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la bolivianita camipng

User who submitted has described the location as "this camping is in village CUEVAS 2 km from "las cuevas" waterfall but i didnt know change gps ;)" I'm not certain how to adjust this accurately myself, would one of you mind weighing in? Thanks, Christoph.

Los Abuelos

A nice spot, although a bit more focused on the guests of the hotel than campers. Pool is dirty and closed, 8000/pp/per night. Shower water pressure was weak and rarely warm, bouldering wall, WiFi is fast but you have to sit in the dining area to use it. Walking distance to town.

Playa Escondida

This place is absolutely magical. A bit of a crowd on weekends, but nowhere near as bad as Hornitos and other nearby beaches. Parked right on the sand, slept under the stars. Beautiful and free.

Canyon Camp

A great, secluded place with much more wind protection than anywhere else on the Lagunas route. The canyon has some fun walls for bouldering/climbing and lots of interesting features for general exploring. One warning - canyons like this are definitely at risk of flash flooding in heavy rains. If rain is on the forecast, it may be best to avoid camping here.

Emilio Lopez's House

A simple set up, but a lovely family who helped us buy gas, set up a Salar de Uyuni private tour and did our laundry. Emilio is also savvy with cars, and was capable of helping several Overlanders with issues before crossing through the Lagunas route. Laundry is 30 bol per load, 50 bol/night/car

Colibri Camping

Beautiful spot, lovely hosts, breakfast, groceries and wine available for purchase. A bit chilly, but fire pits and wood available. Located right by Valle de la Luna.

Village Surf

A really nice hotel with private rooms for 50 soles and safe parking outside. The place has a great sitting area, fully equipped kitchen with four burner stove and oven, as well as a rooftop terrace with additional kitchen and ocean view. The point is a five minute walk from the Pacasmayo malecón and a five minute drive from the wave at la Punta near El Faro. Highly recommend staying here, Henry and family are very accommodating hosts and the spot has good vibes.

Contact info: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 966943132 or 975793123

Tu Parada en Cuenca

I spent about ten days total with Miryam and her lovely family at Tu Parada en Cuenca. I enjoyed staying there so much that I even brought my family there when they came to Ecuador for a visit. They stayed in one of several bedrooms available inside of the house. Miryam is one of those special hosts on the Pan-American, she’s willing to go to any length to ensure your comfort - whether arranging tours or helping you fix something. We became good friends and she came with my family to eat our first dinner of Cuy! This campground is a simple, level driveway capable of fitting rigs of any size and has hot showers and a kitchen along with fast WiFi. Come for the amenities, stay to spend time with Miryam. Couldn’t recommend Tu Parada en Cuenca more strongly!

Tu Parada en Cuenca

Miryam is the kindest host I’ve met on this drive. Her house is lovely and the parking is extremely secure. The internet is the best I’ve had on the trip (good time to back up those photos), and she will treat you like family from the moment you arrive. While I was there, she walked me personally to a self service laundry place, she joined my family for our first cuy dinner and she helped with advice on every part of my stay in Cuenca. I ended up spending just shy of two weeks here and felt like a member of their family when I left. The hospitality Miryam provides makes you feel as though you’re home even though you’re likely quite far from it.

Lavandería Club Naútico

Same day laundry service (takes 2-3 hours). You have to bring your own soap, and they charged me $23,000 for a large load of laundry. Couldn’t find any other same day service spots nearby.

EXIT Nicaragua - Penas Blancas, Nicaragua/Costa Rica border

Steps as described are all accurate. The last 4.5 miles of Nicaragua was a massive line of trucks. Get into the left lane and drive past all of them. Total time to exit the country was just over an hour, 1 hour 5 minutes.

Casa Los Cocos

Los Cocos is a beautiful property and guesthouse walking distance from the famous reef break at Popoyo, and also right next to the quality beach breaks at Guasacate. The guesthouse has a full kitchen (pots/pans/stove/silverware/etc), great, clean bathrooms and showers as well as garrafones of water to use. Nando, the owner, is an incredibly nice person and clearly very much a part of the Popoyo community. He took us surfing several times, and hung out and cooked with us. This place is as hospitable as it gets and can accommodate rigs of all sizes. Highly recommend!

Police stop

Still there, cops kind of aggressive asking for paperwork and extinguisher/road triangle.

