Seth Wanders Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Salem Willows Park

Not closed. No signs prohibiting parking. Stayed for 2 nights with 7 other vehicles. A local tipped me off to this spot while I was in town. Locals use the park till around midnight, after everyone leaves it is super quiet.

This is an incredible spot right on the beach, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Pack it in, pack it out, and pick up some trash to pay it forward! Help keep spots like this open =)

Walmart Danvers

Spent a night here with 4 other RVs and lots of trucks.

Pretty quiet at night

Walmart Plaza

Talked to an RVer who spent 5 nights here. Looks friendly enough.

Lots of highway noise. Lot is semi level, GREAT access to downtown Salem

Starbucks parking lot

Filled up water here, not dead yet.

The tap is right next to the dumpster at the end of the drive through, can be tough to see if people are parked in front of it.


Parked on the side with all the company trucks. Lots of truckers use this lot.

Lots of city noise but more quiet than Costco.


Stayed a night, no problems. Park out back by the snow plows

Lots of city noise and the parking lot is not very level.


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