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End of the Road Sign

Here is the sign of the end of the road. You can keep driving a little further and a loop around town as long as you're not much higher than 3m. Not much else to see and do in this town but we're glad we finished the trip all the way!! 😀


Needed to show passport and driver's license. They noted our information on a list but all smooth and quick..
The good news is from here on to the end of the road it's a beautiful highway in great condition. The 50ish km leading up to here were pretty rough and took about an hour longer than what our GPS said it would.

boat tours

Came back today to do the tour. Great experience!! We first took a lancha ride up river and did a short hike to some water falls. Afterwards we took the lancha downstream and stopped in one of the villages. We got fruits and fish for lunch, there was an artisan market and some authentic dances. All in all a great experience!!!

Military Checkpoint

It was an easy checkpoint going south. We were just waved through.

Hotel Avicar

As described. We parked right in front of the hotel for free. Enjoyed some delicious fried rice and beers. Wifi was usable for WhatsApp and emails at best...

Military Checkpoint

It was an easy checkpoint. We were waved through.

Two Gas Stations

Not too many gas stations on the way down so marking these here. Texaco and forgot what the other one was...

Puerto Corotu

This place is permanently closed.

Puerto Corotu

This place is permanently closed.

Puerto Corotu

Seems like a road was built in place of the property that used to be here. Definitely not a place to camp.

boat tours

We just got here and intended on staying the night and do the boat tour tomorrow. Plenty of parking but a local recommended to drive back to the city and come back the next morning. He said it's not safe to park here at night... This was the first time on our 8month trip from the US that a local approached us saying an area was not safe. We left!

Parque Nacional de Chagres Visitor Center

After being told by a local that it was too dangerous to camp by the river down the street, we asked the rangers here at the visitors center if it was okay to stay for a night. They said yes and to my question if it was safe, they answered that the property is fenced (true), the gates close at night (true) and 3 dogs roam and protect the property at night (also true).
At least one of the rangers lives on the property.
We had a quite night and felt super safe!

Paraiso Police Station

Quiet night at this parking lot. We also asked the police men and they didn't have a problem. You can see ships pass by...

Shipping - The Overland Embassy

I wasn't able to find this place.

Low hanging telephone line

Low hanging telephone line diagonally across the street. Steep slope on the side of the road to a creek. We are 2.95m tall and slowly squeezed through having the line touching our roof. May be able to lift it with a tall stick, just be aware.

Hostal Bulaba

We stayed here two nights. You can either park in the beautiful yard behind the hostel or out front next to the street. We managed to drive the steep drive way and short dirt section uphill to get behind the building. Maybe a challenge after heavy rains but we made it in our Ford Transit. Clean shower and toilet. Small sitting area with hammock and decent wifi. There's a washer you can use and you can fill up your water tank. We paid $25 for both nights for 2 adults. Nice owner!

Surfers Paradise

Definitely a beautiful place right above the cliffs but wanted $10/person for our camper van to stay at the parking lot. We moved on...

Rey supermarket and mall

Yup, large mall with REY supermarket, Doit Center hardware store and a bunch of other stores. REY is expensive but has a lot of products you may be used from seeing at home.

Hotel Playa Reina

Stayed here for three nights. Very nice place with the amenities you previous poster already mentioned. Great happy hour drinks. Food was meh. Was trying to fill up our water tank before leaving but pressure was too low to push through inline filter... 😀

Ocean Hostal

$15/night for 2 adults and a child in a camper van. Parking on a grassy spot with no shade and hardly any level spots. Pool looks nice but an extra $5/person/HOUR. They are building what looks to be cabanas at this place. Except the cheap beers and free Wifi at the restaurant not much here we liked...

Pipeline Trail

Nice hike through lush nature and beautiful mountain landscape to a waterfall.

Panama Camping RV park

Nice place to explore town and surroundings. Nice area to hang out with good Wifi. Small restaurant on site. Clean bathrooms and warm shower. We stayed 3 nights with our van and paid $14/night.

Villa Paula

Amazing first stay in Panama! Stayed here with two other families and the kids had a great time playing. Very welcoming care takers and nice kept grounds. The owner lives on the property too and is very helpful in case you have any issues or have questions. Nice pool and decent WiFi. Monkey stops by every morning to say hi!
Just watch out for the huge avocados... :-)

Playa Piñuela

I wasn't able to find this place.

Side of dirt road

From here the main road (which is a wide dirt road starting right outside Puerto Jimenez) continues uphill westwards. A much narrower and rockier dirt road branches off downhill towards the beaches. We initially wanted to drive further down to the other places marked on iOverlander but because of one muddy patch decided not to. It may have been fine with our Ford Transit Extended and AT tires but we did not want to push it. There are also a couple shallow creeks to cross further down and some sections with low hanging branches. Definitely not an issue during dry season but we had a quite night at the side of the road. Beach is a couple minutes walking down the hill. Saw a bunch of monkeys!

River Crossing

River crossing at blocked off bridge.
Little more than ankle deep. No issue for our Ford Transit Extended. Locals did it in all kinds of vehicles...

Road to Drake Bay

We decided to take the speedboat from Sierpe to get to Drake because of these warnings. Being here now, I see several delivery vans and 7.5t trucks. Talked to the drivers and they all drive here regularly without any issues during rainy season.

Nature Cafe

Great breakfast place with an awesome view over the jungle. Possible to spot some birds. Free WiFi and good food.

Police checkpoint

Just drove by on a Sunday afternoon. Nothing to see here...


The famous Fuego Brewery and Coffee Roasting Co. Great coffee and good food. More on the expensive side. Free open wifi.


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