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Gas Station

Going south, we were happy to reach here and fill diesel and water. Thanks for the tip!

Doña Marce Moche

We reached here ard 21:00, no one was here except the dogs barking from under construction building. The bamboo gate/barrier was locked with a paddle lock so we could not enter. After staying for 10 mins, we moved to another iO petrol pump stop. It was full with trucks so we headed another few km and stopped near the roundabout (another petrol pump), paid 10s. Can be hard to find a place so plan up before dark :-)


For Diesel engine - trucks / RV

It’s pretty expensive but they are working efficiently. Let’s hope the work will be done well.

Michael the son of the owner is taking care at the moment. Shall update more in few days.

Secure big parking inside, clean bathroom that we can use. Area not so great at night!

Update after several weeks, he kept charging us like we have money tree. We kept trusting and paying to do the changes like injectors, then the whole engine to remove and check around. The workers worked hard to get it done on Friday evening, we didn’t do the test drive even though it was smoking a lot, gear box was not working well. Oil leak was there, he made us go out around 9pm saying we cannot stay there because of alarm system etc. He told that the smoke will get better after driving. We were on the road with the mess around 9:30pm. What a robbery and no humanity to let a family with 9 years old daughter to leave the place. Horrible place!!! We struggled to come all the way to Bucaramanga and the garage was shocked to see the installation they had done wrongly. Well enough sad = not recommandable.

Recoleta dan Diego

It’s an apartment with bed and sofa cum bed. Reception is always open with someone to open the main door, safe and clean.

Francisco picked us up at the airport, he was friendly and helpful to advice ard the area. It is closer to the centre, we enjoyed the place. Kitchen is usable as well.

His number is +57 315 8266232 if you want to check the availability.

Loving Hut vegan restaurant

Nice place for vegans (mock meat). Place looks clean and reasonable price.

Gamboa Le Long Du Canal

We reached late at night, road from Panama City had heavy traffic. Road was good all the way until here. We were happy to find the big space to park and watch the shop pass by. Few trains that passed at night, if not really quiet and safe.

Police and fire station near by, picked up milk and yogurt from the near by shop. Lovely place.


We came from Panama side so had to pay the toll $3.15 to exit and another $3.15 to enter the highway because this place is in the left side meaning access from Colon side of Highway.

Place is nice to take shower, eat and may be spend a night if desperate;-)

Wifi was bad coz the connection keeps cutting(3mins internet and then it’s gone for 20mins).

Trucks were with their engine on the whole night = lots of noise.

We had to go all the way back to the starting of highway towards Panama to be able to come back to Colon, noway to do the U-turn in between.

Good for those driving from Colon to Panama!!!

Puerto Viejo center

Stayed here for a night. Loud music from the near by restaurant but cars left pretty early next to our parking even though it was Sunday. Police flashing light from the police parking was a bit disturbing for sometime but we can’t expect to be perfect when it’s for free;-)

Walking distance to the center, we enjoyed eating outside. Forgot to lock the RV for more than 3 hrs(got lucky, no one tried to come in). Filled up our water tank next to the police station after asking the permission to a grumpy police(May be it was siesta time)


Finca Turri Poas / Pavones Turrialba

We reached this place ard 1700 last evening but the road to go there looked steep, narrow and some work was going on. So we asked the police station close by if we could stay for the night, spent a night there. It was peaceful at night, alarm the rooster at 6 ish;-)

JSM 24 horas

Nice looking petrol pump where you can refill the propane

La Colina

Here is the address @merlineverts

Fernando Mendez and Vera
Quinta la colina
Tres hermanos Abangares
monte verde

We stayed two nights, had a oil leak of automatic gearbox(real steep for our 25’ RV to reach the place).Fernando was very helpful and called a mechanic on Easter Sunday the next day. He and his wife was absolutely loving people, generosity is something that we should learn from them. How people can be so nice!

Electricity on site, portable water, clean WC, mesmerizing view and sunset, WiFi near the view point.

He was charging us only 10$(may be coz he felt pity that we had to pay the mechanic) but we insisted and paid 20$ for 2 nights.

Highly recommend!!!

El Rincon de la Vieja NP (Santa Maria sector)

We enjoyed the sulphur luke warm pools, then headed to the water falls which was not much to my expectation. Headed back and stayed over night as it started raining a little and we loved the chilled weather after all those super hot Pacific climate. 15$ per person for the entrance and 4$per person to camp. Seriously, it’s not worth coming all the way with up and down road...3kms of dirt road. We enjoyed the climate so atleast worth to cut the heat ;-)

EXIT Nicaragua - Penas Blancas, Nicaragua/Costa Rica border

Fish was hard to find the place where the office is. It’s the open office to look for a guy who checks the car paper we got during the entry along with the license. He then checks the car and signs the form which he will handover to you. This one needs to be checked by the police in black uniform. Once the work is done in the windy open area, go to the office with the roof(opposite to the open space office with lots of people). Stamp the exit stamp(pay 1$ for the municipal fee and 2$ for the exit stamp). Then you can head towards Costa Rica side which is a bit normal border crossing offices.

All in all, it was not so bad ;) loud music with national dance.

