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Playa Cantera

Amazing place with literally dozens of whales a few meters from the beach in July. There are Rangers at the beach, a couple rental toilets. Free to stay as long as you want, the only condition is not to empty your toilet in the rental toilets and to carry your trash when you leave. Gorgeous.

Off side of RN3

It was quiet and ok for a night. We were short in time and outside was getting dark, not a lot of options to overnight around. This one worked for the scope.

ACA San Sebastian

We slept here on our way back from Ushuaia. It was safe and fairly quiet for the night. Toilets at YPF Gas station. Worked for one night.

Aeropuerto Rio Gallegos

Very quiet and safe place for the night. The toilets are clean and nice. No shower. It’s good for one night.

Police Check

They stopped us here to register our title and check our passports. The police guy jay stopped us was trying to emphasis that our road lights were not on, but they were on. Because we have a truck our lights are positioned on the bumper, so he thought we had our fog lights on not the road lights on. We had to explain that in Europe is works like this. He added that we need to comply with Argentinian law, but soon passed as my husband responded very confident we are compliant.

Cabanas Camping Coco

Ok place, but not great. Nice camping area with bbq and tables. The toilets were ok, no toilet paper and shower with law water debit and warm, not hot. Ok for a night.

Checkpoint Fumigation

Control for fruits and vegetables as Mendoza is a protected region promoting their own production. They took our apples. Didn’t look very thoroughly.

Camping El Refugio

Very good campground. Big grassy area to camp, you can choose from lots of places, potable water available, fire pits for bbq, very good hot showers, the bathrooms are old, but clean, internet is fast mostly next to the reception area. There is a restaurant as well with good food and menu of the day. The people are very nice.
We paid 120 pesos pp for camping.
Restaurant: 145 pesos for the menu of the day. It’s worth it.
16km from Jujuy. You can take a common taxi or bus to town.
There is a basic grocery store nearby and street food, empanadas.

Hostal La Morada Parking lot

The owner very nice and helpful as described below. He explained us about the nicest wine bodegas where we could go and the recommended us good and cheap restaurants too.
He let us park for free in the parking lot of the hostel across the street and left a key of the main door outside during the night in case we needed to go to the bathroom.
The place is safe, quiet and the internet works mostly closer to the hostel.

Hotel El Refugio - Mitru

We chose to stay here as it was the only place our truck would fit in. The gate is 3.8m heigh and 2.2 width (aprox). They asked for 100bol/night for two people regardless if we would sleep in the truck or room. In the end we managed to negotiate 80bol/2 people as we would sleep in the truck. The showers were very good, hot. The internet very good too. Nothing special besides a quiet and safe place to sleep before the border crossing with Argentina.

Villazon, Bolivia to La Quiaca, Argentina

Exit Bolivia, Enter Argentina:
We managed to cross the border to Argentina getting the TIP without car insurance. It was on a Sunday and the insurance shops were closed. We were lucky with one custom officer that understood our situation and asked us to get insurance in the next big city, Jujuy. He mentioned that in La Quiaca they don’t have insurance for foreign cars.
Cancelling the TIP for Bolivia, getting the immigration passport stamp in Argentina was easy.
The TIP for Argentina could have been a problem, but we were lucky with an understanding officer.
They inspected as well our truck which took a while since there was a bus in front of us. Surprisingly they didn’t check our food or fridge and we were very happy about that! But they did check strange locations like below the board, I guess they were looking mostly for drugs.

Camping Ecolodge Copacabana

A very quiet place just next to Lake Titicaca. Bathrooms were ok, people friendly, WiFi average, nice grassy area for camping. 20 min walk into town. Very pleasant and tranquilo.

Thermal Baths Chaluenca

Ok-ish place for overlanders. Not too bad for one night between Machu Pitchu and Nazca. Free. The thermal is ok, 3 soles pp, uneven parking on the front. The place is 24h so expect people coming and going at all times. We were unlucky to have some youngsters turning on the music during night.
We could make it with our 5.5t; 6.5m long vehicle, the road to the baths is off-road, narrow, steep. Beautiful views. Would not attend with anything larger than this size.


We stopped here on our way to Cusco. The place is really nice, has a relaxing vibe, a well maintained oasis and desert farm with traditional decoration. Very good showers, hot water, clean, quiet and safe, very nice hosts, good WiFi, common kitchen area, plenty of other areas to hang around besides the campground.
We truly recommend!

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz

Amazing overlanders meeting point! Top infrastructure, sockets everywhere, a number of toilets and showers available, clean, hot shower, potable water to fill the tanks, washing machine, dry, quiet, safe, relaxing and well managed. 15soles/person. Relatively close to town, you can easily get a tuk tuk for groceries shopping at the local market. Very good vibe!