Taller Mingo

Great mechanic with tons of off-road vehicle experience. Located centrally in Chinandega

Taller Automecánico

Small but capable mechanic in Chirilagua

Adela's Restaurant and Campsite

We came to this part of the country to surf Las Flores, and despite other campsites being closer we ended up staying at Adela’s for the entire duration of our stay. The accommodation is nice (great showers, electricity, bathrooms, fast WiFi), cheap ($5 per person), and there’s an incredibly good and cheap restaurant on site. But, more important than all that, is Adela herself. She is one of the kindest human beings I’ve met in general, and certainly the top host on the Panamerican Highway. She’s so kind, so hospitable, so generous. Just come here, be overwhelmed by the type of love and affection usually only bestowed by grandmothers and fill yourself with 50 cent papusas, which are the best in town. You won’t regret it, and it’s more than worth the 10 minute drive to the point.

Driving restrictions Mexico City

Just to clarify the Pase Turístico, if you get one of these (it’s easy and free for cars from model year 2003 and newer), you can drive on any day of the week for the period that you sign up for. The tourist pass alleviates any concerns entirely, so get one and focus on the traffic – it’s hectic enough without worrying about the restrictions!

Parking lots in Chapultepec

As described, felt very safe and easy to take an Uber into La Condesa and other beautiful nearby neighborhoods. 40 pesos/night, 5 peso clean bathrooms. No showers.

Morrill RV Park

Tight, windy roads on the way in would be tough for bigger rigs, but our 4Runner with a rooftop tent fit easily. Place was simple, with a very beautiful view and mostly quiet at night. Clean bathrooms and hot showers, with great walking access to the whole town of Guanajuato. 170 pesos/night

Rancho La Mesa and RV Park

Best campsite we’ve been to in Mexico. Insane view of the town/lake/island, beautiful and delicious (albeit pricier) restaurant on site, and they let us use the restroom and shower inside of a really nice room/cabin during our stay. Bathroom access was 24/7, and we walked 30 minutes down the hill into town. Make sure you take the 120 to access from the right side. Animals from horses to turkeys to sheep to donkeys, cows and dogs everywhere! We also were allowed to have a fire right on the grass at one of the farm workers’ encouragement. They have firewood available for purchase. 170 pesos/night per car

Chi Cho's camping & rental units

Mellow spot with lots of surfers/travelers around camping and in cabanas. Bit open and exposed, and we got a slightly sketchy vibe, but met lots of people camped there for weeks who had nothing but good things to say. Great surf, but we met two people who had several boards stolen there, so keep an eye on your stuff! 100 pesos/night, includes basic bathrooms and showers. Pro tip - the bathroom for the restaurant actually has a door and toilet seat, ask at the restaurant for the key!

quiet beach

Stayed here, and was as described. Because we arrived on a Sunday, other spots nearby such as Tecolote were absolutely packed. This beach was less full, and all the locals left by 9pm leaving us with a nice and quiet (albeit overrun by ants) place to spend the night. Extremely close to Pichilinque port for the ferry as well.

Nine Palms

Camped here for three nights. Beautiful spot right on a great wave. There were a few other mellow people around also camping, and a good amount of day beachgoers – especially on weekend days. The sand does get deep, so stay on the hard pack and make sure you bring a source of shade. The sun is intense.

Playa San Pedrito

Camped here for free, all was as described. Beautiful spot, but people definitely use the turnouts as bathrooms. Beware of where you step.

Scorpion Bay

Famous, well-trodden surf spot and camp site. We camped near the restaurant and were never asked to pay. We went in, ate, paid to use the bathrooms, but never we’re asked about camping fees. Maybe the policy has changed? All in all, perfect spot if you want to surf this magical wave.

Los Coyotes (Bahia de Concepcion)

Beautiful beach, drive past the rock to get to the far side. It’s further from the road, and a bit less crowded. People tended to come here to party, so there was a bit of noise – but incredible warm, turquoise water and great vibes. 150 pesos per night


Super delicious food and very clean restaurant right on the water with a rad little wave out front. Try the chilaquiles!

Punta Abreojos - Surfing spot

Camped here, right on front of some good surf but also right off a road so there was noise at night from passing cars. Felt a bit exposed generally, and very exposed to the wind. As Abreojos is generally really windy, this can be a bit of an issue. All in all beautiful spot, but was wishing for more coverage.

Sand dunes

As described. A couple things worth noting – there are a ton of coyotes around (we woke up to three prowling around our site at 3am and have videos of them the next morning), and friends of ours had a bad experience here involving masked men approaching them in the middle of the night. Nothing ended up happening, and we didn’t find this out til after we camped, but not very comforting. The site is mainly visible from the highway, draw attention to yourself at your own risk.

Solo Sports/Punta San Carlos

Rad campground on a solid wave (there’s a point and a beach break) with an established place to tent camp, and tons of paid camping as well. There’s a bar and a friendly crew of folks who hang out here. Would definitely recommend. $10 per night.


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