roller-ball Places

Id Name Country Category
13580 Lavanderia Satelite Mexico Laundromat Show
13581 El Portal Mexico Water Show
13641 Cantona Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
14193 ATM Mexico Other Show
14194 Lavanderia María José Mexico Laundromat Show
14195 Agua purificadora Mexico Water Show
24113 Ojo de aqua Mexico Wild Camping Show
24799 Bakery Mexico Restaurant Show
26967 Epicure Guatemala Shopping Show
26968 El Barrio Guatemala Restaurant Show
28376 Orno Magico Mexico Restaurant Show
45675 Walmart Mexico Other Show
45676 Washington Ranch United States Established Campground Show
48326 Cattlemans Steakhouse United States Restaurant Show
48327 Cochiti Lake Campground United States Established Campground Show
48328 Kingman Wash United States Wild Camping Show
50062 Diablo Burger United States Restaurant Show
51291 Desert Camp Mexico Wild Camping Show
75175 Hotel Costa del Sol Mexico Hotel Show
75176 Connecting Bahia Asuncion and Punta Abreojos Mexico Other Show
75177 Rancho Grande Mexico Restaurant Show
75178 Gaspasa Mexico Propane Show
75179 Roadside pullout Mexico Wild Camping Show
75180 roadside balneario Mexico Informal Campsite Show
75181 Secure parking lot close to center Mexico Informal Campsite Show
75612 A-pu-ra Mexico Water Show
75613 Lavanderia Mexico Laundromat Show
77226 Aqua purificada Mexico Water Show
79409 San Andres Mexico Water Show
83451 Performance Mexico Mechanic and Parts Show

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