Arpi and Gabi Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Parc Legault

As described. Portable toilet on site. Quiet location.

Chanteclair mountain bike

Set up, have dinner, played cards, took dog for a hike. All looked good. At about 9:30, security car came by and told us and another van, no overnights allowed. Left and went to another spot 11km North.

Val d'or Carrefour

Convenient location. McDonald’s across the street for a snack. Love RV friendly Quebec!

Large space by lake / grand espace sur le lac

Great place for a night or two. Barely hear the highway. Plenty of room to turn around for big rigs.

Timber Lake

As noted, quiet at night, water in lake not too cold. Some beer cans and a little trash, but not too bad. A lot of people crapped in the woods. Normal bugs for this time of year.

Turkey Point MTB parking lot

As noted, no sign showing no overnight. Room to turn around. Quiet at night.

Gull Cove Trailhead

As described. Overnight stays are definitely allowed. See photos

Rest Area/Abandoned Campground.

Close to the highway, but convenient. Plenty of room for all size rigs, and three or four shelters. Not bad for noise at night. Too bad some people leave their trash behind.

Halte municipale

As described. Signed for no camping, we got there in the dark, and spent the night. No one bothered us. Nice beach, garbage cans, picnic tables.

Camping Rivière Ouelle

As noted. We paid $47 for a nice grassy site with water and 30amp service. Showers are $1 for 5 minutes. Laundry, store, pool, everything is nice and clean. Not very full this time of year. We stayed one night on the Friday, with no reservation.

Parc des Chutes

As described. Close to the highway, but not bad noise at night. 3 other campers there but still plenty of room.

McGowan Lake campground

As noted. $37 per night for 15 amp site with water. Showers are 25 cents for 5 minutes. There is a laundry, $2 each for washer and dryer. Tent sites at the back are more private than the RV sites but no services. There is a small store as well for basic items.

Parc de la Digue

As noted. A very nice spot. Room for a few rigs and a lot of tents. Flush toilets and sink, garbage container, picnic tables. Also a nice trail for an after breakfast hike. Thank you again Quebec!

Rivière Ste-Marguerite #54

As described. Met some fishermen/women. Very friendly. Not sure how to register and pay for camping as our French is limited. If someone shows to collect we would gladly pay, as it is a lovely spot. There are garbage cans so there is no reason to leave trash. Wish we had a fishing license!

Escoumins parc des chutes

Plenty of room. We were there Saturday early and by the evening the place was quite full. At least 2 dozen vans/rvs. Nice and clean with running water toilet and a dump with potable water 400m on the way in/out. Nice waterfalls and river. Thank you Les escoumins!

Camping Boréal

Not the cheapest campground at 45$ for a spot with 30 amp and water, but after a week of boondocking and washing in rivers, it was exotic. Hot showers, potable water, laundry, beach, dump, small restaurant with the crispest wings (Thursday nights) we ever had. Mostly Seasonal locals but a few travellers like ourselves. Nice and clean with friendly staff and locals. Worth the money. We are now geared up for another week or two of boondocking until we run out of clean underwear. LOL.

On the road to manic 3

There is a work camp across the road now running a generator full time. A little noisy. Ok place to stay, but we decided to continue to Baie-Comeau.

Lake beach

It is now pay campsites. They were full for the night when we came. Had to find another boondock site.

Miron River

We stayed on the NE side of the bridge within view of the highway. Most breeze was here to help with the black flies and mosquitoes. Walked to the bridge for water and a little fishing. Caught a couple of brook trout. Hardly any traffic. The road goes in for a bit, but for one night this is perfect.

dump station and drinking water

Still open. Thank You Labrador. Water is potable.

Dump Station & Pottable Water in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Easy to find, but water is marked as not potable.

At Pinus River

As noted. Just enough room at the bottom to turn around with a compact car and 13’ trailer. Not recommended for anything bigger. A camper van would be ideal. Good fishing in the river.

Gosling Park

As noted. Lots of RVs and trailers parked here. Mostly locals. We only met one other traveller. We camped brown by the lake. Great stop for a night or two. Locals use for boating, kayaking, sea doos etc. Lake is warm and shallow. Would be nice to see this operating with services, as there is no formal campgrounds in the area.

Gravel pit

Large gravel pit, with plenty of room for any size rig. Just off the highway. Good for one night. The rest stop 2km west of here was full of garbage. This place was clean and quiet. It was a Saturday so no trucks loading. Not sure of weekdays.

Cartwright Rest Area

Full of garbage and people using as toilet. Decided to go back east about 2km and stay at the gravel pit. Clean and quiet. Please keep it that way.

White Rocks Trail

As noted. Plenty of space, benches, picnic tables, garbage cans. Interesting trail. Good spot to spend the night before taking the ferry next morning.

Municipal park

Decided to come back here for a second night after visiting the Viking settlement and stocking up I’m St Anthony. Don’t miss a meal at the daily catch restaurant about 7km up the road from here. Genuine local fare. Awesome!

Municipal park

As described. Great stop for a night or two. Took a bath in the lake. Some locals when we arrived, very friendly. Had the place to ourselves for the night.

New Ferolle Lighthouse

Remote, quiet and great views. We parked a few hundred meters from the light house, due to it being foggy and the foghorn blows more often when the fog gets thicker.

Berry Hill Campground (Gros Morne National Park)

Nice amenities, including laundry and playground. Also an Rv dumping station. Couple of hikes right at the campground. Town of Rocky harbour close for groceries, gas etc. Good moose burgers in town. Don’t miss having one!


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