Les Nomades Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Camping Kleinbaest

Small campsite with wide views over de the meadows. Max 12 spots. Very friendly owners.

Domaine du Balbuzard

Great camping w/ cabanas & yurts along a little lake. Great views and friendly owners. They have a restaurant onsite which who serve delicious local dishes. Sanitary is ok. Beautiful sauna on the edge of the lake (€20). Camping €6,- pp

La Taberna Tehuelche Craft Beer

Great beers considering it’s the only place for craft beers in Cochrane. The food is absolutely horrible. You get canned vegetables if you order the vegetarian sandwich. Still ended up here 2 nights for beers, good ambiance and pretty good WiFi. Service is so so.

Vinoteca El Origin

Definitely the best bar in town to hangout. Good coffee, beers and wine. Great tunes too.

La Selenita

Located beautifully overlooking Sucre, La Selenita is a great Guesthouse / B&B that overs private rooms & apartments. Lush garden, comfortable rooms and beds, very hot showers and fully equipped kitchen. 10min walking from center.

Bit expensive but definitely worth it of you feel like splurging. Paid 330BS per night inc breakfast.

They also have a private garage which fits our Dodge B250 (L 5.30m, W 1.95m, H 2.25m). Would also easily fit bikes.

Casa cultura - museo simon patina

Wrong location. Updated coordinates. This place leads to Tropical Chicken 😂

Tour to Uros islands with Roger or other local

Great tour indeed. We visited the church the evening before and found Roger, we couldn’t reach the family on whatsapp (new contact numbers below. Started tour the next morning at 10:30 and came back around 13:30. highly recommended.

Roger: +5197168485
William (son): +51917700106
Rocio (daughter): 953555413

Tunupa Lodge

They don’t allow vehicle camping anymore 😒

Hostel Saphi

No it’s not a boutique hotel, but it pretty good considering you get a matrimonial, hot showers, cleaning and new towels everyday, breakfast, private parking (height restriction 2.75m). 4 blocks away from Plaza de Armas. Call them to secure parking and ask for discount 120S per night (cheaper than Booking.com). Great Italian wines and cheeses next door at La Cantina.

Cantina Vino Italiano

Amazing Italian wine and cheeses. Owner imports wine from Italy and sources 50% of cheeses locally to support the community. Coming to Peru from Central America, it was great to have quality cheeses and wine.

Fundo Colmena

We totally agree with the post below. We did the 4N/3D tour with Dayme, a mule and his dog Lica. We normally don’t like organized tours, but this one was really worth it because of Dayme’s enthusiasm & knowledge about nature and the history of the Region.

The hike is tough, painful at times, but doable, beautiful and certainly spectacular. We recommend to do the hike with a guide, especially with Dayme. It really helps that a mule caries your gear, incl. food. The ruins are in a beautiful location and you will probably be there by yourself. Unfortunately this will change soon, due to plans of the government to invest in a new highway and a teleferico. So please go now before it becomes the new Machu Pichu! We loved to hear more about the history of the ruins from Dayme, so you know what you are looking at. He can tell you all about the Legends and mystery’s of this site.

Don’t expect a lot of the facilities of the campsites during the trek or ’haute cuisine’ meals, but it is part of the charm and you will be exhausted anyway.

The road to Colmena is fine, easy doable with any type or car. The campsite at the Colmena Finca is situated beautifully, the only challenge is that if it has been raining and you don’t have 4x4 it will be difficult to get your rig out of the camping area, because of the steep & slippery grass at the entrance. Dayme plans to fix this in the near future.

Don’t forget to taste Tuna (cactus fruit) and have a chat with his sister Louisa and brother Pedro. Enjoy! Pachamama.

Quita Salome

Cozy restaurant with a nice view over the valley. We were warmly welcomed by Maria Salome and her family. We had breakfast (pancito con huevos y cafe) which was simple but fresh. The kitchen and menu (for lunch and diner) looked great. Nice stop just outside of Abanacay. She told us that sometimes Overlanders sleep there too. Although, I don’t know where, because the restaurant is on the road. Anyway, just stop here, for a coffee and a chat with Maria.

Cafe Amaretto

Good coffees, great ciabatta sandwiches. Prices between 15 - 20s but inc fries.

