ruiz.manuel94 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
La Jungla, Catemaco

Absolutely beautiful place. There are two dogs but are very friendly with other dogs. The pool and water slide are very fun. I used to come here when I was a kid and had the best time. You can go to the small boat parking (dont know the word) and stop one of the tour boats for a quick (and cheaper?) tour of the lake. Not much vegetarian food options but there are some. There is good cell reception but no wifi

Camp at Lindo

Great place to eat, park and sleep. We did it at the “el patron” palapa. Al palapas close at around 5-5:30 pm so be sure to arrive early to be able to eat and watch the beautiful sunset. You can probably arrive at night and still be able to sleep in the parking, but would probably be a good idea to approach the “velador” (guy who takes care of the place at night) to ask him and maybe give him a tip to allow you to use the bathroom. We parked in the back next to the boat.

Hostel La Casa de Paco

Cost was 70 per person. The street is very noisy, cars pass by fast. The hostel is very nice with good bathrooms and showers. We parked right in front of the door and the wifi wasnt great


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