piperflies Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Big rig/ truck wash

Located next to an RV supply store, this is a no-frills but really great truck wash with ladders on both sides if you need to clean a larger rig!

Pismo Beach Golf Course ( water refill+dump station)

Closed???? Gates were locked when I came on a Monday evening

Off Leash Dog Beach

Beautiful beach with white sand, gentle waves, and plenty of street parking right on the beach where you can spend the day and let your dog run around!

Wild camping near Neverland Ranch

Tricky to get a level spot so I used blocks but epic sunset and pretty quiet!

Lake Hemet Forest Service Picnic Area

This spigot was too far away to reach from where you can park, for me anyway

Dogwood campground San Bernadino national forest

For paid camping this place is really worth it! Incredibly friendly and helpful staff, places to fill your water tank, recycling, showers you don’t have to pay for, and a really great hiking trail that goes around the camp. Super dog friendly and no one is here on a Monday in September!

Campsites On National Forest Ground

Great place but I only found two spots to camp. If you follow directions to these coordinates it’ll lead you to the first turn off which is very sandy although pretty hard packed. I did OK with 2 Wheel Dr. but you need to watch the road. If you go a little bit further than the GPS coordinates you can make your second right onto the dirt loop the first site that you come to on your right is the nicest one.

San Elijo State Park

Definitely try to make reservations as very rarely are there spots available during the warmer months! We got the last spot two weeks in advance and it was right near the road, glad our van is really well insulated or it would’ve kept us up all night! Pretty nice campground especially if you’re surfing, and supposedly there’s dog friendly beach access by tower 16 but that whole area is closed off for construction? The coin operated showers are a little disappointing given how expensive this place is.

Uhaul propane refill

Propane refill station, entrance on the side

Foster Park “Residences” Campground

Great county park campground $21 per night with big beautiful oak trees. 10 minutes to the beach and 10 minutes to Ojai.

Cliff camp

One of our favorite places camping in Mexico! Gave the man at the gate, who was incredibly sweet, 90 pesos for two people for one night. He didn’t have a set price he just asked if we could help him out and he was really nice so we gave him the small bills that we had and honestly it was worth every penny! We made it fine in a 2 Wheel Dr. van, as the road is pretty flat it’s just the gravel gets a little thick and some spots but nothing crazy. You can actually continue past this camp spot maybe about another two or three minutes driving in the road ends and there’s a really wide area for camping with a bigger rig if necessary. Highly recommend coming here!!

Beautiful camping - Entrance!

GORGEOUS!!! As you’re headed to mineral del Chico, once you pass the visitor center and the las Ventanas campground look for this place on the left -entrance pictures in the saved images. We made it fine with a 2 Wheel Dr. van just take it slow, higher clearance might be nice.

Totally worth it -✨the best camping we’ve had in Mexico 🇲🇽 ✨Nobody came around to collect the fee. Just follow the road until you reach beautiful clearing with lots of fire rings and picnic tables to choose from. Really nice trails for hiking or biking leaving directly from the campground.

Beautiful camping - Entrance!

NOTE: we are 3.4meters tall and 20feet long and made it fine. It’s about 1/4 mile from the entrance down a rocky road to the campground

Ecoclean self service laundromat

Self service laundry mat or they offer dry cleaning and wash and fold. You will need to purchase a card for 30 pesos to be able to use the machines but very fast and easy service! For one load plus the price of the card and it was 48 pesos!


Updated location June 2019. Made it just fine with a 2 Wheel Dr. high roof van. There’s one flat spot just next to the shelter and so far it’s quiet!

Finca en samble

Wow!! What amazing service and fantastic food! We spent about US$35 had an appetizer a pizza a few drinks and dessert! Great atmosphere!

Rancho San Nicolas

Super disappointed we were just here a month ago with our two incredibly well behaved dogs and it was no problem. They even got along well with the dog that lives on the property. Just came back on our way north and apparently either they’ll only allow one dog or no dogs? Says nothing about it on their website or over Lander.

Integra Agua Purificada

Still here, you can buy a garafone inside the grocery store for five dollars and then just use the refill station for $1.25

Museo Café

$2.50 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch, menu changes from day today but we enjoyed breakfast and lunch very much!