Riomar Pizzaria

Friendly Mario surprised us with a very tasteful pizza.
Nice cozy terrace with 2 or 3 tables. You can camp for free right at the beach in front of restaurant wipeout, but be sure to eat a pizza here.

Campsite P.N. Cotopaxi

Camped under the pine trees. Free, cold, no views due to fog and clouds 😕

Nothing between you and Chimborazo...

Indeed beautiful spot to camp, however the entry from the road was too hard to get into, we almost got stuck. We slept a bit further at the other IO spot, also beautiful but on the other side of the road.

Pull-out With Views

We stayed here after almost getting stuck at the other wild camp spot down the road. This place is beautiful, there’s a bit of trash laying around but if you drive a bit further you’ll find a dip in the hill which will give you first class views.

Restaurante Flor de Oriente

Right across petrol refinery. Great lunch and cheap. All the workers come here to eat. Lovely lady Nelly who owns the place offered us to stay overnight.

Road closed

When driving backroad Coco - Misahuallí maps.me will take you through this road which is shut down due to new bridge being built. Turn back follow main route towards river to continue.

Gasstation PetroEcuador

We dropped in the refuel and met Eric who loves chatting to Overlanders. He was disappointed when we did not stay overnight. Have a chat and he’ll teach you how to draw Spongebob 🧽 🤣

Road Puerto Misahualli - Coca

Coming from Puente Cuyabeno we entered this backroad in Coco heading to Misahuallí. In our opinion totally not worth the 4 hour detour of partially tarmac but 80% gravel and bumpy road. Yes it is doable with 2wd (no river crossings) but the scenery is only nice starting 1.5 hours before reaching Misahuallí. There are parts that allow you to view the Napo river, but definitely not more than driving other roads in the Amazon. Halfway through the road is shut due a new bridge that is being built (see other post in IO), it is possible to continue though. I would
Advice to drive the first 40km from Misahuallí as a day trip, not all the way to Coco.

Puente Cuyabeno reserve

Park at ranger station but walk across the bridge. On your right you will find Sr. Modesto’s house. Don’t bother chatting to the ranger, they don’t know anything about the reserve and keep asking what agency we were part of for 3D/4N tour. We did a day tour from 8am - 8pm with Modesto for $120 and saw so much animals our heads were hurting when we came back 😂: Caymans, Dolphins, Toucans, Macaws and turtles laying eggs and much more. Mr. Modesto is a real cool grandpa that knows the area very well. Very recommended. We slept across from the ranger station. Just ask lady that runs the tienda & restaurant.

Hostal Venecia

Very Overlander friendly. A bit pricey at 22k p.p.p.n but it includes breakfast. Space for 2 vans, however only one spot is level. Camp at parking in front of hostel. Great facilities: good kitchen, clean toilets, hot shower, lounge areas and garden full of birds.

Hostal Cabana La Isla

Amazing spot, definitely the best spot around Jardin. We stayed at Truchera Montemar prior to coming here, which is ok if you want to stay close to town. La Isla is way more nicer though. Fast WiFi, hot shower, full kitchen and nice seating areas around the garden with tons of beautiful birds.

Truchera / Restaurant Montemar Camping

Kind of ok if you like being close to town. Fits two smaller rigs, 3 if you want to be cramped together. Toilets and cold shower a bit spartan. Definitely seen better for the price. 15k p.p.p.n, inc WiFi and use of kitchen for washing up. Very friendly owners. Would recommend La Isla which is 10min out of town (See IO post).


Great small and cute joint that serves burgers, chorizo (hotdog) sandwiches and Colombian steaks. They also offer vegetarian options. Walking distance from Al Bosque. Affordable 30 pesos for 2 meals, juice and a beer 👍🏼

English speaking - AutoSpecialist

The entrance is in the little alley next to Panaderia Amalia. Josh was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, he helped us so much with some electrical issues. Definitely recommended.

Multiservicios La Trocha

Jerry is not only extremely knowledgeable. They make sure they take the time to double check their solutions work. Very transparent and friendly. They even offered for us to sleep in the garage and use the shower in their house when it looked like we had to stay a while. Very much recommended!

Finca El Porvenir

I wasn't able to find this place.

Soldando / Welder

No sign, No name but a local guy took us here. Good & cheap for body repairs.


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