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Saskatchewan visitor center

Nice and quiet. No big trucks allowed. Didn’t check out the visitors center but there were a few of us motorhome a and campers all parked overnight for free!

Lanigan Day Use Area

Great place to stay. Lots of options for parking even for a day use area. Out houses, and dump (free) and garbages available. There was a train close by that I heard a few times through the night but other than that it was very quiet.’s free!

Valley of the Gods

Lots of people out camping. Most spots were taken but we found a roadside pullout that was nice and level. Good for the sun rise. Quiet. Free. Beautiful all around.

Residential area

No parking 8am-1pm 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month for street sweeping. Close to a park for the kids. Kept a low profile but no problem to park here. We cooked and watched a movie in the motorhome and no one bothered us. There are lots of campers and rv’s around at houses so we blend right in. Felt safe. FREE!!!

san luis rio colorado

I posted the right place for the TIP return and will also post border coordinates after. Thanks

TIP return

Banjercito for TIP return to cross into the states. Very difficult to find. I have attached a pic of the map and gps coordinates at the bottom as well and hopefully this helps! Easy process. Friendly staff. No line up here but long line at the border to cross. Open 8am to 11pm. Spoke English if needed

san luis rio colorado

This is. Or a correct location for he border or banjercito! Don’t use this

Pitiquito TIP Purchase & Return

Went here to return our TIP and it is closed down. Deserted other than a security guard. He confirmed it is closed down.

Pitiquito TIP Purchase & Return

Went here to return our tip and it is deserted other than a security guard. It is closed down. Not sure if it’s permanent.


Stayed at this Pemex 13010 when heading northbound. Has a nice parking area in the back. Was quiet over night. 40 peso showers and bathrooms available too. Also an Oxxo if you need anything. FREE

Water filling station

Lots of space to pull over on side of road and fill at the small free standing tienda. 11 pesos for water Bottle wash and fill.


Huge Pemex gas station and oxxo, subway food. Wifi password lassalvias. Lots of big rig parking, lots of semi trucks overnighting it. Somewhat noisy with trucks on the hiway. Free.

Premium Agua Alcalina

24 hour self serve water dispensary, garrafon 20l $15p; 10l $10p. Also dispenses change for your purchase. It’s new since December.

Pemex Gasoliera

Stayed here one night, parked right up against the oxxo with our motorhome. Gassed up at Pemex and the jockey said it was secure to stay here.

Lots of semi trucks so it was noisy through the night. But it’s right off the 15d, 25 minutes west of Tlalpujahua or so. Lots of space for big rigs, but you’d have to park with the semis just off the highway.

Centro gastronomico is right across the highway, but I don’t know what time it’s open til. Oxxo is open all night.

Puesta del Sol Balneario

We found this beauty of a spot on our way to another baleario. Normally, the warm pools are filled only on saturdays and sundays, and therefore the bathrooms and showers work on the same days.

Elisa was very pleasant to speak with, and said parking overnight is free, even if you don’t go swimming, and is available 7 days a week. The parking lot is level, grass and big rig friendly. There is security at night also. If there is water in the pool, then there will be water available for you. Electricity is available. Plenty of grass for tents. A small tienda sells chips, beer, etc.

Swimming costs $50p per adult and $30p per child. There are three pools of various depth, filled Saturday and Sunday morning. We showed up early and the pools were clean, but a bus showed up shortly after, and the water retained some debris .

Overall great swimming, a few small water slides good for kids. Lots of tables for cooking and eating. There are grills around for carbon or wood.

We accessed this area right off the 15D on the north side of the road, and therefore paid $121 at the tollbooth.

A tip to security I’m sure would be greatly appreciated.


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San Diego mall

Stayed one night here, no problems. Asked at sams club and they said no because night security locks the gates...perfect! We said that’s non problem and they directed us to security outside. We asked the security in the mall and they said no problem. It was pretty quiet overnight here.

Mall closes at 2200 hours, not sure what time the gates are open, but we’re leaving now and it’s 0730.


Liverpool mall

Parked here for 20 hours for 110 pesos. Security all night. Fairly quiet. Good spot to walk to the monument from.

Red-white church

Parked across the street from the church and the basketball courts. Asked at the church and they said it is safe and no problem to stay. There was nothing open in this town and felt like a ghost town. Quiet other than a few trucks in the hiway. Good overnight on the way to Oaxaca

Soriana- Cinépolis

We ended up staying here one night. As mentioned above it was very quiet. I woke in the middle of the night and forgot I was in the soriana parking lot!

Security inside soriana’s said it was fine, but to the side of the building, opposite of cinepolis, was “not as safe”. He said police patrol around, and we had no issues, no hesitation.

Parked under some lights.

