chrisferguson44 Check-Ins

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Digdeguash River Abandoned Bridge

A beautiful spot under the Digdeguash river abandoned bridge. Half of the bridge still stands on ground and just pillars remain across the river.
The spot is close to the highway but still very secluded, couldn't even hear it in the SUV. Sits on a very calm and quiet cove. Ideal for vanlife and mid-size RV. There are maybe a couple tent spots but we didn't.
At the end of Spur No 2 road is the bridge. The gravel road to the right will take you to spot.

Jemseg Ferry Rd NICE

This is an amazing spot on the Jemseg River. Pretty secluded. Right across the street from Fort Jemseg. Very beautiful colours in the fall. We unfortunately went during duck hunting season and shared the site with early morning hunters loading boats. No problems, just distant guns and dog barks. Still a perfect vanlife spot.


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