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Dragon lake

Beautiful free campground with place front of the lake. Little desk for swim, pitefire, table, toilets. Can t more quiet !!

Butze Rapids Trail

Quiet place, perfect when you arrive from the ferry at night. Beautiful hike in the rainforest along the coast

Seaplane base

Parking lot on the Seaplane base. Quiet. Beautiful view on the fjord with the plane.

Victoria Harbour

Same price, really good place for enjoy Victoria !

Upper Campbell Lake - OK

private land place ! no overnight allowed

Spring Salmon Place Campground

Beautiful quiet place near the river inside the forest, nice potholes with clear water.
Water, pit toilets, fire pit, picnic table.
Signal only 3kms before on Parking 3 lot.

25$cad / night
7$cad woodfire

White pine river access

Near the river, beach, pit fire, quiet, very nice place for enjoy the river and the forest ! Near to the beautiful Wier Hotsprings (5min drive).

Rio Agua caliente.

Be careful, to go to this place, don t follow maps.me. You must to drive on the Mex 70 (direction Puerto vallarta ) and turn left after the pieton bridge. A Emilio zapato, follow balneario Rio salado.
After, enjoy !

Ramada la Negrita informal camp with turtle breeding site

Perla and Perlita are very welcoming and they love meet travelers. The place is under a palapa. Front of the beach. There is pit toilets and clear water with bucket.
You can buy some beers and soda. Fresh and quiet night, but lot of sunflight after 6pm... No turtle in this season, but between may and septembre you can see turtle in the beach and catch baby between july and december.
Very love place ;)

nicaragua Libre

A must place to see !
Here, you can do many things :
- 10min (with car) to the parking of Mombacho visitor center.
- Hikking horse
- Visit a little and nice rural farm
- Bed for only 8$ and 10$ with your campervan. Quiet place !
- Hammacs, table under a terrasse
- A rural community very very nice. Donald and his family are very welcoming. And with him, you can made your chocolate ! Great experience to do.

Finca Esperanza Verde

Wonderful place ! Lot of hummingbirds, many trails, possibilty to visit a school near the finca
Coffee, banana, hamac, very nice staff
But be careful with rain if you don t have 4*4, the last 3km is bad !

Finca Esperanza Verde

Beautiful place but it is now 20usd for the night ! Not a good road to come here

Bad road

Not for 2wd, you have to take a 4wd collectivo in Lanquin to go to Semuc Champey...

Laundry Petenchel

Laundry Petenchel in the village of Flores


Wonderful ruins with crazy view on the top of pyramids !
Dirty road, just take your time.
if you pay the entrance you can stay as long as you want in the camping area and visit the ruins at the sunset, sunshine, when you want ! The staff is very welcoming.
We stay here 3 days

The Trek Stop

Only 35€B /car. It's the cheapest camping before the border if you are more than 2 people. Familys Tony is very nice and welcoming.
Nice aera with beautiful butterfly.
swimming pool, collective kitchen, very fast Wi-Fi.
Near to the nice xunantunich ruins.

Free Wifi at Municipal Building and Adjacent Park

We were here in january 2018 and wifi doesnt work !

Dangriga Y-Not Island- Free

Very good place in Dangriga with local ambiance.
You must to see Daytha Rodriguez and his drum !
No facilities but nobody here after the sunset !

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Nice place for enjoy the nature and the birds after and before your hikking ! Tiger trail is the best. Earlier in the morning you are alone for swim in the big falls

Mariposa Restaurant and Beach Suites

For the family with a little budget : just a very good lime-pie/pers, it is ok for enjoy this place with lot of facilities !

Bats Cave Show

Amazing show. The police was here to help to the stationnement (very friendly). The show has begun at 5.30pm but we are here at 5 o.clock to have a good place in the top of the cave (you are not inside the cave). It was fabulous to see the growth of the flyshow between 5 and 5.30.

Cavelands in the Jungle

like the other description. A private cenote (not the best but fun near to the bivouac and some turtle inside). Collective pit fire and outside kitchen. Very nice owner.

Ojo de aqua

good place, quiet and easy to find here a lancha for view flamingos and las coloradas. Nice palapas with pier on the beach for the sunset and cooking yourself !
you don t have to pay and you can use the toilets of the restaurant for free. They are alligators in the little "cenote". No wifi.

Yokdzonot Cenote

Great big cenote, but jacket mandatory !
Quiet night for free. It's just a parking lot, not more.
You can ask a special price for kids

Cenote Oxola

very bad road, and the last km is only for little cars or van but very quiet. Alone in the nature. the cenote is beautiful but the surface of the water is cover with a mineral pellicule. ..
enjoy this place !

City Center Mall

Perrfect if you want to watch a movies (in english) in the cinemex for wait the refresh of the night !

Villas Del Mar

it's the true, this guy was incredible ! he want that you enjoy your trip and he managed it ! Very good place

Cenote Kankirixche

Actually after ten cenotes, it's our best cenote ! the place is quiet, good and perfect for enjoy to swim when you want. At twelve the sun light in the cave was incredible ! Free for camp and entrance cenote is 20$ /pers.

Uxmal Parking Lot

Perfect place to visit the ruins. same price. And after your night, in the morning you are the first and alone in the pyramid !

Cenote Centro Ecoturístico Miguel Colorado

very good place et nice staff ! The cenote is beautiful for wildlife observation (monkeys, birds, iguane, turtle) and enjoy the tirolesa and kayak! Night safe and quiet !


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