Lucas_Meets_World Places

Id Name Country Category
165000 Mulberry Beach United States Wild Camping Show
165001 Payson Market United States Water Show
165002 Oliver Reservoir United States Water Show
165003 Cave Without A Name Campground United States Established Campground Show
165004 Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area (Guadalupe River Access) United States Other Show
165005 Prada Marfa United States Tourist Attraction Show
165006 The Camp @ Cloudcroft United States Wifi Show
165007 RV Parking United States Short-term Parking Show
165008 Red Rock Detention Basin United States Wild Camping Show
165009 Nuevo Cocos Place Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
165010 Toll Booth taken over by locals Mexico Warning Show
165700 Embarcadero Cahuare Cañon del Sumidero Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
166118 Safe street parking in the heart of El Centro Mexico Wild Camping Show
166204 Safe street camping in the historic centro Mexico Wild Camping Show
167098 Lavanderia Total Clean Mexico Laundromat Show
167110 Entrance to Jungle Trail Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
167217 Pemex Mexico Fuel Station Show
167218 LaGas Mexico Fuel Station Show
167383 COVID Test Booth Belize Medical Show
167901 Long stretch of dirt road Belize Warning Show
168038 San Ignacio Community Hospital Belize Medical Show
170577 River Crossing Guatemala Warning Show
171121 [email protected] El Salvador Tourist Attraction Show
172076 Only ATM in El Cuco area El Salvador Financial Show
173419 Camping at a river bank Honduras Wild Camping Show
173677 COVID Test for Nicaragua Honduras Medical Show
174047 Water Spigot at a gas station Nicaragua Water Show
175005 Natural Pool Nicaragua Tourist Attraction Show
175292 Only ATM outside of Moyogalpa Nicaragua Financial Show
175293 Playas Mango Nicaragua Restaurant Show

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