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Busy Walmart parking lot with security patrolling frequently. We asked the security patrol and they were okay with us staying for the night as long as we parked on the farthest row from Walmart. It's definitely a good idea to ask security before you park overnight, otherwise you may get a knock in the middle of the night.

FYI as far as we know this Walmart closes at 11pm.


Baja Sunrise RV Park has a dump

drove in and a nice young man came to meet us within a couple of minutes. asked for water and dump and he directed us to an available location. as others mentioned, you use the utilities from a site, there's no separate dump. was charged $100mex for the whole thing. we didn't stay but it seemed like a nice campground, very clean and well set up.


Agua Negra (black water plant)

I'm not one to complain about dumping a tank, but this place is pretty gnarly. There was a sewage truck already there so they had me dump next to it. This meant setting up the hose right next to a cascade of poop water and hundreds of flies, all while trying to avoid getting stranger's sewage on myself. It took some gymnastics but we got it done. They charged us $100mex to dump our RV tanks, as compared to $50mex from the other reviews. If you desperately need to dump, this place will do, but don't expect an easy experience.

Terramar Restaurant

Nice parking lot for a night. The restaurant was oddly empty (just the two of us), and it was a weird old building, but the staff was very nice. None of the toilets seemed to be working, though. The food was cheap and honest; don't expect a fancy meal, this is inexpensive home-cooked highway food. It got the job done and it was very affordable (about 270mx for 2 people with some candy for dessert). We ended up tipping 100mx as a thank you for letting us stay (our choice, they didn't ask). All in all, the great thing about this place is supporting a small business in an area that probably doesn't get all that much traffic.

Walmart - Mesquite NV

There is one sign stating no overnight parking at the entrance to the parking lot, but it looks like management turns a blind eye. Be respectful so you don't ruin it for everyone! (you should always be respectful but especially in these conditions!)


Calf Creek Viewpoint

Reasonably large paved highway pull-out off SR12. It would fit a big rig but that wouldn't leave much space for others. This is an overlook with beautiful scenery, so be mindful of the fact that other people would like to pull over and have room to park as well. AT&T data and Mint work, Visible doesn't. It's right off the highway but there's enough room to park safely away from traffic. We saw some soda cans on the nearby slopes - please don't be that person! Also, if you go for a walk, be mindful of cryptobiotic soil.


Fruita Campground

As others described, water and dump available. $5 self-pay if you're not staying at the campsite; they have little envelopes for you to put the money in and drop it into the campground registration box. Much to my surprise, all water spigots were on despite freezing temps in early January.

Pandora’s boxx

Very nice spot with good cellphone service and little highway noise. The road is dirt and a bit steep, but perfectly manageable. We got a coating of snow (~1/2") and managed fine with our RWD dually. Rain and mud could make things much more difficult, though, so beware of that. Don't come in too hot off the highway as there's a bit of a drop from the asphalt onto the dirt road.

Walmart Springville

Regular Walmart parking lot. Park away for the semis and the interstate for less noise. Good cell service and plenty of food options in the area, though most are fast food.

Maverik Fuel

Dump station still open as of Dec 10. I didn't use the water spigot cos I didn't really need water. Fuel prices seem a little better than elsewhere in town (lots of very expensive places).

Black Bear liquor

liquor store is closed, now it's an appliance store. they were closed for the day so didn't even get a chance to ask about water.

McPhee Campground

Pretty nice campground with good cellphone service. Winter rates are $12/night, no amenities except for a portapotty. In-season rates are higher but then there's electric, water and a dump station.

Water spigots we're scattered around the campground and many sites had electric hookups. However, everything is shut off during the off-season as previously mentioned.


Pretty standard Walmart lot. We switched from here and other spots in the area, and only stayed two nights in a row. However, I didn't see any signs limiting the stay, and no-one seems to really care. Some other folks staying there too, and some people loitering, but absolutely no-one bothered us. Some people even offered help when we had a problem with out truck. The Walmart itself is pretty big and well-stocked. All-in-all, a good place to boondock. Great cellphone service.

City of Cortez - Service Center

Currently $0.25 per 5 gallons. Unclear if you actually get 5 gallons per quarter. Instructions say to only use a quarter at a time, which means you have to stand next to it and add a quarter when it stops. Seems like pretty low pressure. Not great, but it's better than not having water!

