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Date Place Comment
Kalispel Market (showers/laundry)

The Kalispel Market, located in the same building as the casino of the same name, has two showers and two washers/dryers in the back. It is a brand new facility and everything is super clean and new. Showers are each located in their own separate room with toilet and sink as well (no hooks, only downside). $4.00 for 15 minutes in the shower (although there is no timer). Wash is $4.75/load, Dryer is $4.00 for 45 minutes. You have to pay with a card for W/D. They sell HE detergent pods at the counter for 75¢. Couch, chair, and TV in laundry shower area. After 10k+ miles on this trip alone, I think I can say that this was the classiest shower/launder combo I have found.

Showers and cheaper gas at Trapper Creek Trading Post

Regular unleaded $2.84, Premium $3.04

(Cantwell was $4.27 for regular)

Lenore Lake

Totally hidden from the road, nice spot for a van or two or a small camper. Right on the lake, easy to launch a kayak. Lots o’ birds. Good for a night or a lunch break.

El Papalote

Big beautiful space, with amazing breakfasts for cheap prices. Chips and salsa are served before you even get your food.


Tomochic Pemex...complete with Oxxo. These windy roads, while very beautiful, have been consuming a lot of my petrol. Also, if headed west, there is another in Yécora (and I think it was Yepáchic that had one as well, between these two).

La Casa De Los Milagros

Great atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and very reasonably priced. Often, live music. Supposedly a hangout of Pancho Villa and his cohorts back in the day.

Motel Maria Dolores

Nice, basic, clean place. Easy walk to the centro, great location. Super nice folks working here. And, good secure parking. Not for any sizable ride, but perfect for a Vanagon or other similar whip. They lock the gate at 10, it is well lit and there is someone at the desk 24/7. Plus, all rooms overlook the parking, so you can easily keep an eye out. WiFi is nothing to rave about, but hey, it works. Check out time at 13:00. M$410 for a single.

Near the Park gate

Just to add to all of this, yet not add an additional place...I arrived after dusk, when the gates were closed as well. There are two pull offs to the right, before you hit the gate (about two minutes, same as the previous post, but not in front of any houses) that have flat spots and little grill places as well. Suitable for a Vanagon (or other type rides, but nothing too big). I camped at the second, and no one passed at night. In the morning, a few cars did pass, but all smiled and waved. A very nice, quiet, crisp spot, if you don’t make it in time to enjoy the lock-in with nice baños (which really are quite nice, I can attest).

Restaurant Las Fuentes

Expensive as heck. Muy caro. Times have changed.

Supersonico’s Car Wash

Three car wash bays, with different types of service. Express (exterior wash process using liquid wax): Small Vehicle $40, Med $50, Big $60, Extra Big $70. — Basic Service (interior cleaning and exterior wash using liquid wax): $80/90/100/120 — Cleaner Wax Service (all above, plus special cleaning gel for tires and plastics brightener): $160/180/200/230.

Punta arena

Only so many allowed to camp at one time is accurate...some gringo snowbirds collect fee for the Mexican owner who does not live here (as stated in previous comments). Price is now $70/night. In my opinion, the most beautiful beach/location in the area.

Hotel Sinahi RV Park and Restaurant

150 Pesos for one person in a van. I wouldn’t want to tent here, but it’s great for everything else. Good food, WiFi, clean & hot shower, and friendly folks.

Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Martir

Can’t say enough good things about this place. Price is still the same (M$64). Had the park to myself on weekdays, then noticed a whole bunch of people driving in as I was leaving on Saturday. Not sure if they just go for the day, or camp out. While it was mild at first, it was snowing as I left. When you do the Mirador hike, make sure to go to both viewpoints. And yeah (eh-hem), I saw a condor.

La Quinta Public Library

Free WiFi, desktop computer use. Copies 15¢. Big, new library, with covered parking (9ft or so and under).

Mojave NP, near Granite Peak

Amazing. Lots of spots for rigs if all shapes and sizes. Just beautiful.

At Kaibab Forest near Grand Canyon

Great place, many spots. Spent two nights, always leaving by 8am, and was never disturbed by helicopter noise.

Kolob Terrace Rd near Zion NP

Fantastic spot. Plenty of secluded spaces, even with a few other rigs around.

BLM near Zion

Sign at beginning of road states no camping on either side of road. All but one pull off had distinct “no camping” signage as well. Ended up going to the wild camp spot listed as Kolob Terrace Road, which was lovely, with many great spots by the creek.

BLM Land East of Zion NP

Took the “tougher” road off the cul—de-sac and got a great spot. Not too far up the road, it widens and there is a stone fire pit. Past this point, only ATVs could make the climb. Not so level, but with a few rock lifts, a sweet spot indeed to ring in the new year.


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