Further east towards sears and plaza de valle has gates parking for the mall. Not sure how much per hour. There is one gate without a height restriction.

Sweet dreams!


Ranchos Los Angeles

We stayed a few days here and loved it! It was amazing for the kids to swim in the pool, and use the slide straight into the pool as well.

There are not a lot of camp spots, but you can camp for $350 with full hookups and proper electricity, or dry camp for $150/person with an electrical plug for charging phones, etc. Some of the sites are pull thru so big rig friendly, however, some are back to back sites so the drain will be on the opposite side. Bring a long drain hose or you may have to maneuver to dump if the pull thru’s are taken.

The grounds are very well kept. There are warm showers and bathrooms by the pool which are well maintained. The on-site restaurant has only burgers and fries, for $90p, and are delicious. Or pick fruit from the mango trees or cheese fruit trees (noni fruta).

There is a large French population that were wintering here, with people visiting the pool for the day as well. The first day we were here there were kids swimming lessons in part of the pool.

Lastly, there is a decent sized hotel with rooms to rent for visiting peeps.

I cannot comment on surroundings yet because we haven’t even left the grounds. Just enjoying a few sunny pool days before we venture out. We’re not far from the beach tho!

Bahia la Entrega - ?, FREE

Lots of parking lots we had a parking lot to ourselves. Super quiet at night and a nice beach to enjoy during the day with some restaurants on the beach for seafood. Didn’t eat there so can’t say how to food or service is. Great place to stay for free for a couple nights.


12 pesos per kilo ready in 24 hours. Friendly staff clothes smell great

Playa Tangolunda

Decided to stay here for a night, 50p/person, but didn’t pay for kids. Showers are cold but refreshing, and bathrooms are flush toilets with sinks and all. It’s all very clean too!

One drain is available for dumping black and grey water, and you can fill with water that has decent pressure. There are any sights in the parking lot, enough space for big rigs, sufficient clearance overhead also. Tenting is also possible.

Beach is beautiful, and it’s not even 5 minutes walk, but you have a few steps through the stinky mangroves and forest on planks and sandbags. It’s not difficult.

Ocean itself is kind of steep. Not very big waves, but they come up the shore a fair bit, which is probably the only place the kids can play, unless you walk west a bit. It’s guarded from the waves and is tranquil.

This place is worth the visit. Our kids and us enjoyed it stay here.


La Perla Restaurant & Cabañas

Came here around 4 pm. The parking attendants were very pushy at first. After telling them we just wanted to check it out we were allowed past. Parking supposed to be 50 pesos but we parked by la perla and bought a plate of shrimp which were delicious. Paid 130 pesos plus 20 for beer (and tip on top) and stayed the night for free. Felt safe. Super quiet. Even have cold showers and clean bathrooms.

Very windy road

Read warning about the gusts of wind and it is definitely very windy pushing our motorhome quite strongly. Safely can drive, just slow down and hold on tight! Surrounded by windmills for wind power which makes for a pretty view

Hotel Caminante

RV parking available

Spoke to the bossman while he was out having a smoke. Had no problem letting us park our 23 footer out for front the hotel in his parking lot.

Road noise was rather abundant, and it’s right next to a Pemex truck stop that was full up, but he reassured us it was a chill and secure place.

There was a water faucet right outside, so if you wanted water I’m sure it would be no problem.

He wanted $40 pesos, and I wanted to get rid of $40 pesos. Perfect quick stop over for a night.


Hotel Caminante

Spoke to the bossman while he was out having a smoke. Had no problem letting uus park our 23 footer out front the hotel in his parking lot.

Road noise was rather abundant, and it’s right next to a Pemex truck stop that was full up, but he reassured us it was a chill and secure place.

There was a water faucet right outside, so I suppose if you wanted water it would be no problem. Not sure of any wireless internet tho.


Cenote Azul

Arrived to find a few tour buses leaving. I don’t think a few tour buses would crowd this huge cenote, tho. It’s essentially a 90 meter deep lake with the beautiful blue water of a cenote.

The restaurant smells amazing, and has a very substantial menu, but costs a little more than I would pay, in my living on the road opinion. The lake is just on the other side of the cenote, but we opted only for the cenote.

Highly recommend it!

$25 pesos per adult and adolescents, kids under 10 are free.


Yax Ha Resort

$500 pesos per night, two drains and one water source for the whole camp. Electricity was abundant but not 100% to use fridge on electric.

The area itself was beautiful and spacious, right by the water, with a nice pool and great hot water showers and bathrooms. The ocean didn’t look nice enough to swim in tho.

Nice place but expensive for having lack of hookups at each site. Easy to get to, but the drain we used was not.


Camping Kambulum

Stayed in the small parking lot in front of this place. Some road noise through the night but felt safe. Left by 8:30 before it opened



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