david.heap Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Hotel Juarez

Great budget hotel option right in the zocalo. Basic room with comfy bed, en-suite, and pedestal fan. Hot water and wifi all fine.

Bicycles were fine to take into the room, but you may have to lift them over the bed to find a good spot to situate them.

AV.88 Snacks & Coffee

The town isn’t much to write home about, but this coffee joint really stands out. Their burritos are US style; a choice of meat with rice, cheese, and salad all wrapped up. They are a decent size too.

They also list pancakes with eggs and bacon which looks pretty good for breakfast.

Other than that there are sandwiches, hamburgers (inc chicken), pasta, and some more local dishes.

Tenango De Arista Hotel

I wasn’t too sure about this hotel from the outside, as there does even appear to be a name, just a huge Hotel sign, but I arrived late and was desperate. Great hotel! Just $250MEX solo. Big double room with a good hot shower. Nice firm bed and pillows.

The door locks on the inside, but there is no key. The guy downstairs didn’t seem to think one was needed, and I wasn’t too worried, as rooms are internal.

There was a descent sized walled car park from what I could see too.

I don’t worry about wifi, so don’t know if it has it or not.

Small Village Tienda

Small shop in a village. Advertising gasoline and internet.

Mezquital Overlook Tent Spot

Good spot for a single tent (2 person max) for Trans Mexico Norte riders. Small path through brush to take you away from the road and out of sight, with an overlook of the valley below.

Restaurant by Pemex

Great little restaurant by the Pemex. Very cheap tacos, gorditas, Tortas, etc. Soft drinks available.

The tacos dorado were really great and came with an amazing sour cream!

Michilia Camping

Good spot out of sight from the road and on the public land outside the ranch boundary fence. Possible tent site for Trans Mexico Norte riders. Nothing special about it. Just a place to crash if needed in a pinch.

El Molinito

Restaurant in the small hotel/resort. The hamburger and fries was great. Steaks, tacos, seafood, beers, wine, etc.

There is a shower next to the restrooms and pool outside. The parking lot is large and next to a small private beach.

Worth a visit if waiting for the ferry nearby.

Mini Super El Salto

Smalll tienda with the usual snacks and pastries. They sell hot coffee.

Fish and Shrimp Tacos

Best I have had in Baja! The homemade coleslaw is awesome and can be piled on. Jamaica was nice to drink too. Recommended.

Taqueria y Birreria Luison

Great local place. The birria tacos were as big as a small tortilla and very tasty.

Circle K and OXXO

Convenience stores with the standard fare for supplies.

OXXO / Water Purification

Well stocked OXXO store with a water purification store a few doors down.

Los Divisareros Tienda

Small shop with milk, soft drinks, juices, snacks (cookies, chips, candy), and some general groceries: bread, tortilla, tuna, rice, etc.

I didn’t look for beer, but there are empties in the trash.

It is a door to the left of the Segalmex logo. White mesh door.

San Juan de la Costa village store

Great little store with hot coffee and some bakery items. Hours are 06:30 to Sat 20:00, Sun 07:00, Weekday 22:00. Some benches out front to enjoy breakfast!

Cafe El Rico

Small cafe stand with hot coffee, Nescafé and cowboy, burritos, snacks, Bimbos pastries.


For those on the Baja Divide, this is a well stocked store for a full resupply. Tortillas, tinned meats/tuna, beans, jerky, electrolytes. It also has General hardware supplies.

Cabanas misioneras San javier

Had a lovely stay. The owner cooked me a great huevos rancheros, with a Tecate. Don’t forget to ask them to turn on the hot water for a shower. I found out after a very cold one! Ha. This place had a nice homey feeling and she was very patient with my limited Spanish. The mission is in a lovely setting, so I’m glad I stayed the night to sit in the square as the sun went down.

CYCLISTS Second Water Source (filterable)

Excellent source of filterable water or for bathing on the Baja Divide. Much clearer than the first source.

Mulege Road Water Source (filterable) CYCLISTS

Small pond to the side of the Baja Divide Trail.

Mulege Road Water Source (filterable) CYCLISTS

Large pond with filterable water on the Baja Divide.

Mulege Road Large Pond (filterable water)

Lovely large body of clear water on the Baja Divide. Swim, filter, laundry!

Mulege Road First Water (filterable) CYCLISTS

Not the best source, but filterable if desperate. Baja Divide route to Mulege - South Bound.

San Ignacio Lagoon (filterable water)

First east access to filterable water from the lagoons on the Baja Divide.

El Caracol Small Shop

Small shop with water, cigarettes, soda, beer, and snacks.

Ian’s Bikes

Great bike store for parts, accessories, service and repairs. Rode into town with 4 issues and out with all resolved!

San Rafael Turning Well (NOT FILTERABLE - SALT)

Well by the Baja Divide Trail. Rope and bucket needed to access water.

Mama Mia Pizza

It’s a little building behind the sign they put on the street. There is an Abierto light up sign. It doesn’t look like a food place, but that is it.

As per previous comments. Nice people and the pizza was good enough. It’s cheap takeout foods at the end of the day.

Casa Diaz

Single occupancy rate was $400MEX. It’s a budget hotel at the end of the day, but the bed was comfy and there was a decent bathroom and hot water. But the view! Crazy. Sitting out front of my room I have an unobstructed view of the Sea Of Cortez and mountains. The view and location alone are worth the low cost. Really nice owner, and although I used Spanish, he seemed to have good English. There is a little shop you check in at with the usual fare, so not far for a couple of cold ones to enjoy with the view! I have already decided to stay an extra day.

Restaurant Las Hamacas

Great burgers and beers after a long days ride. Staff come out front a lot to see if you need anything. Great terrace spot for lunch and hanging out. Sofas out front! Awesome.


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