david.heap Places

Id Name Country Category
165471 Public restrooms and cold showers Mexico Showers Show
165472 Water Hole Crocodiles! Mexico Warning Show
165473 Case Jade Ecobungalows Mexico Hotel Show
166049 Hotel Escondito Mexico Hotel Show
167336 Luz Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
167337 Baja Divide Trail Sierra San Pedro Mártir View Mexico Wild Camping Show
167338 El Coyote Cattle Trough (filterable water) Mexico Other Show
167339 Mi Casita: Hamburguesa y Tortas Mexico Restaurant Show
167340 Chocolate Cafe Coffee Shop Mexico Restaurant Show
167341 Ranch Water Trough - Baja Divide Mexico Other Show
167342 Abandoned Ranch Well (Rope/Bucket Req) Mexico Other Show
167343 Baja Divide Access Dispute (after Rancho Meling) Mexico Warning Show
167344 El Compadre Creek Filterable Water (Baja Divide) Mexico Other Show
167345 Cattle Tank/Pond (Emergency Water Filtering) Mexico Water Show
167346 San Rafael Turning Well (NOT FILTERABLE - SALT) Mexico Other Show
167498 Ian’s Bikes Mexico Other Show
168067 El Caracol Small Shop Mexico Shopping Show
168068 San Ignacio Lagoon (filterable water) Mexico Other Show
168069 Mulege Road First Water (filterable) CYCLISTS Mexico Water Show
168070 CYCLISTS Second Water Source (filterable) Mexico Water Show
168071 Mulege Road Large Pond (filterable water) Mexico Other Show
168072 Mulege Road Water Source (filterable) CYCLISTS Mexico Water Show
168073 Mulege Road Water Source (filterable) CYCLISTS Mexico Water Show
168510 Cafe El Rico Mexico Restaurant Show
169423 Los Divisareros Tienda Mexico Shopping Show
169424 Taqueria y Birreria Luison Mexico Restaurant Show
169425 OXXO / Water Purification Mexico Shopping Show
169426 Circle K and OXXO Mexico Shopping Show
169611 Mini Super El Salto Mexico Shopping Show
169973 El Molinito Mexico Restaurant Show

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