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Shalamcheh Borderpost

From Iraq to Iran, by foot:

Very easy crossing.

Iraqside: Phonecall was made, I was stamped out. Done.

Iranside: I waited 15 min until the guard let me enter into the immigrationhall. Vaccinations were quickly checked, the immigrationofficers were very friendly and as well stamped me in quickly, just had to show my e-visaprintout

BE CAREFUL: After the bordercontrolls I got harrassed by hundreds of taxidrivers. I changed my money on the spot, and lost count of the confusing iranian currency. All those guys saw, that I got heavily scammed and nobody cared. (I got 10$ equivalent instead of 100$) I noticed it afterwards and went back. The police was really helpfull and reorganized the missing money in "their way"

Stumble Inn Backpackers

Dorm:250 SAR
Double Room: 600 SAR

Staff not very friendly, abolution clean, rest of standard ok, hangoutarea is outside - therfore cold in the morning and evening

Nama Bike Camp

Just stopped over for a cool drink, very relaxed and funny people! Had a nice chatt

Rosenhof Guethouse

lovely guesthouse with luxurious challets, a way underpriced in my nice and clean! and karen is a super friendly woman as well.

Rondeberg Resort

Unfriendly lady at the reception, I arrived in the late afternoon with my bicycle. As it was weekend they charged 400 for a campsite. I told her I couldnt afford it and if I can just pitch my tent beside the receptionhouse for less money, as I would need to cycle to Clanwilliam then (it was already getting dark).
She refused

Hollywood Lodge

Now 150 Rand, but totally worth it - such a clean room with hot shower, fridge, coffee, watercooker, toilett and Leticia and her husband are superfriendly! :)

Lüderitz Backpacker Lodge

very cozy, 150 for a dorm bed

clean, kitchen available

hannes is a very friendly guy

Campspot in Cage close to antenna

Perfect for cyclists: Green cage close to antenna, no security guy around and the fenced area is not properly dense..some wholes in the fence. A maintainance worker told me its no problem to sleep here. You can close the green cage with your bikelocker but are perfectly save from animals in the night. Maintainance guy told me sometimes Lions come to the area

Road condition

tar to katunguru online the first few kilometers

Kazinga channel beach

Very informative and professional guode, saw crocodile, elephants, hippos and bufallos - now it is necessary to pay the park entrancefee of 40$!!!

Road condition

road good from here to kihihi with bicycle

Entebbe Backpackers Camp

Staff very friendly, hosts (three brothers) not friendly and even stingy(they wanted to charge me using the kitchen for one time) and reckless(they play loud music almost every night)

River crossing

passed in dry season, all river crossings either with bridges or have beton at the ground

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

20$ pp entry for the Sanctuary

Didnt used both services

small road leading from here to Wamba

Customs border Ethiopia

Free Rapid Test at one stop border post available, no pcr test necessary in both directions (entering ethiopia or kenya)


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