Black Bear liquor

This seems to be where Black Bear Liquor used to be. Sign on the door says $0.40/gallon for water. You can get water for less at the municipal site NNW of here.

boggy trail

Nice place to camp, 14-day limit. Cell service is pretty spotty, but should be ok with a booster (we don't have one). It's a dirt road and some spots may be tricky to get to and out of if it's wet. Fun mountain biking in the area.

Welcome Center Colorado, Fruita

Closed for the season as of Nov. 12, 2021.

Confluence park dump station

Dump station with non potable water. Water was shutoff due to freezing temperatures but the dump is available. Free.

Confluence Park

Got a knock on the door by someone who looked to be in DPW. They said plugging into the picnic area is not allowed (we were plugged into a 115V to charge batteries, not on the 50A). They also implied that the police may complain if they see it. They also mentioned that parking by the cover is not allowed. However, they did indicate that it's ok to park overnight in the RV designated spots. To sum up, parking in designated RV spots is OK, but plugging in is not.

Gunnison Town Dump

Still open as of Nov. 8. Left it dripping to prevent freezeout.

Gunnison Town Dump

Spoke to someone in DPW who mentioned that the dump station is closing tomorrow, Nov. 9. They said a temporary dump station without flush water would be made available up the road, but I don't know where or how that will be setup.

Gunnison Town Dump

open as of Nov. 5, 2021. Dump and non-potable water. For potable water, head to the visitor center in town (ENE of the dump, check iOverlander map). Bring your own hoses, none available onsite. No dumpsters for trash, but the visitor center has trash cans.

Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center

Aquatic center in Salida with warm pool (~100F), lap pool and showers. At the time of writing, we paid $6/person for a 1h30min slot in the pool plus unlimited shower. You need to book lanes in the lap pool separately, but they had a general use area in that pool that was accessible without a reservation.

Gunnison visitor center

open as of Nov. 5, 2021. Blue spigot, good water pressure. It's on the left side of the road about 20ft from the curb, so bring a decently long hose.

Gunnison County Chamber of Commerce

Parking allowed for 24 hours. Spots seem big rig friendly but there's only a few spots available. Plenty of room during the week in early November. Dump station ($10) and potable water onsite. Generally quiet with good cellphone service (AT&T, Visible and Mint).

Dan’s Land

Nice free spot that feels pretty safe. A little bit of a slant but totally doable. Good service on AT&T, Visible and Mint. There's a sign at the entrance indicating that this is free camping and a sign further in explaining the rules (no fires, leave no trace). Good views of you walk around the property. Watch out at the entrance, which is narrow and with rocks on each side. All-in-all, great spot, please don't mess it up!

Turtle Rock Campground

Nice campground considering it's free. Cellphone service is very good on AT&T, Visible and Mint (there's a cell tower right across the river). This campground is accessed via a dirt road, but it's not bad; just watch for some sand on the shoulders. There doesn't seem to be any water or dump station.

Antero Reservoir

Very nice free campground with excellent views. Not much in the way of privacy, wind protection or shade, but this was OK with us in late October. Not particularly busy at this time. I didn't see any water spigots or a dump station, but there are pit toilets and trash cans. The road coming is totally doable but in bad shape, so take it easy so you don't rattle your rig. The campsites are very level and all gravel. Our 25' truck camper rig fit with a lot of space to spare, but the larger fifth wheels may have to do some maneuvering and maybe park their cars outside their camp spot. Fire pits and a couple of grills available, as well as picnic tables. 14-day limit. Great service on AT&T and Visible, passable service on Mint.

Mapleton Ave near Boulder Rock Club

Parallel street parking near Boulder Rock Club. Park with dog park on the same block. A local recommended this place to us, and we stayed overnight without any issues. It's a relatively quiet street and the location between a park and a climbing gym means little noise in the night hours. We were able to park our truck camper without an issue; longer rigs would fit but it may be hard to find a spot; I would NOT open slide-outs here. Nothing special, but it's a place to sleep right in town, and it seemed generally pretty safe.

Local also mentioned a toilet somewhere in the vicinity. They also suggested the area near 22nd and Spruce. We did not check those suggestions for ourselves so I'm not adding them to the database.

highway pulloff

Stayed here for a night without a problem. It's right next to the highway but not a busy one, so the noise wasn't really a problem. People may use this to turn around during highway closures, so it's a good idea to park in a corner as far out of the way as possible. Great Visible signal, but no AT&T data or Mint.


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