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Silver Reef Casino

Overnight parking in Lot D (south side). Signage says to call phone # and register with security which then tell you to come inside and register, which I did. They make you sign up for their Reef Rewards program (free) which gives you a free $5 food credit and $5 slot credit. Obviously all a pitch to get you to spend at the casino, but food and alcohol prices are super reasonable. Security did come to verify vehicle was in “good” condition which was a first. Apparently they’ve had issues with derelict vehicles overstaying their welcome in the past. Kind of a process just to stay one night (limit three, but can be negotiated). All staff are super friendly.

Davenport Park

Threaded water spigot on southeast corner of picnic shelter in Davenport Park. Not close enough to a parking area to refill a fixed tank but could fill Jerry cans or similar.

Red Shale Campground

Still wonderful. 3-4 bars Visible (Verizon). Two loops. One is closer to highway and has more noise, second is much better. Most spots are level. Clean. Watch out for deer if driving at dawn or dusk!

Sturgis Community Center

Still $5. Shower was great. Plenty of stalls. Very clean except a few pieces of trash from the kids on summer break.

Cedar Pass Campground water

No fee for potable water! Only a fee for the dump station. Sign says “Dump Fee: $1.00”. As someone else said, you don’t need to enter main campground, just cut left before entrance building towards group campsites and dump station and you’ll exit by the entrance station.

North Shore Recreation Area

Not many campers but locals seem to enjoy cruising through (there’s beach access from a parking lot at the end of the loop), but we’ll serviced (bathroom cleaned daily) and saw ranger drive through a couple times. Seems like campground was cleaned up somewhat recently (several fire pits were turned into burn piles - maybe for trash?). 2-3 bars Verizon with solid data (8 down, 7 up). A few sites have water spigots but all were inoperable. I’d absolutely stay here again.

Mitchell Lake public beach

Open! Water hot. Surprisingly clean. Two showers with no divider on men’s side.

Dude Ranch

No longer free but not expensive. $11.67/night. Nine marked sites, each with picnic table and fire pit.

Cracker Barrel

Very busy location (big box stores galore) with lots of RVs so no worries about overnight but definitely not quiet.

Brunswick Rec Center

Still here, still free! No one was manning the front desk when I came in, so I headed right to the locker room and grabbed a shower. Facility is a little dated but yo can’t beat the price 😊

Gale River Loop Road

As of 5/15/22, FS gate is closed. Moved over to nearby Haystack Rd - no issues.

Estabrook Park

Standard water spigot right in front of bathrooms. Easy to run a hose into van. Can drop off recycling and trash too.

Buc-ee’s Gas Station

Spigot next to dumpsters by truck fueling area. Bought a couple tacos inside and asked to fill up, no problem! Be sure to not block access to the pumps.

Rio Grande Village

Clean showers. $2/5 minutes. On mens side, three stalls with door and shower curtain (assume same on womens). Open all day, every day except for daily cleaning 8-9am

Coin laundry also on-site.

Picnic area

Not much going on but full bars T-Mobile (on Mint Mobile). Speed tested at 108/32 on 4G LTE


Was able to fill up just now after asking kindly and refueling. FWIW if they say no, there is one of those $0.30/gal water and ice stations across the street (“Twice the Ice”).

Cahoon Park

Found the red/orange water fountain with side spigot but appears to be turned off for the winter 😢

Cosmic Campground

Great spot to camp. No shade but not an issue this time of year. 3-4 bars of T-Mobile.

Kent Kwik

Showers are pretty warm and very clean but noticed you can’t crank the “HC” handle all the way to hot or else the water will be cold. Go 90% and you’re good!

Alamogordo Family Rec Center - Showers!

Just checking in to confirm showers are still closed due to COVID (but there was massless men’s basketball league going on??).

st george rec center

Still $3.50 for a day pass, which includes shower (and towel!). Very clean but not individual stalls if that matters to you (at least in Mens).

Beaver Dam BLM Area

Agree with previous comments. Just want to add this place has full bars of T-Mobile and its fast (48/19Mbps)! Lots of burrs here so watch your pups paws.

Ocotillo Wells svra

Watch out of for nails and screws (why??) and broken glass around campsites. Surprisingly clean bathrooms and solid 2-3 bars of T-Mobile but can get overutilized (30Mbps up and down when I arrived early on Friday and down to 1.5Mbps on Saturday night). Showers still clean, as hot as you want, and $0.50/2min.

Jordan River Campground

Now open, pricing is accurate. Cleanest vault toilets I’ve ever seen. Have 2-3 bar cell signal with both T-Mobile (via Mint Mobile) and AT&T with the Olympic Peninsula across the channel.

Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Water spigot next to boat launch at northeast end of park; Washington State Discover Pass required for entry


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