2 the last night. Super quite, close enough to the center to walk but nice and quite at night. 30 seconds to the beach.

Agua Inmaculada

Don’t think there is an aqua place. You can buy garrafons from the grocery store. 30MP for 20L.

Playa Solitaria

WARNING: we stayed here and at the beach a couple hundreds meters down the highway (called playa Erendira, right where the highway splits) for 2 weeks on and off. When we were with friends we had no problems, but when we were alone on 2 separate occasions a dark SUV pulled up very close to us at night (9/10pm) and the man would quietly sneak up to the van and look into our windows. First time we noticed him through our side mirrors and the second time we heard him and then saw him at the window. Both times he quickly got in in his car and drove off. Both times we left to sleep at the overnight Pemex. (Note: not 100% sure it was the same man/vehicle).

The beaches are not very nice compared to ones further down the highway. On the weekends they are pretty busy so there shouldn’t be any problems like that ^. But just be careful if a truck or suv parks a little too close on a beach that’s completely empty.

Parc Marin Point Park

Update: After a week of solid camping people finally got tickets. Although it was only the big RV’s and people with sprinters/vans got away without one. ($112 for the ticket)

Old: As stated before it’s a gamble if you get a ticket. Currently between 10-20 vans/campers/RV’s here so doesn’t seem like tickets happen often. Showers/toilets/water is a little bit of a walk to get to.


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