Centro Arte para la Paz

Amazing place to spend the night and learn all about the Center for art and peace! Peggy is a gracious host and the museum café is excellent and super affordable! Breakfast is now $2.50 and lunch is $3.50. Stay here and learn more about this amazing part of the country and its history!

Termales De Alicante

Love this place! Nice family runs the place- we had it all to ourselves on a Tuesday evening! Very relaxing and pretty well maintained, definitely recommend stopping for the night!

Auto parts stores

There are several auto parts stores from here South on this street. They are all listed on Google maps if you need! There are also Moto parts and repair places. Seems like a good place to come for repairs if you don’t want to go to San Salvador!

Entering El Salvador / Aduana

From HON to EL SAL: you’ll stop here last on your way from the border into El Salvador.

At the first stop they should do your migration and paperwork for your TIP plus any animal paperwork.

Then they will give you a packet of papers for your TIP to be stamped HERE at this location. It’s a pretty quick stop and the helpers should be free although you do not need them.

Then you’ll show your stamped tip and passports to the migration officer at the main road upon exit and you are good to go. The migration officers wear white shirts.

Cuarentena/Pet Paperwork

Exit HON to EL SAL:

Stop here first if you have pets!

Drive past the trucks until you see several elevated train cars on both sides of the road.

The set of train cars on the right is the building that you want. Just walk into the side door, you don’t need to wait at the window.

Show your SEPA paperwork and receipt of payment from entering Honduras and they will stamp you out. No need to bring your animals inside.

Now go to the migration and Aduana office.

Laguna de Alegria

Wonderful camp spot! Very friendly man at the entrance, still three dollars for two people in one van. Definitely worth the cobblestone road up, and our van is 3.4 m and we just barely got past the lowest hanging branch. Definitely go into the town and visit the Central Plaza market marked here on the app, totally worth it! All in all probably my most favorite experience in central America yet!

Central Plaza Market

Wow!!! We came on a Sunday evening and there was a fantastic band, a bubble blowing machine, and we ate a wonderful dinner for only $3.50! Wonderfully friendly people and really great town! Heading up to the lake to camp is also worth it and not that far of a drive. We got there just at dark and the gates were still open. I believe they are open from 8 AM to 8 PM

La Fraternidad, San Marcos de Colon, Honduras to El Espino, Nicaragua

Everything as described below. Pretty mellow crossing- we did it going south then north again 2 months later.

NICA side is slooooowww both directions. Get the email permission ahead of time it helps when entering Nica.

Both ways you’ll get your passports stamped first. Then start Aduana paperwork- you’ll fill out a customs form and they’ll have a policeman drive with you to have your vehicle scanned. Then theyhave a DGA person in blue verify the contents of your vehicle, sign the customs form and return it to Aduana window. The IPSA office across the street handles your pet papers- you can do that anytime

El Amatillo, El Salvador to El Amatillo, Honduras

You absolutely do not need a helper at this border! We’ve crossed it twice, with dogs and van, no problem! Everything except for pet quarantine paperwork is located in this building. Follow the instructions others have listed below for entering Honduras. You can do your pet paperwork last but yes they do take a lunch break at noon, actually I think all the offices do.

To EXIT HON here:

Go and take care of your pet paperwork first at the other location.

Enter the migration building and look for the windows on your right that says Salida.

Get your passports stamped then move over to the next window for your TIP paperwork.

Somoto Canyon Tours

GREAT place to stay before/after the border!!We’ve stayed here twice and just love this family!!!

We’ve never dealt with Henry only his brothers who are very friendly and kind. Once we camped in their cow pasture and another time up by the cabinas and restaurant where the families hang out.

These folks rely solely on tourists to feed their families and tourism has nearly collapsed here after last years unrest. This is a gorgeous, safe, peaceful area with wonderful people and the canyon tour is so much fun! By far our favorite place in Nicaragua!

EXIT Nicaragua - Penas Blancas, Nicaragua/Costa Rica border

Just follow the steps, eat a sandwich, you’ll be fine. It’s long and annoying but just look for the guys in blue shirts that say DGA or IPSA and you’re fine! We didn’t do anything with our dogs entry papers from El Espino and got into CR no problem


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