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Amanecer de la Bahia

Everything you expect in a hostel
good breakfast
hot shower
comfortable bed
friendly owner Juan
parking for motorcycle or bicycle
chilling lounge for meeting new people

20 USD per night. that is about the price here in Ushuaia

Estancia Viamonte - Refuge for cyclists

ask for Tomas. go beyond two houses with green doors. the next house on the right, ask for Tomas. he will bring you to the refuge

Argentina Border

no water. water was cut off when I was there. toilet was closed as well. bring your own water before crossing here

Refugio Estancia Miriana

a hut with mattress and fireplace to keep you warm in the cold windy night. basic facilities, absolutely perfect in middle of nowhere


another refugio on the road for weary travellers battered from the wind.
don't expect anything much as it is free. with dirty mattress. clean it up, it will do for the night. firewood available to warm the night

bus stop

one of the many bus stop that serves as refugio. closed doors, totally warm and cosy. protection from wind. clean

Refugio next to the road

agreed. it is the perfect spot from the wind and elements of Tierra del Fuego

Wild bush camping by river

forget the paid camping opposite side if you don't need showers or WiFi. free camping by the Riverside. flat grassy area for pitching your tent. probably accessible for cyclists cos the access slope was blocked by bricks. note that's beside a bridge on highway 5. noise from traffic

Yellow Building

with hundred of Kms of nothing, this yellow building is my lifesaver from wind. I don't know what it is used for but it is next to a river. definitely not residential

it was weekend, no one was there working thus I camped on shed behind. probably u can try asking workers for permission if they are there working on weekdays

Mini Camping Rauls

now 200 pesos. maybe inflation or what. Raul is rather eccentric hippie but in a good sense. the WiFi advertised comes from the shop next to it haha

Bus Shelter

if you are cycling, and unable to reach the border or Perito Moreno by day end
camping in this bus shelter provide some wind protection

Trailhead Laguna Cerro Castillo

when at the entrance, no one is to collect payment. I just walked in without paying. free trail

El Transportisa

Actually a restaurant but if u ask the owner, she will show the bed upstairs to you. is basic just a bed on the corridor with curtains. 5000 pesos with hot showers, WiFi

Abandoned cabin, Refugio de ciclistas

don't remove the cardboard on the floor. I used it to cover the pile of cow poo. 2 mattresses were available.

Wild camp beach

why pay 5000 pesos for Camp ground
where you can get best camp spot by beach for free

Tia Susi Refugio para Mochileros

5500 pesos for a dorm bed. a bargain in Chilean Standard.
hot shower
good WiFi
but it does get cold at night so they have lots of blanket
no signs indicating the hostel.
Search it on Google map

Hostel de Chaman

15000 for a dorm excluding breakfast
breakfast is 2500
Good WiFi
really hot shower or a cold. have some patience to adjust to perfect temperature

Hospedeje Estacion

next to train station.
9000 peso for a single room. don't book through will be 13,000
good WiFi
big lounge area
hot shower

u have to climb a flight of stairs, carrying ur bicycles can be a challenge

Portal Temuco

Shopping mall where you can find camping outdoor shops like Patagonia, Tatoo and more.

wild camp

large area for trucks parking off the highway.

Highway 5 exit roundabout

for cyclists, if you can't make it to next service area or can't find any cheap place in Chile. try the roundabout on the highway 5.

Free city walking tour

Free Asuncion city walking tour in both English and Spanish
begins at 2.30 pm and lasts for about 2 hours
enter the tourist office and enquire for the tour.
ran by the city tourism board therefore no tips needed unlike any other tour

Hotel Carfa

500 pesos for a single bed with TV, Aircon and bathroom. Aircon in this heat is worth the price

bad WiFi

Hotel Centro

550 pesos for single bed with bathroom
fast WiFi
hot shower but low pressure.
ok cleanliness
actual location is at the corner of the junction

hotel avenida

the deco might look like it seems to cost alot. I assure u not. single bed without bathroom is only 380 pesos. single bed with bathroom and TV is 480 peso. comparable to other hostal, it is great value

thorny bushes

just few metre off the highway
a nice camp spot
turn off to the right u find an area.
surrounded by thorny bushes. avoid them of course
nice view of mountain

Angostura - river canyon

indeed Gorgeous canyon
a must stop for photos

Casa Blanca hostel

Good vibes.
friendly staff
every bunk has its bedlight and power outlet
50 bs for a bed. 15 bs for breakfast. eggs cereals, bread
WiFi sometimes work. when it works, it is fast

Piedras Blanca

Expensive at 77 bs or 11 USD but one of the best hostel in South America
European style hostel
extremely clean
beds come with individual power outlet and lockers, small and large for backpack
many toilet cubicles for use so you don't have to compete for in the morning
well equipped kitchen, lounge and TV


A viewpoint
good place to camp
no facilities


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