couvalventure Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Mineiro Hotel

Quiet big parking lot, with shadow. Our children could play football there. Internet avalaible (code hotel123). Paid 20 reales for the night.

River Crossing by barge

22 reales for a RV. Every 30 minutes

Villa Hermosa

Perfect site. Our kids loved playing with the baby monkey and the parrots. 30 soles for the RV and 2 persons including agua, restrooms, shower, power ans swimming pool. 5 soles per each additional person (for instance our children). They also have hotel : 30-35 soles. For tents it is 10 soles per person with restrooms and shower.

Excellent Road To Join Brazil

Excellent Road (asphalt) to easily join brazil instead of going through bolivia

Pachanta- Trek Ausangate

We did a one day treck. 3 horses for our children+one guide+one arriero for a total of 220 soles. Fantastic treck (6h) in ausangate. You can park your car at tinqui And take a taxi to pacchanta since the Road is very rough (we did it with our Fiat ducato RV Adria but we do not recommend it). Contact of our very competent guide : [email protected] - 984-495578, 958-155107

Museo Nacional Tumbas Reales De Sipán

We highly recommend to take a guide. Ours spoke french And he explained like a teacher to our family during 2h30 ! Fantastic. (Name of our guide : Luis)

Laguna 69

You'd better go with a taxi a little bit later than the bus... Instead of leaving Huaraz at 5 am, you leave at 7.30, and we arrived at the laguna when the hundred of tourists left this wonderful lake. So we were alone to enjoy contrary to the others. Taxi : 220 soles from Huaraz (go&back included)

Hostal los Delfines

Do not accept RVs.

Hotel Santa Cruz

Very easy to enter with our RV 7m lenght since it is not in the City Center. Can go to city center by taxi for 3 soles. Be careful : no RV longer than 7m ! The managers of the Hotel are very helpful and gave us contact to do trecks cheaper than what tourism centres offer (for instance to go to Laguna 69 out of crowded time).

Hospedaje Los Cocos

Big parking lot in this Hotel Los Cocos on the Panamericana at the entrance of the city of Palpa coming from North. Very good wifi. Very safe. 30km from Nazca lines.

Hosteria Candamo

We create this point in order travelers easily see that this hostel is also a fantastic campground. We stayed 3 nights and it Was a Perfect place for our kids, there is a soccer ground. I used their washing machine for 3 dollars per machine.

Hosteria Candamo

Exactly what was mentionned by previous travelers, except that the last 50 meters of the road to enter in the hotel are very very very hard for a camper like ours (steep and roughly road) : Fiat Ducato camping-car.

Equator Museum And Line

Very interesting visit with a very good guide. Here they present an innovative vision of the equador line ans Earth mapping. Our 3 children also enjoyed this scientific visit. 2 USD adult, 0,50 USD children.

Ecoparque Rayos del Sol

Just to add that there are warm showers. Perfect site.

Agua Pura Providencia

Agua 20 litros - 3000 pesos (and they clean carafon)

Swimming Hole on River

very Bad site- nothing to see, Brown water, no view. We finit understand What this point is in ioverlander !

Restaurant La Veranera del Taller

Resto de la fondation El taller ou se forment des artisans. Excellent plat + limonade + dessert chocolat pour 12000 pesos ! Servi sur assiette porcelaine. Belle ambiance. C'est l'endroit où manger à barrichara.

Voladero las Águilas Ruitoque

Exactement comme decrit par les precedents overlanders. Fait une lessive pour 10'000 pesos. Resto ok. Saut parapente 80'000. Parfait endroit ou nous sommes reste 4 jours

Gas Station TOTAL

This location is just a gaz station very noisy. Not useful to be in ioverlander app. There are other wonderful sites in Guapiles.

Centre "Deportivo", Guapiles

Julio cesar is the watchman every night. Gates close at 6pm. Swimming pool available for the whole family (5) even after swimming pool closure ! He first asked 8000 colones and finally accepted 5000. Electricity And water available. Very very quiet and safe.

Parking Boutique Las Fresas Del Volcan

Parking lot of the boutique Fresas del volcan. The owner told us to stay, access to the restroom during opening hours of the boutique. The owner gave us access to the water to refill our tank. Very nice owner that suggested also to hike in his little trail. Very nice weather compared to the very hot capital. Very quiet place. Wifi (code FDV12345678)

Los Chiles Near The Boat Departure

Along the children park at the boat departure on rio frio, to cano negro réserve. Free. Bathroom at the restaurant called rio frio.

Windsurfing Camp

We arrived by night. The Road to follow is this of "Windsurf lessons". Quiet. Picnic tables we used. Our RV is 7m. We do not recommend for longer vehicules.

Port Of San Jorge

We stayed 2 nights, near the playground, in the port with guards. The first night we paid 100 cordobas to one guard; the second night 1 week later we were not asked to pay anything. So free !

Ojo De Água

3 dollars par personne la journée et 3 dollars par personne pour la nuit. WC, douche, piscine naturelle super agréable ouverte en tout temps pour les campers. On y était à 6h du matin. Génial. Personnel très agréable.

Centro Turistico El Mirador

Beautiful view. We paid 40 cordobas for an RV. Guarded day and night. Access to bathroom 5 cordobas.

El Velero Beach

Free beach with lot of shade. Quiet And guarded 24/24

Oasis Colonial Hotel

Parking Of Hotel Swimmingpool OASIS COLONIAL 30km After El Salvador On The Panamerican

Oasis Colonial Hotel

Large parking lot 250 L (12 usd) per night And access to the nice swimming pool 80 per person (4 usd) opened till 9 pm

El Tunel, Restaurant & Pisina

Hot swimming pool (3 different hot pools) where we stay for a night parked in the garden behind. Easy to wash clothes (with hot water) And lot of tables to spend a nice day/tonight. Only one negative point: a little bit noisy because of the road. 10 Q per person for the hot spring, free campsite


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