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Recreation and Aquatic Center

$7 per person for showers, swimming pool

Mercado Xitali

we've been staying at Campo Achelon since February 2nd. today's March 9th so we've been here a little more than 2 months. as far as we've experienced this store and Mercado Isla, this yellow store charges a 3% credit card fee and Mercado Isla charges a 4% credit fee. HOWEVER, you have to check the amount, otherwise they charge you whatever amount they want to. it is really odd but it is true. I had to confront them (Mercado Isla) one time because they charged a ridiculous amount so I noticed it. we are stuck here until the pandemic is better. in the US so we are living like locals. since the happening I always check if the amout is correct. maybe they are not that good at math. :)

Daggett's Beach Camping

We were quoted 10 USD per person for boondocking and 15 with electric hook up. That's 20 USD for the two of us boondocking and 30 USD for a site with electricity ... pretty steep. We left and went next door to Archelon: same beach and amenities for less money.

Campo Archelon

8 USD per person for a site with a palapa, 5 USD per person for a site on the beach without a palapa. Electricity and WiFi at the office. Hot showers and toilets. Nice, quiet and clean. More campers here than next door at the overpriced Dagget's camp.

Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area

2 camping areas with multiple sites available: one on gravel, one on grass. All sites have picnic table. Pit toilets. Trash container at entrance. Several trails between ponds. Supposedly great birding mid March and October (migrating snow geese). Quiet. Can get windy.

NFS designated dispersed FREE camp

Great location. Early May the forest road is still closed. Muddy and snowy road.

National Forest parking area

Large gravel parking area. The road further into the forest here is only open May 15 through Nov.

San Juan National Forest

Large open flat area. No facilities. Nice views into the river canyon. Some target shooting trash nearby.

Bisti BLM Wilderness

Boondocking along the road to Bisti. The road past the parking area is closed due to a collapsed road (rainfall).

Joe Skeens - El Malpais NCA (free)

Nice free campground with pretty private sites. No amenities other than pit toilets, trash and BBQ/table per site. Interesting nearby 4x4 and hikes to the petroglyphs at Cebolla Canyon, lava falls trail, la ventana arch and scenic by way to the ice caves. wWater nearby at the ranger station (2 miles north of the campground).

Cosmic Campground

Quiet, free campground with pit toilet. Water nearby in the Glenwood ranger station.

Coronado National Forest

There are ten free campsites along Proctor RD near Madera Canyon. The sites are very private and quiet. We are having such a relaxing and peaceful time here. There is a creek nearby and if you walk down the creek, you will find a small waterfall. We were told there are lots of wildlife including dear, rabbits, bears, jaguar, coatimoondis and all sorts of birds here. We saw wild turkeys and humming birds at the Santa Rita Lodge where you can sit down and watch the wildlife. We were also able to get portable water at the lodge for free. We towed a small 17 foot travel trailer with an SUV.

El Jito

Fenced dirt lot near 15D and Pemex. Previous visitor in december 2018 mentioned that the owner would start offering hookups in January 2019, however, when we visited end of march 2019, still no facilities available (no electricity, no water, no bathroom, no WiFi). Pretty much same experience as camping at the secured gas stations in Los Mochis (free) but El Jito charges 200 pesos (10 USD). This would be more acceptable if any services were offered but not even a bathroom is available at this time (unlike at Pemex where you can use the bathroom and even pay for a hot shower). We camped in the outer fenced area as the small inner fenced area has 3-4 dogs running around who didn't seem too friendly to our dog.

Villa Celeste Resort

Great beachfront park with all amenities. Unfortunately the best ocean view spots are taken and there is only 1 shower (that is lukewarm at best).

Punta Hermosa/Playa Las Lupitas

Boondocking on a beach for 120 pesos. Quiet on weekdays but strongly recommend to avoid this place on weekends or holidays. Locals visit Punta Hermosa on weekends and blast music all day into the evening until the park closes, while parking right next to your RV on all sides... Many bugs (sand fleas and mosquitoes).

Pemex 12297

Good place to spend the night. We first tried to camp at the nearby ruins but there wasn't enough space because of an event, plus the ruins camping is right next to the free highway so very noisy. This Pemex was pretty quiet (we camped in the back) since it's right next to the toll road with little traffic. Free, no facilities other than toilets.


Great campground with full hookups. Water park access (with several pools and slides) is included. Hot showers and free laundry included. Unfortunately no direct access from the campground to the lake next door (it's all fenced off).

