mkfc Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Playa Municipal CaapucĂș

Seems to be a campground during the high season, but was nobody there. There are showers and toilets an electricity. Shower was not working and the electricty either. Good place to stay for a night, probably in better conditions during the high season. We paid nothing, because nobody showd of.

"Hasta la Pasta" RV-Campground and Bungalows

On of the best places we ever was. Great food in the restaurant, clean beautifull pool, clean toiletts and hot showers. Helpfull owner in any case. We really enjoyed our stay there.

Hotel Florida

We parked int he parking lot, close to the buidling with showers an toilets. We were alowed to us the pool, but it was to cold. Electricity it in the toilet building. We paid 50'000 for two.

Taller Industrial

We ordered parts there. They have really good connections to Assuncion, it seem to us that they can order everythin within one or two days.

B Hotel Nasca Suites

God place to stay in Nasca. Directly in front of the airport where the flights go to the Nasca lines.

Hostel Sol Y Dunas

Really friendly owner how let us stay in the front of the building. He tried to organize a parking place on the other side of the street, but these owner was not there. So we could have camped in a closed parking. We paid 10 Soles per person. The street is really loud but there ar no so many other options

Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco, Guayaquil

Calm campground in the middel of a natur reserve. WIFI works, but you can just connect once in 24h.

Jardin Suizo - Hosteria & Camping

It seemd to be closed, but the guardener called the owener and he let us stay for 5$ per person per night. Good view over the city and the shore from the Mirador of the campground.

Punta Piedrero Eco lodge Hosteria

Many dogs, much dog poop all around. Too expensive for what you get. 8$ per person per night. Dirty showers with lots of ants on the bottom, you cant stay too long on the same place without any bits.

Kaluz Hosteria And Spa

Too expensive for what you get. 10$ per person per night for parking on a narrow undeven road with dirty showers in poor conditions. Loud party people till late at night.

Jardin Suizo - Hosteria & Camping

Owner was not here, but the guardener organized our stay. Tranquillo place with lots of different plants and big covered sitting area. Cost for 5$ each including electricity and shower.

Centro de Tourismo Shalala

Friendly indigenas let us camp on the parking lot for 7$ each per night. The price includes the park entrance of 2$. The showers were cold, but they will fix it, so the parkguard.

Hospedaje Lucerna

Verry friendly old man. Good place to visit the tombs and the museum and enjoy the silence of this town.

Hospedaje Lucerna

Verry friendly old man. Good place to visit the tombs and the museum and enjoy the silence of this town. He also have a washing maschine but he does not know it. We payed 5000 per person per night and 5000 per load.

Casa Los Cocos

warm salt water showers. Bring enough water with you

Sacbe Boutique Inn (CLOSED)

Good place for camping and clean rooms. The owners are verry friendly and the food evening is in good quality and fair price. The garden is quiet and proper including the smal pool. Good place for exstand.

Suytun Cenotes

Camping not that bad. But the Cabanas were too expensive for what we got. The rooms were dirty inclouding the bed. The showers were cold and dirty too.
Price for Cabanas 750 Pesos per night
Proce of Camping for 2 Persons 250 Pesos per night

Trailer Park Teotihuacan

Great Campground for visiting the Pyramides and Mexico City. The owner Mina is a great person who help where ever she can.

Punta Hermosa/Playa Las Lupitas

We were there at Chrismas, lots of Mexicans doing party during the day. Was interesting and in the evening they left the camping. Lots of no seems and other bugs.

Mar Rosa RV

Good base for exploring Mazatlan. Bus connection right by the camping. Cost for the bus to the center 10pesos per person.

La Pastora

God place for surfing an whale watching. For free without amenities but a beautyfull place to stay direct on the beach. Many surfers in the morning and in the eventing but during day we were almost alone.


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