roller-ball Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Water Well

Drinkingwater, delivers easily 100 liters per Minute from three outlets

Günay in Yeri

this place has the potential to establish itself as a nice overlander meeting point. nice hosts [speaking only turkish], green pasture to park a rig or pitch a tent under trees, directly lake side, swimm in the lake, have a meal at the restaurant. prices low. recommended

Toyota Service

Toyota Dealership, very helpful with Service on Our Landcruiser. Top friendly service advisor Muhammed and mechanic Ahmet. recommended!! Mehmet, owners son speaks good english.

Hotel Loma Real & Hot Springs

We tried this place today, but the not so friendly lady asked 35US $ per night for two in a pick-up truck. We said thanks but no thanks, even in high season in La Fortuna this was nothing short of a rip off.

Parqueadero del Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja

They refused us to overnight in our Pickup Camper.

La Caballeriza Hotel

Nice place as discribed. Entry from the mainroad is through Finca Los Laureles.

Rotary Club

During the fiesta in january this place is a parking lot. We paid 80 Pesos overnight - quiet. Easy walk to fiesta.


Very honest mechanic, who was prepaired to help diagnose a problem on our dieseltruck despite being specialised in gasoline engines. He made a very cmpetent and honest impression. Adress: Calz.del Pencil No. 851
Col. Bienestar Social

3 Mezquites mezcal hosts

Absolute no need to go!
We tock a substantial detour to visit this hole-in-the-wall type place whilst we could have had much more comprehensive explanations on multiple mescalerias on the main road, which we had.
Side note to fellow travelers: please refrain from exageration when describing places. You safe others time and money!!

San Andres

Aqua purificada.
20 Pesos per garrafon. Friendly staff, they helped us filling up our tank by holding the garrafons.

Quinta La Carolina

Space for 2-3 small rigs. Perfect place to relax a couple of days. Hiding away from mexican noise exuberance. The only twittering taking place come from natural sources. 100 Pesos per person.
Cabanas for rent.

Aqua purificada

Fills with hose, 17 Pesos per 20 Litros.
Very friendly

Cabanas y Balneario Erendira

Very nice place for an overnight stop. Beautifuly set in the forest, very well taken care about. A bit expensive though at 280 Pesos for 2 persons and a truck camper.

Auto Mechanic Afinaciones Perfectas

Even though he couldn't do an alignment for us, he sure knew where we could have it done and guided us there.


20 Pesos per Kilo, service in 24 hours. Entrance difficult to notice.

Estacionamiento Santuario

Very basic fenced parkinglot negotiated down to 120 Pesos for 24 hours. Come on a saturday and dive into real mexican live. Sunday market !!


Aqua purificada Ramirez
Garaffon 12 Pesos.

Secure parking lot close to center

Dust parking lot with friendly owner.
Gate closed from 9 to 7.
Paid 150 Pesos for 24 hours. Quite sleeping at night. Entrance without hightlimit.

roadside balneario

good Spot for a night if it gets too late to reach further. quiet. 70 Pesos per person

Roadside pullout

On the way from Tubares to Bahiuchivo. Nice plataue with nice views and perfect night sky.


Gasstation, friendly stuff. 12 Pesos per liter

Rancho Grande

Regular food, good wifi. Offers also adventure tours.

Connecting Bahia Asuncion and Punta Abreojos

Terrible washboarded in parts. The coast is mostly out of sight. If you love your rig it will cost you nearly a day but will still be manageable in 2 wheel drive.

Hotel Costa del Sol

Best place in town. Delicious breakfest, lunch and dinner.

Desert Camp

Beautiful spot right in the middle of cacti.
4x4 and high clearance needed.

Diablo Burger

Perfect place to have a burger. Delicious real stuff.

Kingman Wash

Greate dispersed camping. Lakeside Beautiful landscape, quite.

Cochiti Lake Campground

12 $ per night for dry camping. Showers, water, toilet and dump

Cattlemans Steakhouse

Great Steaks at resonable prices.
Stay for free after dinner.

Washington Ranch

Greate quiet place with or without hookups to stay overnight. Lots of wildelife around. Hookups 30 $ per night, dry camping 10 $.


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