downwash Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
La playa paraiso

Grassy area behind beach restaurant. Owner asks 25 pesos p/p, access to flush, clean toilets and outdoor showers. Busy on weekend, only ones here on weekdays. Beautiful beach for swimming and lagoon for swimming without waves.

La Jungla, Catemaco

This takes the first price for jungle experience. Peaceful, monkeys, parrots, clean lawn to camp on, hot showers

Centla Biosphere Staging Area

We enjoyed a boat ride, great river , awesome mangroves, 3 river estuary, crocodiles and birds, nice management, eat in restaurant, stay one night right beside restaurant, night guard on site. Recommended.

Ecoparque, Aluxes , Palenque

A beautifully laid out animal rescue centre. Suitable for all ages. 100 pesos per person. We spent over 2 hours here and you can come close to an animal of your choice. Very worthwhile.


We passed location and saw no barriers and no demand for money

Road Block

We came to one road block first, truck halfway into road, they demanded nothing and told us we can pass but we have to move cones ourselves. 100 meters further up the road are lots of people blocking road. 3 militant men are sitting on a tribune and receive the 100pesos demanded of us. We are let through. Another 200 meters the road are blocked by people , politely asking for small donation, we gave 10-15 pesos. There were 50 cars parked along road and it felt intimidating but no problems occurred.

Grutas del mamut

This is a beautiful place , lovely cool temperatures after the hot coast. Stayed 3 nights, only 2 tents beside our van. The caves were a huge surprise, the are massive and nice.

Water purification

Nice shop with good access, 10 pesos for 20 litres.

Jose's Camping And Cabanas

We enjoyed our stay and met great people, all the good previously posted is correct. Paddled and saw 3 crocodiles.

La Tortuguita

A jewel, one month into our 3 month trip; this takes first price!
Nice temp, nice walking beach, nice camping in shade under tall palm trees. Only room for a few smaller RVs, no hook ups, maybe electric if your inverter agrees. Peaceful. We decide to stay 4 nights, to start with...cllean toilet and showers and beautiful pool area

Acapulco RV Park

Nice place safe and clean paid 300 pesos for 2 person cheep bus ride to downtown Acapulco
Will be back

Acapulco RV Park

Nice, tidy, open. Glad to have all amenities right on beach.

Rancho Buganvilias RV Park

Beautiful flowers, short walk to beach, fresh air and no bugs. Had best sleep of my trip. Would spend more time there if we would've known there is little else available further south , where all RVspots are in ruins. Nice worker and management. Will definitely be back.


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