Huanchaco Gardens RV Park

25soles/person. Expensive for what it is. Hot showers in one of the rooms, poor WiFi difficult to get from the camping spot, empty pool, very close to town and the main area for bars and restaurants. Safe place to walk around.

Eco Truly Lodge

It was good for one night. Safe and quiet. We negotiated 20 soles/person. Dinner was 10 soles/person. Dinner was ok-ish and it was served cold. The rules of the house are: you can’t smoke, drink alcohol or cook meat in order to maintain the good energy flow of the eco lodge. Showers cold, dry toilets.
People administrating the eco lodge were nice and inviting to give us a tour of the place and to meditation.
Yoga class: 45 soles/person for one person; 30soles/person for groups. I took the single class and unfortunately the yoga teacher had to go after 20 minutes we started the session, so was a bit unprofessional. However they didn’t charge me for the 20 minutes warm up.
Safe place for one night and interesting community.

CEBAF Ecuador-Peru Border

The exit from Ecuador was fast including TIP cancellation and exit stamp in the passport. Peru side immigration was all good, but for the TIP they took the time and did a very thorough inspection of the vehicle. Over 6 custom officers inspecting our truck inside out. Asked us hundreds of questions from how much was the truck to if it is new or second hand. Not even in US the inspection was not that detailed. Pay attention to what are they doing, it’s a bit of a messy coordination: some enter in the front, some others enter in the back in the same time.

Tu Parada en Cuenca

The location is very well positioned, walking distance from the city center, but what makes this place so special are the hosts. Miriam and Richard enjoy a lot to receive overlanders and they welcome people with open heart. They even prepared breakfast, coffee, tea for us. Miriam is a true host. We definitely recommend this place.
The location is secure, with fenced gates, we entered with our truck that has 3.3m height, it has good internet, toilet and common living room with TV.

Las Lajas parking of teleférico

Good place for one night, even two. We felt safe, it was quiet, has a clean toilet and it is less than 3km to the sanctuary.

Parador Turistico Patia

It was a good stop over. The pool was great especially to do some laps after a long day driving. Personnel very friendly, it’s safe and cheap. 10.000 pp.

La Serrana Hostel

Top spot with an incredible location and view. A meeting point for overlanders. Clean toilets, hot showers, good breakfast and all these for 15.000 per camper per night. A great deal!

Hacienda Guayabal - Chinchina

Great finca and good spot to learn more about coffee. Food is great, the hosts are welcoming, ok toilet, cold showers.
The coffee tour with the lunch included it’s really worth it although it’s a bit expensive. Very insightful and comprehensive.
Not a cheap camping fee and coffee tour, but it is value for money.

Al Bosque Hostel & Glamping

Great location and beautiful nature around. We went in Guatapé and didn’t find a proper place to camp so we pushed it here. It was a great choice. Quiet, safe, hot showers, clean toilets, good hosts.

Parquedaro la pirámide

Very good place to stop over in Medellin. Safe, friendly owner, has a cafeteria, breakfast area, a mechanic can help out with little fixes. It’s 30.000 for 24h and 5000 for water if you need. Downside: it is a bit cramped because they are busy, but it’s quiet at night and relatively easy to get around Medellin.

Va&Ven / Terpel Gas Station

Very good place to sleep overnight, secure, fairly good food at Va&Ven, 24h service, showers, clean toilets and it’s for free. Much better than a lot of paid campsites to sleep overnight.

Express Inn, Camping and Hotel

We didn’t like the place. It looked deserted. The guy wanted 20$ although we specified we don’t need hookups. We left. It was not worthwhile for us.

Camping los Cocos

You are straight on the beach, that’s the good part. However it’s too tight for a rig, you feel you don’t have privacy from the nearby neighbour. The toilets are basic, no toilet paper, dark and tight showers. We had some local music from the neighbors that came tenting, not an inspiring place for us where we could relax. Internet is from the nearby restaurant, comes and goes. When it comes is weak. Pity, as the beach is nice if you want to start learning surfing.

TamaHostel & Glamping

Not great camping for RVs. Very tight parking lot. Although for tenting is ok. Not very close to the beach either. It’s a compromise if you really want to stay in Tamarindo.

Finca Cañas Castilla

It was exactly what we needed after a frustrating border crossing with Nicaragua. Nice camping in the jungle next to a river where you can observe crocodiles, lovely hosts, amazing breakfast, quiet and clean.
We relaxed here for few days. Really recommend.


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