8kilosurledos Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Plummer Park Parking Lot

Nice parking to stay in Los Angeles. Very quiet in a nice Russian neighborhood. There is restroom and water available in the park.

Parking on Ocean Ave

Very nice spot to stay. Easy to park here, quiet at night. Shower, toilet and water available

Santa Barbara Point

Very nice spot in front of the ocean. Fire other RVs were there with us. Best spot in Santa Barbara

Parking behind Vons

I meant NO «no overnight sign » in the parking

Parking behind Vons

Parking just behind Vons, very quiet and with dark spot. No overnight sign here. We stayed one night here without any problem

Safeway - Carmel by the sea

As it say, huge parking here perfect for one.M night, very quiet and wifi available for free

Public library

Beautiful public library here with free wifi, clean restroom and to fill your bottle of water.

Chevron gas station

Free water available here for customer of the gas station only. Very slow but still water available for free.

Lafayette Park

Very nice spot for a night. Restroom in the middle of the park. Close at 8pm for spring and summer but at 5:30pm in fall and winter.
Very quiet


Actually close. We do not know untel when.

Midpines County Park (Park & Ride)

Nice spot for sleep, very quiet. There is a picnic table, a barbecue, toilet and Wifi for free. Very useful. Buses start here a 6:03am but we didn’t heard them.

Sierra National Forest Pullout

Great spot to stay, very close to Yosemite.
Pull out behind tree so we found some privacy
5G available here with AT&T. Wonderful spot to see stars at night

Vons Gas station

Free water available in the gas station. Near the air station

Walmart - Martell, Ca

No overnight sign everywhere in the parking of the Walmart.

Water a Shell gas station

Just next to the building, you will found water with an hose. Perfect to fill up the tank.

Parking off track

Very nice spot here, just next to the road but very quiet. Nice sunset and sunrise


Very nice spot for one night. No street light in the neighborhood. Just next to a school, so parents drop of their children around 8:15 am.
You can come here with a big rig.

Basin Recreation Field house

2$ shower, very clean, with soap available.

Grassy Lake Road Wild Camp. Beyond site #5

This spot is actually open, we found that information on the visitor center of the parking next to grassy road.
All along the grassy road you can find 8 camping site with 2 to 4 spot each. Wonderful spot with restroom, bear storage, ring fire. One of the best camping spot of our roadtrip.
We even saw a moose next to the river near our camping spot.

Arch Park

Perfect to fill up our van. You need your own hose.
« No overnight Camping » sign.
Free wifi from the library

West Fork Denny Creek Dispersed

Beautiful spot here, just next to the river. Fire ring and very quiet.
We stayed 2 nights here

Remote Dispersed Camp

Very nice spot to sleep, there is few spot with ring fire. No cell reception at all with At&t and Verizon.

Beautiful view

Amazing view on the city. The road is a little dirty but ok if slow with a campervan. There is a fire ring. We were alone. Very quiet. I highly recommend

Shadow Mountain

Very nice spot. Established camping spot with fire ring. Bear storage is a must. We even saw fox on our way up here.

Sunset Sunrise Panoramic Pullout

Nice spot with breathtaking view of the city. Few cars and motorcycles came from the top of the hill but that spot when the night start. We also eared some gun fire but that was on trash target.

Kolob Terrace Rd near Zion NP

Wonderful spot next to the river. Disperse camping spot around, a lot of RVs can stay here. There is also a lot of ring fire.

Sandtown Park

Nice spot for one night. Toilet close around 11pm. But open very early. It is also a school bus stop, so parents drop off their children before 8:00 am.


Water available at of end of the parking

Kolob Terrace Rd spots on the river

Beautiful spot next to the river. Many spaces and many ring fire. Very quiet. No sure a big rv can make it to there

Best spot near Bryce Canyon

Wonderful spot near Bryce Canyon, under the pine, in the middle of the forest. Easy acces to that spot from the Bryce Canyon NP. Ring fire.


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