Volcan Masaya Entrance

Reached around 17:45 & started the queue for an hour until we reached the visitor center(good to go out of the car whilst waiting for our turn to see the museum or hear the explanation about the Volcanoes). Soon we were ok to leave with our car until the crater, the road is beautifully paved and goes a bit steep(esp for our RV). Rest, they let us see the boiling volcano from up for 15mins. It was nice and impressive. It’s like watching a fire hole from above. 10$ each even for 9years old. We camped outside the gate in right hand side, safe but noisy from the highway :-)

All Nica Cigar Store

We purchased cigars for gift($24 & $12);) could not stay over night...looks like it’s not possible for a month and half. Enjoyed chilled free cola and WiFi. We stayed in the parking for few hours to eat lunch and moved on.

Police check

They had stopped another car so we just moved ahead...

Police checkpoint - esteli

This one doesn’t seem to exist anymore...

Museo Café

We enjoyed well served salad and quesadilla. Fresh melon juice was perfect as well! WiFi works well and really clean and neat place.

Shopping and food

Really nice shopping malls, had a lovely time and a great time eating

Hospital de diagnóstico

Came to the emergency for the reoccurring salivary gland since few weeks. We were taken to a comfortable waiting room with bed and WC. Doctor came and asked all the details, blood was taken for the test, waited for an hour and half to go for the sonography/X-ray. Later, the result was professionally explained.

Clean and very nice people(speaks English as well). Dr. Miguel Roberto Majano Tercero was very patience to wait while we were contacting our doctor in Europe. He even sent the report by email to Paris. We are very thankful to him and the staff of the hospital.

Parked our 25’’ RV right in front of the hospital for the night.

To our surprise, the bill was just $125 for the emergency approach, sonography, X-ray, 4 hours in a nice ac comfortable room and doctor consultation.

Recommend the best hospital in Central America as per the survey.

Cocolito Campground

Stayed here for 2 nights, we had a lovely time. Family who takes cares of the place are friendly and loving people. They offered us coconuts and mangoes for free. Our daughter enjoyed with the chickens and dogs. We had a great time playing with the waves and meeting other travelers.

Had to visit a doctor and Antonio accompanied us for several hours. It was really nice of him.

🔺my daughter got a bite on her thigh after sunset on the water. Should be fine, swollen up and itchy thigh.

Coctelaria Irma y pescina (Restaurant/ Camp/ Pool)

We drove straight here after crossing the border from Guatemala. It was a good choice :-) it was very relaxing, we stayed for 2 nights. They have a restaurant, swimming pool, small place with animals and a view to the sea with hammocks. They were really nice, had little conversation with Hugo the son(very little Spanish and viceversa with his English), still we had a good time exchanging few words with the family.

We took lunch(sadly we are for people who enjoy seafood ) & breakfast was good. We paid extra 13$ the next day thinking of some fruits for the cute monkeys.

Recommend the place!

🔺dirt road for 3.5km but large.

El Jordan, km93.5, zona de recreo

We drove all the way from San Pedro La Laguna so it was a nice break to enjoy the ‘green’ swimming pool. Watch peacock dance, enjoy the yummy mangoes from the garden. Sunday morning people started early as they were baptizing lots of people in the river side. We will slowly move closer to the border of El Salvador. Nice place to rest, toilets and bathrooms are there(just OK). We are using in the RV so no big deal ;-) good luck!

Abner music teacher

Abner is really a good teacher, feel free to learn from him if you have little time in San Pedro. I did 3 weeks of guitar class, just with little English from his side and viseversa with my Spanish. It was absolutely clear to understand. He is good with piano, trumpet, drums and guitar.

‭+502 5626-4678‬
[email protected]

Nazareth Parking

Friendly person at the gate, big place to park along with other cars. I guess it’s worth staying here with big rigs with no facilities.

We didn’t stay but went hunting all ard the place ;)

Crucero Atitlan

Beautiful hotel which is still under construction and soon finished. We are staying here with the RV for a month. Peaceful area comparing to the centre. 20mins walk to the centre or 5q by auto rickshaws.

Hotel Parking Lot

We didn’t stay here because of no electricity for the RV. It’s clean and people were friendly when we went there. So maybe a good choice (one big rig can fit on flat surface)

Bad road steep w/ large potholes !!!

We took this road yesterday with our 25’’ RV, darn it was steep down and we had to let several times the brake to cool down. It’s superb if we had a small car coz the road is in excellent condition. Just the steep road is crazy, well we preferred dirt road than going down.

Go slow and take it easy , it will be ok :-) good luck! Time to control our brakes throughly.

Cafe Chuasinayi

It was not easy to reach with our 25’’ RV, roads are narrow and makes it even harder with tuk tuk all over the place or parked motor bikes. Well we did make it and parked inside next to the fence. It was a bit noisy with traffic, early morning work next door so be open minded and wake up early ;) other restaurants and hang out places are close by.

Parking is tight for the big rigs. Closer to the center(very touristic) :-) restaurant was nice, small pool is ok to dip in, toilets we didn’t use, cold shower.

Paid 80q with electricity. WiFi is off at 8pm.

The owner was friendly and a very busy person.

Excellent road

We have to turn right for Atitlan but the road was surprisingly very nice and in good condition since San Cristobal.


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