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rock protection (Boca del Alamo)

Really nice place to camp. We camped on the beach we have 4x4 (and needed it). Great snorkeling if you go towards the rocks. Waters were calm for paddle boarding and swimming. We had a lot of fun here!


We could not find a hotel at this location. We asked the locals and they mentioned a hotel closer to the entrance (that is where we stayed and I marked it as another hotel incase this one does exist)

Hotel Catalina - secure parking

Basic hotel but felt clean and safe for a stop from Guadalajara to Mazatlán. Delicious taco stand at the main plaza at night!

300 pesos a night for 2 people in a double bed. Prices range from $300 - $450 pesos

Bad road steep w/ large potholes !!!

The road is nicely paved, so that took a bit of the treachery out. Give your breaks a rest before heading down and keep it in low, it is steep! Tight turns may make it tough in a big rig. We drive a 1999 Tacoma and had no issue going down.

Hotel Relax

Decent place to stay especially for border crossing days. It has some "love hotel" vibes, but not as direct as an "auto-hotel." Rooms were clean enough and the wifi at the reception is good.

Coming from Guatemala we were in walking distance of 10 peso tacos, so we were very happy campers!

Pasaj cap - Lago Atitlan

Wow. One of our favorite spots of the trip so far. Beautiful property with impressive effortless views of the lake and the volcanos. Well worth the drive to get here. Nice bathrooms (hot showers) and very helpful staff. If you are looking for a smaller town to spend a few days on Lake Atitlan, I think this is the one to do it!

Landslide cannot pass

We made it to this point and construction workers had us turn around due to landslide.

Camping in front of Hostal Antigueno

Really nice place and a great chance to meet people. We camped in our truck in front of the hostel and felt safe. Breakfast is wonderful, showers hot and decent wifi. Plus it's a bit away from the busier streets, but still an easy walk.

Posada Las Marias

Great place. Price was upped to $30 per person. Cold beers, friendly staff and dog.

Construction 1 Lane

Construction that goes down to 1 lane. We got lucky and only waited a few minutes, but the other side had an extremely long wait.

Highway 9 construction

Still very active construction. Stop and crawl 1.5 hours. We ate a lot of peanuts.

Oasis Chiyú

We tried to stay here, but no one was home. The neighbors said they had to run to the capital city. It was getting late so we had to throw in the towel. We were upset as the property was right on the water, so well kept and peaceful!

Still open, but we just got unlucky.

Hotel valle del sol

We were going to camp in the parking lot, but a room was only $90 quetzals so in the rain storm we opted for that! Private double room, private shower (cold water) and A/C.

Jaguar Inn

100Q for 2 people in truck camper. Easy and early access to the ruins to beat the busloads was wonderful. Okay wifi at restaurant, hot showers.

Rio On Pools

Stayed 3 nights, loved every bit of it. Beautiful views and pools to swim in. Relatively close to all of the other waterfalls and caves.

Primitive camping, so be prepared with food/water and such.

Upon entering the park we were told we needed to get a a permit to camp (it is still free but you now need permission) located back in San Ignacio near the police station. We didn't want to drive back to San Ignacio, so we asked the military guys within the park grounds if it was okay and they honestly could have cared less. We were never bugged during our 3 nights about the permit.

Jungle huts/Phillips fruit tree farm

Open! The previous reviewers went on Easter Sunday, so perhaps they weren't home. The dogs did bark, but were super friendly once we got out of the car.

Phillip was so kind. He did not ask for money for camping, but we bought his homemade wine for $20BZ. His wife made us a plate of stewed beans and rice at night. Then in the morning, he gave us fresh eggs and discs to play the course with.

This was a really fun spot for us as we play disc all the time back home- plus the friendly hospitality was great. Definitely recommend a stop here then head up the road for a hot sauce tour!

Marie Sharp Hot Sauce Factory

Great stop, informative tour with great prices in the gift shop. We did not schedule a tour, but it is recommended. $10BZ per person for tour. Pay in Belizean for best prices.

