Auguste Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Extended Zilker Lot

We settled in the parking lot for the day but left it for the night because there is a sign that prohibits parking from 10 p.m. to 5 or 6 a.m. The car park is surrounded by barriers and gates which are probably closed at night

Nuevo Laredo, Columbia Crossing

Border very easy and quick to cross. Be careful before arriving, if you come from Nuevo Laredo there is the transito police just after a fake 60 km/h sign that will try to extort money from you. This area is indicated in the "Warning" filter on ioverlander. We paid for it and warned the Guardia National

Speed trap

Watch out for corruption. We paid for it. A man from the Policia Transito stopped us for speeding. He asked us for 6000 pesos. We negotiated for a long time and ended up paying 40 dollars. Come to think of it he showed us no proof of our speeding and no paper for the fine. We warned the Guardia National when we arrived at the border.

Lavanderia Lili

6 Q for libre. Good service and ready in the day

Chorros de la Calera

It is a private property and there is no more tourist access. Don't go down there. The road is impassable without 4x4 and you will have nothing at the end.

C'est une propriété privé et il n'y a plus d'accès touristique. N'y descendez surtout pas. La route est impraticable sans 4x4 et vous n'aurez rien au bout.

Cerro Verde National Park

We spent two nights here. The parking lot is flat with a magnificent view of the volcanoes and the valleys. During the day it is crowded but in the evening and at night it is very quiet. Admission to the park for a day is $3 per person and $1 for the vehicle. So if you are two and you stay one night it will be 14$ in total. From here we went to the Santa Ana volcano for 22$ in total for two people. I advise you to avoid coming on weekends for the world. At the beginning of the week it was calm


We drained our Ford F250. Very professional, quick and kind. Change oil filter, oil and air filter.


We arrived at 3pm and paid $5 for the afternoon and night. The car park is closed and access to enter and exit on foot is through the hotel, which is on the corner of the street. Everyone was very nice. The night was very quiet. You are right in downtown Santa Ana.

Laundry at central del arte por La Paz hostal

$5 for the washing machine and $5 for the dryer. You have to go to the entrance of the museum to ask the administration to pay and direct you to the laundry. In less than three hours it's ready. It's the lady from the laundromat who makes the change of machine and folds the laundry

All Nica Cigar Store

We stayed there for two nights for free. At night the gate is closed and there is a guard. The owner is very nice, he gave us wifi, access to drinking water, showed us around his workshop. So we bought cigars in his beautiful shop. The owner kindly showed us around a cigar factory in the center of Esteli.

Camping By The River - comedor rios

Great place to spend the night for free. Easy access even without 4x4


We arrived in this village by chance.  We parked around the park in the health center parking lot.  The locals told us it was calm, safe and quiet.  Indeed very quiet during the night.  Everyone was very nice to us.  We ate around the park.  There is water in the park

El Aguila Mofles and Parking

Very large and accessible parking for high vehicles (3 meters). We paid 70c for the first night. For the second night we did not pay to the same person and this one asked us 50 c. Very quiet at night. 5-10 minutes walk from the city center of Léon. Great for visiting the city. Drinking water on site. The staff is friendly.

San Ramón Cascada

We stayed here for one night after the waterfall hike. It's free even if you don't do the hike. Very nice and calm place. Remember to put all your things away at night. We had left our body board to dry outside and the morning when we left it was gone.

Recreation area by the beach

Great place to spend the night. A beautiful view of the two volcanoes and access to the beach. Free

Tropigas Agencia

360c for a 20L bottle. The person went to fill it in another place and brought it back to us 20 minutes later. Good service.

Port Of San Jorge Ferry Terminal

We didn't need a reservation. We paid 700 c for the vehicle (truck camper 7m) and two passengers, 72 c port tax, 94 import tax. Total 866 c. About 1h/1h30 by boat.

entrada al volcan masaya

You can park for free in front of the park entrance. There is a guard all night watching. Quiet at night but there is traffic noise in the evening and morning

Casa la aventura

We spent two nights at Casa Aventura. One of the owners is French. They redid the whole common area and the rooms. It is a great success, clean and pretty. For the moment the van camper area is not finished but you can settle in the field next door and access the common areas. For a van and two people it's 20 dollars if you use all the common areas and 10 dollars if you only use the sanitary facilities. I recommend.


Free place to sleep facing the sea. Quiet and safe with some shade. I recommend

la finca

We spent the night with David and his mother. To find them, just before the purple house you have a farm gate. You enter the field and walk a little to another gate then you will see the house on the left. They are extremely kind and even offered us fruit. We were able to park in front of their house for the night in complete safety. It's free but we left some money for David and told him he could ask for some money. He thinks about putting in the future toilet and shower. Don't hesitate to call or ask the neighbors if you can't find the house


We spent several nights there. Quiet and we felt safe

Playa Bandera Beach Front

Wonderful beach! The spot is great and safe. There are tables on site and you can make fires.

Playa Organos

Great place to sleep. It is a beach frequented by locals. A few crabs on the beach so we shifted a bit.

Playa tambor

Great place to sleep. We did not stay on the roadside but in the car park on the left then right, facing the sea with picnic tables. Very quiet and beautiful beach

Playa San Miguel - North End

Great place on the grass. It's quiet and secure with a hotel next door. The beach is very beautiful.

Playa Matapalo

Great place to sleep in front of the sea. You have to park in front of the house, on the sand on the right. Safe and quiet. We chatted with the locals who were very friendly. The beach is beautiful and the water very good.

Technomotors Ford

This garage specializes in Fords. The owner worked 15 years in the car dealership before opening his garage. From the outside it does not inspire but the team is very friendly and competent. We had a power problem on our vehicle and everything was resolved quickly. We spent the night in the safe garage. Very honest about the prices, he told us that it was cheaper in Guatemala but we preferred to do the repair because he knows the brand and the vehicle. I recommend 100%

Matapalo n’est the beach

Great location on the grass and in the shade to spend the night. Very calm we are between the houses and hotels but alone in the world on the spot which is large enough for several vehicles. Safe

En face du restaurant Mar y Sol

Great place to sleep facing the sea. Be careful the sea can be dangerous with the currents. There is a restaurant just behind but we didn't try it


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