Damien Places

Id Name Country Category
60555 The Truck Shop United States Mechanic and Parts Show
66266 Atchison Campground United States Established Campground Show
66267 Plaskett Meadow Campground United States Established Campground Show
69125 Mariscos El Capule Mexico Restaurant Show
69319 Casa Blanca San Miguel Mexico Hotel Show
69341 Restaurant Pegaso Mexico Restaurant Show
69349 Corrupt police Mexico Checkpoint Show
69621 El Buen Sabor Mexico Restaurant Show
69898 Museo Amparo Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
70273 Restaurante La Huorta Mexico Restaurant Show
70476 Museo San Jose El Mogote Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
72009 River Crossing to Cataratos los Amates waterfalls Guatemala Warning Show
72010 Cascades Cataratas Los Amates (El Niagra) Guatemala Established Campground Show
72427 military checkpoint Honduras Checkpoint Show
72523 Mr. Seafood Nicaragua Restaurant Show
72713 Free Hot Thermal River Costa Rica Tourist Attraction Show
73463 Dive Base Coiba Panama Other Show
73495 Dive Base Coiba Panama Tourist Attraction Show
75966 Prado Lake Colombia Tourist Attraction Show
75967 4x4 road for Tatacoa access and wild camping Colombia Wild Camping Show
76124 Lavanderia Ecuador Laundromat Show
76298 Equipos Cotopaxi Ecuador Propane Show
76754 Dirt Road in mountains with amazing views Peru Other Show
76918 La Congona ruins and a family finka Peru Tourist Attraction Show
77590 Road conditions - take right turn Peru Other Show
77591 Road splits Peru Other Show
77592 Road Destroyed - 4x4 bypass Peru Warning Show
79572 Small tienda Bolivia Water Show
79573 Isla D Bolivia Wild Camping Show
79789 4x4 ONLY River Crossing and Deep Sand Bolivia Warning Show

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