Damien Check-Ins

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Upper Stillwater Lake Campground

Nice spot. good views of the lake. the train is infrequent and not a bother at all.

Red Rock Canyon Area

good location. slightly tight around some trees so probably not good for big rigs. some fire rings and nice views at the edge of the hills

Deer Creek State Park Camping

In the state park, multiple campsites near the water. Close to highway so traffic noise can be heard, but only slightly. nice sites, bathrooms as well.

Box Canyon campground

Closed and locked. probably for the winter due to snow.

Punta Vista RV Park

Bathroom and shower are working now. No hot water though. $250 pesos per night.

Decent spot clean and well kept. A lot of truck noise from the road, but it's a good and safe place to stay near the border.

El Pescador

Great place to spend a few days. Close to downtown, and easy to get to the port.

The owner is amazingly nice and helpful. Rooms are good enough, with hot water in the showers, and air conditioning for each room. Clean and safe. Cost $400 pesos for a single room, $500 for a double.

No parking at the moment but I'm sure he will help you find a safe parking area nearby if needed.

Customs and port of Manzanillo

AVOID!!! This is not a good place to receive your vehicle.

Customs restrictions into this port is very strict. They can and will find a reason to delay you. It seems as though it might be a way to charge storage and other port fees.

Even if it is not a scam, the customs process here is problematic and slow. Read below to see what you might have to deal with:

- It takes at least 1 full day to get a vehicle import permit (compare to about 30 minutes other places).

- Customs officers will take between 3-7 days to give you paperwork that you are required to have.

- If you broke a rule (I accidentally had approx 1kg of rice and some spices in my truck), you will need a revision.

- Appointments for all paperwork are on customs officers schedule, and they can delay/cancel indefinitely.

- Revisions to paperwork will take at least 7 days, during which time they will charge you port storage and administration fees.

- You are not allowed into the port. Therefore port workers and customs officials will open your container and go through all your items without you being present. This defeats the purpose of having a locked container.

In all, we have been at this port for 14 days and have still not released our container. Compared to the "slow" process in Colombia, this has been absolutely insane. It can take another 5 days or more to get our vehicles, for a total of 3 weeks.

I would recommend going somewhere else. It isn't worth the effort here.

Cafe O Bean

Great place. Very friendly staff and excellent food. Most of them speak English as well. Coffee us superb, a great surprise compared to other restaurants terrible coffee.

Ñuñoa Hostel

Great place in Santiago. As mentioned:
Gated parking for rigs/bikes (can fit 2 larger rigs at least).
Great people running the place, very friendly and welcomit.
Good pricing.
Breakfast stuffs included.

All in all a good way to park your rig and use the metro (station is close by) to check out the city. Highly recommend.

Farellones - The Perch

Definitely blocked off. Boulders at one entrance, a chained gate at the other entrance with a "authorization only" sign. I decided to respect their wishes and camped instead in the large parking area.

It is still hidden from the road, has good views, and is very flat. You can walk up to the view point for sunset and it is spectacular.

Riverside sunset

It is a good place, just depends where you choose to stay. As usual, lots of trash in some places. The area is used by locals a lot.

I found a nice area with trees to block the wind and very little trash. A couple of cars an a guy on a horse are all I have seen, besides the river and a great sunset.

Rio Alumine Wild Camp

Really nice area. Lots of space, great access and view of the river.

Next to R40

Trash as normal. But it is the only possibility to get some shelter from the relentless wind.

Playa Larga pull off

Ok spot, not very level. Close to road but not too busy at night. Would work better as a camp for cyclists.

The views are outstanding though.

Free camp at Laguna Victoria

Good spot. Amazing lake, a few spots with wind protection, and great views.

As usual, some trash at the camp sites. Do your part and fill up a bag to take with you. If we don't clean things up, nobody else will and these places will not be worth visiting anymore.

End of the road Serrano St

Excellent spot to escape the wind. Hillside and tall trees blocked the wind and made it ok for our roof top tent, whike everywhere in the park was so windy we couldn't camp.

Protected from everything except North wind. Even from the north, it will be less windy than other places though.

Beautiful hidden spot

Definitely not allowed to camp in the national park here. A ranger came by in the morning and wrote us a ticket.

They want you to pay for each day you enter the park, and to camp in a designated campground. So, stay here at your own risk :)

Paso Entrada Mayer

As of today the pass is still not driveable due to high water. We have a 4x4 Tacoma on 33" (taller than stock) tires with a snorkel. We were told that it is too deep still by the Caribineros, and from the look of the river by their station, I believe it.

parking next to embarcadero

Excellent place to camp. A trail runs directly beside the river going north, with plenty of flat places to camp. The river valley is quiet and has no traffic at night because the ferry isn't working past 6pm.

Road reopen due to landslide

The road is actually closed a little farther ahead, where the other warnings are marked.

I talked to a worker today, who thinks the road will open in about two weeks. They have cleared the landslide, and are in the process of filling in part of the flooded valley to create a new road. It looks like they have about 200 meters left to build, but the water is deep.

Camp at Lago Paloma

Nice place. Good views, lots of room on the beach. By the look of all the fire pits, this place is probably very busy on the weekends.

Mirador Lago

Great spot along this small dirt track. The road goes around the lake and connects Puerto Aysén to Coyhaique. Even though it doesn't show up on all the maps.

Great scenery. 4x4 probably needed if is very wet, or you have a heavy rig. The hills are soft gravel in some spots. Otherwise the road is in good condition.

Mirador Ventisquero Colgante

Nice hike. The view at the end is great.

However if you want the view without hiking, you can go to the mirador about 300m from the parking lot. It is amazing as well.

Go before park opens at 8:30am to get the place to yourself.

Ferry to south

Ferry from navieraustral.cl, leaving from Hornopiren to Caleta Gonzalo.

Times: 9am and 3pm

Today they even sent an extra ferry at 8pm to pick up everyone (about 40 cars) waiting for the next day ferry service. I don't think this is a normal occurance though.

Another company, Somarco, runs another ferry that runs once a day.

Small dirt area in the forest

Amazing spot. far enough from the road to avoid noise. Even at high season it was quiet and relaxing. Excellent views of two rivers and the surrounding mountains.

Hostal fx & Cabanas

Has parking for rigs up to about 3m tall. However, as others have stated, the walls are so thin they might as well not exist. A few loud people anywhere in the place and it becomes a not very relaxing night.

Dirt Road With many water crossings - gated here

The road to park camping splits towards "Rio Medina" and goes this direction. Nice scenery through the Backcountry, however the road is gated and locked at this point before it reconnects to the park.

Also be aware that along the way there are at least 10 water crossings. Some of which are muddy and 50cm deep.

Corona Beach Camp

Great place to camp. Long stretch of beach so you can take you pick of spots. The access is a bit sandy, but nothing too bad. It also gets quite windy, but it seems like everywhere in South Chile is windy.

I saw only a couple of friendly locals all day. A bit of plastic washed up on shore. As always. Let's help keep these wild spots clean.

Nice spot at lake

Nice spot. About 50m from the road and a little bit visible. But by the evening there is almost no traffic.

Very quiet, just the sounds of birds on the lake and the frogs.

I would be careful about leaving your vehicle, as the park rangers said there are break ins.

Lipigas Osorno

Filled 3kg US bottle.

Price: 7,800 CLP (this is the price for 5kg, but they charge for 5kg even if you have a smaller tank).

30 minutes, arrival to fill.

Open 8am-5pm.


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