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community

Great location in a retirement community at Lake Chapala. Nice waterfront walkway with lighthouse, lots of amenities (thermal pool, billiards, onsite restaurant, playground, soccer field, good WiFi). We paid 300 pesos per night for 2 people. It gets crowded with tent campers on weekends so I'd avoid checking in on Saturday or on a holiday. Showers and toilets are rundown and could use upkeep.

Hacienda El Retiro, RV Park

Clean campground on a grassy field. Full hookups. Hot showers. Laundry machine available at no charge. I believe we paid 250 pesos per night for 2 people. Cute cats living near the shower area. Great location to visit Valle de Juarez and the Pueblo Magico of Mazamitla. We didn't like the noise from the heavy trucks using the road in front of the campground (day and night) and their jake brake.

Hotel Pie de la Sierra

Good location to visit Uruapan and the nearby buried church at Angahuan. Hotel amenities available with a nice pool, billiards, etc. Decent WiFi. No dump station. Sites have electrical and water hookups (although these are very rundown). Basically camping on a parking area next to the hotel: during events, hotel visitors park there so it gets crowded. Very friendly staff: Carla called her car mechanic to come to the campground.

Rancho La Mesa and RV Park

Great RV park with amazing lake views. Large grassy area with full hookup sites (30 AMP electricity if needed). Big rig friendly. Hot showers in one of the hotel rooms. Lots of animals roam here (keep your dog on a leash). Friendly staff including Sacramento, the grounds keeper! We paid 2000 pesos per week (and stayed 2 weeks).

San Juan del Lago

Great campsite: one of our favorites in Mexico. Use DISCOUNT CODE "MONARCH" when you camp here; Art made it available.

Very friendly and welcoming host Arturo who can help you with what you need, including tips for sightseeing in the area. Camp with full hookups (or boondock and pay less), including laundry, and a great view from the hillside onto the lake and lake-front towns. We stayed 2 weeks and received a better rate. We took day trips from here to the butterflies (Sierra Chincua), Morelia and the nearby pueblo magico of Cuitzeo. This is a large campground with plenty of room to walk your dog and you can easily walk to the lake (not suitable for swimming unfortunately). You can walk to the small town and buy fresh groceries, drive a few minutes to Cuitzeo for sightseeing and the bi-weekly market, or find all you need (Walmart, Home Depot, ...) in Morelia 20 minutes away. Great natural warm spring water baths in town to relax.

Hotel San Ramon

Good campsite to visit San Miguel de Allende, especially if you have an RV that doesn't fit in the Tennis Courts Campground in town. Relaxed atmosphere, good WiFi, full hookups, plenty of room. Swimming pools are filled on weekends but a bit chilly during the winter months.

Media Luna

Free boondocking at the parking area for Media Luna. No facilities. Good camping spot if you want to visit Media Luna. Note that when we visited, the park closed every Tuesday for maintenance. We arrived on a Monday afternoon and were asked to leave that night, since the park was going to be closed on Tuesday (and we would be locked in with our RV). However, we asked nicely and were allowed to stay. We left early on Tuesday as the workers arrived and opened the gate.

Cabañas Tamasopo

Large grassy area with plenty of room for our trailer. Cold showers, toilets, fast WiFi, electricity available in the palapas next to the camping area (close-by so we could run our cable there from our camping spot). We paid $80 pesos per person. If you want to use the pool, they charge a little more.

Las Palmas Midway Inn & Trailer Park

Good campsite with plenty of room in the town of Matehuala. We camped here for 4 days and took day trips into Matehuala and to the nearby old mining town of Real de Catorce. Good WiFi, showers, laundry, nice walking path through nature surrounding the campground/hotel to walk your dog. Mini golf unfortunately now is no longer included, they charge extra (as opposed to our previous visit in 2014).

Flaming Gorge national Forest

Free wild camping in Flaming Gorge. Great mountain scenery.

Wild Horse Area

Free camping in the middle of the Sand Wash Wild Horse area. No facilities, BLM land. This spot is next to a small natural pond where lots of wild horses and other animals like pronghorn come to drink. Do watch out for biting flies!

National Forest outside Glenwood Springs

Free. National Forest camping off a dirt road, with good views in all directions. Quiet, only sound you hear are distant cows. No facilities.

National Forest outside Crested Butte

Free. Beautiful mountain scenery, 15 minutes on dirt road outside town of Crested Butte.


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