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Quinta Valdivieso Balneario

Were here on a friday, place looked closed. Nobody there and nobody answered the phone. Also there was a for sale sign. Maybe closed.

Secured parking, Livingston Hotel

They dont have a parking anymore. No possibility for overlanding or parking during galapagos.

Finca Castillo de Altura

Juan and his father are lovelly hosts. We had a great time despite the rain. Beatiful area with lots of hiking and biking possibilities. Camping had everything we needed and they are building even more (black water dump soon avaiable). Real hot showers.

Teleferico Camping

Camping on the parking of the teleferico. Toillets clean shower not working properly. They were just building cabanas so maybe more infrastructure in the futur. Payed for two ppl 10USD pn. The first teleferico was 8USD pp and the second 5USD pp. Nice hike to the cascadas during rainy season.

Mindo by the river parking area

Super spot in Mindo. Felt very safe, although at night some guys came there to smoke weed and listening to loud music. Everything else as described, nice spot.

Krume Bäcker

Restaurant including Bakery. Everything is delicious! Must visit in Panama City.

La Bonanza

Everything is said about this place. We felt at home from the first second. Everything clean and Kiki, Anouar and Maya are lovely hosts. Thanks again for everything we had a wonderfull time.

Parqueadero en Macarena

Cool place to stay in Bogota. Raul is very friendly. We have been here two times first time we paid 25/night and second time 18/night. Clean bathroom and shower. Restaurants, candelaria, gold museum, museum nacional within walking distance.

Aro Ford Motors

We had an engine mount on our Ford e350 repaired. The diagnosis was very quick and correct. They manufactured a new piece at another place and installed it, original parts are difficult to find. Omar and Manuel were super nice and explained each step well. Very professional and friendly. They even made a quick check of all the liquids and checked the brakes. Excellent wifi.

Casa Campo Emaus

We spend two nights in this very relaxing place. The staff is very friendly. They have a parrot, dog, lots of ducks and chickens around the property. We paid 20'000pppn. They offert us lots of mangos everyday. It is technically a hotel but they welcome overlander as well. Recommended!

Fundacion Salud Integral

Owner is no longer living there, but his parents are and would open the property for oberlanders. We didnt went there since the owner said 4x4 is requirred in raining season. But we dont know how the conditions are. But make sure to text before.

Hospedaje Mi Casa

We stayed here in our van for a night. Quiet, safe, free. Some trucks come and go at night but thats it. Decent restaurant.

Ana Rodríguez - Shipping Agent

We shipped from Colon to Cartagena. Ana helped us to get the car in Cartagena. We were worried before the port appointement because the contact via whats app was not satisfing, because ana never told us what the whole process is, like step 1, step 2 etc. We just send her all the information she asked for and had no clue about the actual process (or costs?). But once we were at the port everything worked just fine. German a worker of Ana awaitet and guided us through the whole process (including TIP and SOAT insurance). We basically had to do nothing just following him. Normally the process to get your car is around two days. In the end we would do it with Ana again, but go to her in person.

CJS Automotriz-Mechanic

Julian and his mechanics changed our oil, oil filter, coolant, hydraulic oil and brake fluid. We made an appointement at 8:00. They were really nice and the job was done well. There is just not a lot of space for the car. Price was fair. Recommended! Julian told us that he could even remove DPF Filter and reprogram the car system. If you didnt do it already.

Hostal Amador Familiar

We wanted to camp here before the DIJ. They wanted 20usd to camp and 30usd with electricity, for two people. Didnt had a good feeling in this neigbourhood. We went behind the Radisson instead.

La Isleta

Place looked ok for one night but the owner wanted 20USD from the two of us. No thanks.

Paso Canoas, Costa Rica to Quebrada Grande, Panama

Smooth border crossing into panama. The online form was not necessary to fill out because they are not able to scan the qr code at the border. We had to fill out the form on paper there again and bring a copy of the vaccination. Only two shoots of vaccine (moderna) required, not three how it is stated on the official website of panama. Rest as describes below. Took us one hour.

Villa Paula

We stayed here after bordercrossing. Very nice place to relax, huge grassfield for all kind of rigs. Payment by donation, we payed 10usd for two people. Nice owner, is an overlander himself. We would come again!

Doña Elba Cigars

Nice place everything as described. Got five cigars for 25usd plus a free one to try. Very well explained tour about 10 minutes. Recommended for a short brake.

Entrance to Cerro Negro

From here on its volcanic sand. We did it with 2wd e350 ford. No problem today, the underground was hard with a bit sand on top. After the entrance of the parc it gets a bit trickier but still doable


We tried the parking today, didnt found it on that location, founs san miguel though. Maybe its closed.

police checkpoint

No checkpoint visible. Sunday Morning...

Mercada Artisianal

Just an other artisanal market. If you have seen some before you can skip this one. There are no tourists though.

Police looking for bribe

Police stopped us want to give us a fee for having huge flash lights. Haha sure... We just waited, let him exain, asked why and that he should show us where that is written. After 10min of "no entiendo" they said we can continue driving.

Police - corrupt

There was no police there today. Safe travels.

Cerro Negro Lava Field

Spectacular place the spend a night. We had the hole lavafield for us. To get there is on sand street, but no problem with 2wd ford e350 right now. High clearence is necessary and the last 20m are very steep with sharp rock and holes. Alternatively one can drive until the entrance and also stay there. We paid 5usd pp entry but nothing for camping. Very windy. The sledge is only rentable at the entrance, 10usd.


This is not a campsite. There is no toillet or shower. It is just a save parking on grassy area. But you still pay 10usd for it :-) there are a lot of ranchos on this street, we just asked around if we could park at their place for a night or two. They where very friendly and helping us to find one. At the end we stayed at one of the ranchos for a propina.

El vagamundo camping antigua

Stayed here after the hike on the Acatenango. We needed a shower, otherwise we would have go to Isaac in antigua. The shower was warm, toillets clean and the place very fancy with all the cars. However there os constantly loud music and the price 100pp plus 50 for electricity is ridiculous for what you have. The people working there are very friendly and one can easily explore antigua from there.


Stayed on the football field during the tour on the Acatenango and el Fuego. The owner and the guides where friendly and the location of the ASOAVA Tours tents on the Acatenango are great! However, the food is very basic, we got two liters of water pp which was ok. There is no option to buy/get more water when your at basecamp. At 9pm the guides came and said we can no longer chill at the fire and watch el fuego, they even took the wood out of the fire. We dont know the real reason for that. Furthermore we were a group of 40 (!) people for 11 tents, so we had to share our tent even though they told us we will have one on our own. The amount of people was ridiculous, since they were not prepeared for it, neither food nor water nor space wise. On the top of acatenango they told us just to stay on the place they gave us and didn't allow us to walk around the crator, they said it was dangerous, but there where a lot of people doing it from other groups. This is the cheapest option to go on acatenango (400qtz/p), so one can expect such behavior. We CAN NOT RECOMMEND asoava. Next time we would pay 100qzt more with an other agency and would hopefully be able to enjoy the spectacular el fuego longer than 9pm...

El viejo Café

Very good Coffee and bread from a swiss baker as well as the best wifi we had in hole antigua


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