lexmiller2912 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Yax Ha Resort

some people paied 100 pesos per person, we and an other ioverlander pair, paied 150 pesos per persons, which was non negociable. if you don't want to pay, you can leave, was the answer. the staff was quite unpolite, we were surprised. the location is beautiful, toilets and showers are clean. there is a swimming pool. dogs are allowed. the wifi is quite reliable. good palce to organize the journey to belice.

Laguna Azul

camping right at the spectacular lagune of bacalar. we payed 100 pesos per person. good for a dog. grassy campingarea. no electricity,no wifi, cold showers and toilet, which didn't work properly. we thought it is bit expensive for what the camping offers.

Maya Campestre

splendid view over the lagune. you can take the canoe and help the boys fishing and catch your dinner. we asked to camp here and we ate here. the dinner was very delicious (110pesos for the meal). no running water, but the friendly woman, who works here, gives you water. chickens and peacocks are here, too. wonderful place!

Camping Michol

nice quiet camping in the national park, where also the ruins are located. the ruins are in walking distance, ca. 2km. we paid 30 pesos per person and 31 pesos for the national park entry. the place also has rooms in the house with hot water. the camping showers haven't got any hot water. there is no pool, but a little cascade nearby. there isn't any temascal, but at the other camping around offer it. be prepared for the mosquitos. we like our stay.

Rancho San Nicolas

nice camping with hot showers, electricity. they are pet friendly, but they charge 20pesos for a dog. 100pesos per person. the Wi-Fi sometimes works, sometimes not. we enjoyed our stay.


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