Insurance Corp. of Belize

Extended our policy here in a matter of 10 minutes. Nice and easy.

Mayflower Bocawina National Park

$10BZ pp to enter the park, another $10BZ pp to camp. I see in previous reviews campers were only charged per vehicle so I'm not sure whats "right." We had park entrance for 2 days which was nice.

Great hiking and waterfalls, much needed nature time after Caye Caulker. We hiked antelope and did a 6 hour loop to see the another 4 falls. It was a good hike, beautiful and so worth it!

Parking $10USD/day

Parked our truck for 3 days while visiting Caye Caulker, guards were friendly and everything was fine.

Drifted Coconut Hostel

Tame "party hostel" with great vibe and awesome staff. Breakfast included (different prepared meal every day) and free rum punch everyday during happy hour. Great place to meet other young travelers.

$25US for 2 people in a dorm. Prices were higher due to semana santa). Facilities were sub par. No windows so dark in dorms and dingy bathrooms. Nevertheless, if you are on Caye Caulker and want to do it cheap, this is a really fun place to stay.

Horse Cottage (Backpacker's Paradise)

Lovely and remains as described. We enjoyed our stay here and camped in our truck for 3 nights!

Crooked Tree Lodge

We thought the sanctuary in general would have more DIY hiking trails, but not really. However showing up here was a happy accident as it is a beautiful property right on the water with friendly hosts!

20 BZ$ for 2 people to camp. Beers were cold! No wifi at the moment, but when we were there they had 7 puppies, so no internet necessary.

Hostel Manik

Private bath double room for $25. Brand new facilities, very nice and clean with friendly staff. Easy access off the main road which s nice if your crashing here to cross the border.

Parking available for any size rig next to building there is also 1 street space available in front of the check-in center. Not "secure parking," but they always have someone at the counter. Camping may be an option, but not sure.

Hospedaje Consuelo (secure parking)

Hospedaje Consuelo

Budget friendly hotel for Bacalar scene. $350 pesos for 2 people private double bed w/ bathroom (toilet runs well and shower is cold water). Spacious, but very rustic and very simple. Owners seem nice. We were able to pull our truck into the hotel gated compound which was a huge bonus. Walking distance to bars, restaurants, waterfront, etc.

You get what you pay for here, but the price was right for us in Bacalar, especially with secure parking and decent wifi!

Rancho San Nicolas

Yes it is a bit expensive at 300 pesos for two people but worth it in our opinion. Quiet, safe, hot showers, nice outside and inside fireplace, pool table, sitting in my hammock I strung up while I write this. Very nice people and lots of other travelers. Short walk to town. Laundry close by.

Rancho San Nicolas

Yes it is a bit expensive at 300 pesos for two people but worth it in our opinion. Quiet, safe, hot showers, nice outside and inside fireplace, pool table, sitting in my hammock I strung up while I write this. Very nice people and lots of other travelers. Short walk to town. Laundry close by.

Nututun hotel and camping

Wayyyyyy expensive for parking our little truck for the night, it was late though and we didnt feel like going elsewhere. 340 pesos for the night! Tried to talk them down and it was a no go. Was a beautiful spot though with Monkeys and a cool river to swim in. Good for big rigs, but for our little truck dont think the price was worth it as the showers were not hot! Three stars because was so high.

South Mahahual

Great free camping right next to the beach, some trash but that seems to be the norm. Stayed here 2 nights not a problem.

Next to the lighthouse

Felt safe and it nice that it was free. Our experience was a bit different than others though, possibly because the lot was crowded and we had to park closer to the entrance/lighthouse. Lots of cars came in until very late at night with people hanging out and drinking which was quite noisy. Lots of broken glass on the ground. Probably better if you can fully shut yourself in your rig and do all you need in there. I suggest heading south of Mahahual if you are looking for peace and quiet.


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