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Date Place Comment
Jardin Botanico 'Helia Bravo Hollis'

Absolutely gorgeous place to see, walk in the small canyon, climb the numerous little viewing platforms and millions of cactus. We paid 100 pesos per person to

Playa de Riscalillo

Very nice little bay , only 3 restaurants, superb beach and warm. Azur water ! A dream !


Not only this road is a very nice alternative to the highway ( very scenic road ) but you will pass Tecpatan, a very nice village with a convent from the 16th century- people very welcoming and extremely friendly!
An off the beaten track - really worth it !!!

Road pit to Calakmul

About 2km further away from the restaurant and campsite, you will find a big and flat opening on your right. It is not hidden from the road, but who cares? Camping is permitted here and road entry from the main road to Calakmul is monitored ( between the community boom and the park boom) so security should not be an issue. Access is very easy and plenty space.
The road is tarred all the way to Calakmul. Some trees are low from km 20 to km 60 but smaller rigs will have no worries at all. At worst if you are taller, take your machette !

Chicanna ruins parking lot - FREE

After visiting the ruins late afternoon we asked the guy at the counter if we could stay overnight as we did not like to travel at night . He told us we had to ask the night guard who refused . We had the choice to park right behind d the gate but then you are very close to the main road. We left.

Lavanderia MR clean

Lavanderia MR clean . 18 crc per kilo, same day service. The open from 8 to 20h Monday to Friday and 8 to 18 on Saturday

Lavanderia MR clean

This place does not exist anymore or maybe has moved

North Merida RV garage

The owner Marco is super nice. He is just starting an RV storage in a very safe and quiet village very close to Merida. At the moment the access for bigger vehicle (24ft) is difficult but he plans to widen the gate. He also plans to put up a roof which will be great as there is very little option for under roof storage. The area is dry , again a plus for storage. Airport transfer to Cancun can be arranged. Also, he speaks good English ! His what’s app +529992664308

Yax Ha Resort

Price are at the moment - she showed me the printed price list-
350 for a small camper,
450 for medium camper
550 for big camper.
We have a 24 ft camper and managed to get charged for medium
Size… very nice place and next door restaurant la torgugas ( close at 18:30) is really good!

Bonampak ruins

Little ruins but very nice paintings. Worth the visit. Rate is now 30pp to the community to enter the road to the village , then 450 for the transport ( rate is per vehicle) then 70 for the ruins entrance.

Tropigas El Tejar

Just to add- you can also refill with water. In the parking just before the inside boom is a tap. We asked permission to use it.

Jardin del Rio Ccmalu

Price went up to 75 pp. very beautiful and neat garden, nice owner.


Not worth the detour. Nothing special and expensive compared to what you get at Tikal, Yaxha or Nakum.

Tikal Main Entrance

If you don’t want to
Queue here to buy your ticket, buy it at any banrural . Same price and only cash.


Now 4x4 needed …and a machette or axe to open the way when trees has fallen! We went with a quad bike and it was absolutely great, we were the only one. Another 6 km further ( written 10 the road sign but 6 in reality) you will find a tower built on top of a pyramid ( El Tigre). The view from the top is mind blowing, you can even see one of Tikal temple!


The campsite is still closed but as we were self sufficient they allowed us to stay at the entrance parking. As you stay in the park they entrance ticket is valid for 3 days. We could visit the sites before everyone as the office only opens at 8:00AM. Good game.

Ixpanpajul Nature Park

The closed sign is still on the gate - closed until further notice , but they did accept us in to camp. Price is still 40 Q pp

Boat tours to Aguateca or crater azul

Here starts boats tours to Aguateca, crater Azur, Ceibal or las Pilas. Lazaro is a fantastic guide., Very reliable and honest. We did Aguateca one day and the second morning crater Azul and rio Negro. Both were fantastic , saw crocs, terapins, birds and swam in incredible clear and blue water. Price 700 for 2 as a private group, 150 pp if more than 5. If you are not afraid of mosquitoes you can stay here too- next to the river, safe and fairly level. Enough space for a few campers. His number is +50232143613.

Seven waterfalls

Very nice swimming holes ans small waterfall. Easy accès by tuk tuk and 30 min easy walk or get dropped from a man ha. Entrave is 20 Q pp. really worth it

Joya de Cerén - Ruins (UNESCO)

The site is still closed to the public due to renovation. No opening date yet, they said maybe in august. But San Andres is open

Nice quiet petrol station

Price went up to 15$ to spend the night here .

Luna Jaguar spa

Beautiful setting in surroundings nature with a lot more that one would expect in the mountains. Lots of pools different temperatures, massage available too. The road is a bad track but manageable with a good vehicle. A must! We paid 15usd pp

Public parking for beach

Correction - no quetzal here but motmot !

Picknick Area by the beach

Still perfect place to stay and enjoy this non touristic bay!

Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge

This place is Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Stone Man statues

Look for the many statues spread over the desert in this part of Kaokoland.

Stone Man Statues

Look for the the many statues spread over the desert. Incredible !

Marea Baja

Very popular, cheap and very good road restaurant!

HA Alpha / Logistica

Rate is now 200 plus 4 usd per day. Apparently negotiable if long stay. We came all the way here as we were told we will have a space under roof. When we arrived the under roof place was not available anymore... be aware it can also happen to you. Otherwise paperwork easy, they do it all, no need to go to custom, one year max.

Quetzal spotting (January 2022)

From here we saw 3 quetzals at 9 AM. Plenty of aguacatillos-quetzal food ( mini avocados). You can park on the side of the road and just look around!


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