lesnamibiens Places

Id Name Country Category
14057 Rio Gallegos Public Fishing Argentina Informal Campsite Show
29962 On mountain road Argentina Wild Camping Show
30532 Windscreen repair Argentina Mechanic and Parts Show
31222 Rio Atuel Argentina Informal Campsite Show
31223 Rio alumine Argentina Informal Campsite Show
31324 Gas depot (Fill Bottles) Argentina Propane Show
32215 El Mirador Chile Restaurant Show
32300 Chanaral boat trip Chile Tourist Attraction Show
32346 Caleta Cisne Chile Wild Camping Show
32357 El corral Chile Restaurant Show
50906 Iveco garage Argentina Mechanic and Parts Show
51688 RN16 potholes Argentina Other Show
51732 RN16 Argentina Warning Show
51924 On top of canyon Bolivia Wild Camping Show
52380 Road San Juan to Salar Bolivia Warning Show
52438 Toroyoj Bolivia Wild Camping Show
53165 Rite 9 from Santa Cruz to Trinidad Bolivia Warning Show
53674 Old bridge Bolivia Wild Camping Show
53910 Above putre Chile Wild Camping Show
53911 A-31 Scenic drive Chile Tourist Attraction Show
53964 Platform on A-31 Chile Wild Camping Show
54091 Frio King aircon repair Chile Mechanic and Parts Show
55159 Mirador la Nusta Peru Restaurant Show
56280 La Tia Fela Peru Restaurant Show
56608 Vichama Peru Tourist Attraction Show
57465 River side Peru Wild Camping Show
57560 Dirt road to the border Ecuador Warning Show
57646 Marisqueria el cabana Ecuador Restaurant Show
83158 Refinería del pacifico highway Ecuador Other Show
83822 Electrician and mecanic Ecuador Mechanic and Parts Show

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