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ACA with large pick-nick area

Nice little gas station with big grassy area under trees beside RN3, tables and clean baño, was here just for Picknick but sure it is possible to stay overnight

YPF gas station, hotel , restaurant and informal camping

Typical YPF with big parking / truck stop where informal camping is possible, there is also a hotel on site and a nice parilla restaurant - spent night there and ate at restaurant , recommended

Camping ISSN

Door was open so I drove in, camping possible, the man that took care of the place opened the bathroom for me and put on the heating , hot shower , electricity , BBQ/fire pit, table, sink - so everything is there, paid 150 pesos, every other site in town was closed, like a ghost town in winter

ACA YPF gas station

Good for the night, big carpark but highly frequented by large trucks coming in and out all night - so not quiet , bathrooms very clean , good coffee in the morning, Wifi signal is weak - only good inside but still slow

Baños Publicos con Duchas

Agree totally, bathroom is great , never seen South America before AND FREE, there is no real parking lot in front though and the road is rather busy so I parked on the grass right in front of the building and stayed for the night, no one bothered me, not the quietest place but safe and free

Parque Penguino Rey

Although the place should be open the door is locked and no one other there, phone is not answered , I checked website before and there was no season restriction ... :-(

Paso San Sebastian, Porvenir, Chile to Paso San Sebastian, Rio Grande, Argentina

Chile „Sanitary“ inspection. Paperwork at migration and Adana is no big deal, takes no more than 10 minutes but they take this sanitary thing really seriously. Checked my car and trailer meticulously and took away my whole food. No fruit or vegetable allowed, no raw stuff (eggs, salami, Jamon crudo...) ; if, as I did , you don’t declare that stuff and they find it anyway there i a high fee - that’s what they told me, they were kind enough to let me fill in a new declaration form

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Río Don Guillermo

Sanitary Inspection - besides the normal paperwork you have to fill in a declaration form (merchandise, money, FOOD !!!) . They check this meticulously. Searched my car and trailer for fruit , vegetable etc. - took everything away.

Muddy „desvio“

Road to/from Porvenir: this road - 123 km - is practically a construction site, there is a dirt road alongside the pavement construction which is closed, currently after rain and snow this road seems unpasable with 2wd at least there are several stretches with deep mud where I needed 4x4 AND low range to pull my trailer through, it is advisable to ask locals for conditions before starting in either direction, it is ok if dry

Endless Sky

Nice little hostel, muy tranquilo, parking on the street though but obviously safe, paid 450 Arg. Pesos including breakfast as I had noch Chilenian dinero

Estancia Rio Mitre

Ended up staying 2 nights as people were very friendly and welcoming, you stay on the farmland which is not very leveled . Could fins a good place though for my trailer, any kind of car, van , motorhome is good, Tent my be a bit problematic as the goats roam around freely ,they also have pigs and other animals, the Restaurant offers basic but good food, it is close to the entrance gate of the National Park and 50 km out of town , bathroom in the restaurant had no seat nor paper, 200 pesos for this basic type camping is a bit on the expensive side - yes, but great insight in Argentinian way of life - worth it for me

Argentinean Immigration and Customs – Paso Dorotea

Open today , opening hours are 9-1 and 3-6, very fast , no hassle

Lo De Trivi

Totally agree, if you’re using hostels this is the place to be ! Super bathrooms with heating ! and super hot water, Kitchen, nice common room and pretty good WiFi , after several days of wild camping and a 7 hours hike I was desperate for a shower and some hot water to do the dishes - they let me sleep in the carpark and use all othe amenities for 200 P. - I have gotten much less for more on campgrounds in Argentina! ALL (other than wild) camping facilities (in and out of town) are closed at this time- I understand that they normally don’t do this, still worth asking

Banco Santa Cruz ATM

No problem to get cash today with VISA from German DKB-Bank, fee was 133 pesos

River bank

As everything outside of town along this road was closed I endend up here, beautiful view of Mt. Fitzroy and / or river as the wind came up strong after sunset I parked between a row of trees just parallel to the street, could probably be seen from street but no one uses this street apparently

Camping Bonanza

Currently closed, probably due to off season, sign at gate says : cerrado, not dates provided

Gdor Gregores Centro de Motorhome

As camping municipal was closed - really good place to stay in car/motorhome not sure about tent camping, spent two nights here as my trailer needed repair in town, very quiet and safe, wifi didn’t reach though

El Pilar Libre Parking Lot

Entrance road closed with wooden gate , probably due to off season

Camping & Cabañas Ricanor

Currently closed probably due to off season

Panadería San Cayetano

open early and sundays, heated (which is important these days) , very good bread , pastry and coffee and good wifi - perfect start this morning !

Gob. Gregores Municipal Camping

Gate closed and locked, two phone numbers to call for camping - no answer at both numbers, left messages but no one called back, left to „motorhome camping“ along river

Camping Municipal Rio Mayo

Everything has been said about the place, ok for one night if you happen to get here late, free, baño locked, light and electricity

Eco-Camping Viñas Nant y Fall

I agree 100 % with everything said about this place so far. I spent one night because of the reviews on iOverlander and I am really happy - Currently sitting at the fireplace in the common room . Had some great empanadas they make here for dinner and enjoy their really good Pinot noir ! 220 persons per night is really good for wach you all get. The people are really nice and the surrounding is awesome.
Yes - this is the best so far in Argentina maybe in South America and I believe maybe the best since I left Alaska ... so this is really highly recommended ! I am gad I decided to come here.

Camping Nahuel Pan

100 pP and 100 for car+trailer, in general a nice camping area but not well maintained at this time, bins in toilet haven’t been emptied in a while, hot water and electricity worked well, could not connect to wifi, all other places around were closed

Camping Unquehue

650 for big rig and 2 P. Is the most expensive campground found in Argentina so far, this is low season , only one other camper here, gets pretty cold at night but bathroom is not heated, nice trees and grassy area with tables and bbq , electric and hot shower and clean, but still way too expensive

El Domuyo Camping

120 pP, bathroom as clean as it can probably get with good hot water, happy to get some shelter from storm, lady was nice and she operates a restaurant with Milanese and salad as the only available but good meal, WiFi works fine within restaurant and in front of it

Free WiFi in the Park

Good enough for WhatsApp,email and Facebook !
All the kids of the village hang out here to use it ...

Camping - Granja - suburb San Juan

Nice little organic farm with grassy camp area, very clean bathrooms, nice people, 150 $ for myself, unfortunately (as everywhere else) pool is out of order although it is 30 degrees Celsius and pure sunshine

Camping Amebapla

Open at this time of year, gate was closed but not locked, guy who runs the place lives there, Everything seems to be shut down: pool has no water, the guy started everything for me as I was the only one here, bathroom needs some more attention but the shower was really hot and good , paid 120 $

Camping Luz y Fuerza

200 pesos for 1 person plus car&trailer is a bit on the expensive side , but it is indeed the only open place right now and it’s ok, clean and roomy, lots of people here as well, still quiet at night, no party, no dogs
waking to main plaza is 15 minutes


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