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Tuolumne Meadows Campground

Beautiful NP campground. Reservations recommended but we lucked out and found a spot for two nights on a busy week. Portable water available. Flush toilets. No showers. Fantastic hiking right from the campground! Enjoy.

Indian Flat RV Park

Decent little campground next to the Cedar Lodge motel. Great option to stay just outside Yosemite NP. Friendly, helpful owners. Sites are very close together but most are shaded by large trees. Hot showers and free use of the pool at the Cedar Lodge! $30 for dry camping. $42 for full hook up. Tents and cabins available for rent. Wifi available at extra cost (we didn’t try it).

Road construction

Road construction from this point to Puertecitos, about 7 km of gravel roads.


Gas station after the long gravel road coming from the south

Don Gato Fish Tacos

Best fish and shrimp tacos ever. Get the Taco Roca or the Taco Don Gato and you will not be disappointed.

Villa Celeste Resort

Must stop here! Fantastic place with wonderful owners. Noah speaks English and will help you with whatever you need. Beautiful beach with a nice point break, looks good for beginner or intermediate surfers. Clean and shady swimming pool. Can’t recommend enough! We wish we could have stayed for a week.

Trailer Park Los Cocos

We do not recommend staying here. We stopped in here and were told it would be $400mxp for one night (150pp + 50 for each of our kids). We tried to negotiate but they would not, even though there was not a single other person in the campground. We checked Stoners but decided it would be too loud for our family and returned to camp here. After we parked we were told that we would have to move our vehicle because “it was facing the wrong direction”! We said we needed to face this direction so we would be in the shade but they insisted we must turn our vehicle. Again, we were the ONLY vehicle in the entire campground! We could not believe the way they were treating their only guests, so we left.
We recommend driving 15 minutes south to El Chaco. Cheaper, on the beach, great pool.

La Tovara crocodile boats

We recommend this trip. We were sceptical but we gave it a try and were happy, especially our kids. We saw lots of turtles, birds, and a few crocs. The croc zoo was a little depressing due to the size of the cages, especially for the poor panthers. The restaurant was good. Try the shrimp burritos! Swimming in the pool was nice way to cool off before returning to the parking lot.
Also, highly recommend the banana bread being sold at the stalls just outside the parking lot!


Filled our fixed US tank and portable US tank without adapters. No problemo. Very fast service. 285 pesos for about 30L of propane.

Road Construction

Heads up the road along the lake is under construction, being rebuilt in sections. Expect minor delays.

Hotel Pie de la Sierra

Charming old hotel with well kept grounds. M$270 per night with electrical and potable water. Martin the friendly grounds keeper will sort you out. There is a games room with billiards and table tennis. The pool is an awesome place to cool off after hiking the Volcan. We stayed over a weekend and there was a wedding party but the noise was low and there were no issues in the parking lot.

La Tortuguita

We stopped in here on our way north. Seems like a very nice place to sit and relax for a few nights. The surf was a little too rough for swimming but the beach was beautiful and the campground very tidy. We would have stayed for another night or two but it was much more expensive than we had expected at 540 pesos for the night with our camper van. 300 pesos for two adults plus 240 for our two kids.

Corrupt police

Unfortunately, we also endured an attempted shakedown on this stretch of road today. We were pulled over by two police on a motorcycle on the out skirts of Barranquilla heading towards Santa Marta. When we began with the “no entiendo” one cop immediately pulled out his phone to translate his requests. He said we had been pulled over for “bad driving” and then later said that we had sped past a school (there was no school). He said our vehicle would be impounded for 3 days and the fine would be “one Colombian salary”. No joke. We asked what that meant and he decided it would be $300USD or 600,000 pesos. We apologized for our infraction and said we would pay the fine but we needed to take the ticket to the bank. He started writing a hilariously bogus ticket on a note pad and asked us to withdraw cash from the nearby gas station. We continued to play “no entiendo” and politely insist that we had to take the ticket to the bank. After 45 minutes of this ridiculous exchange he took a croissant that my son offered him, said “buen viaje” and they drove away.
We tried very hard to remember the officers full name but can only recall that his first name might have been Yarmar.
Good luck!

The Bruitera Club De La Sena

Decent and safe camping spot. Very welcoming staff. Clean cold pool and beer! Busy with friendly locals on the weekends. Reasonably clean bathrooms with cold showers. Power available from dorm room attached to bathroom. Charged us 60,000 per night for 2 adults and 2 kids. Taxi to centro was 20,000.
Should mention that there is a water treatment plant next door so there can be a bad smell when the wind blows from that direction.

Salsa Museum

Learn about the history of Cali’s (Columbia’s) greatest salsa band; Grupo Niche and their founder Jario Varela. Catch a show if you are lucky!

Museo del Oro

Gold museum. Free. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Camping Cedro (Hotel, Restaurant)

Adding photos. GPS location has been corrected. $10/per night, we were a family of four with a camper van. Can’t beat the price, location or the hospitality. Thanks Humberto.

Las Menestras de la Eloy Alfaro

Great little Ecuadorian family run restaurant. Fantastic “menu del dia” for $2.50! Decent burgers for $2.

Camping Cedro (Hotel, Restaurant)

We struggled to find this place as the coordinates and name were incorrectly entered. We have updated them. Humberto is very welcoming and is eager to have travellers. They are currently working on building the bathrooms and shower.

Animal Rehabilitation Center

We thought this sounded like a great place to visit with our kids. When we arrived there were two men inside the center (with some turtles and blue boobies) but they were not interested in letting us in. Our Spanish is not great but we believe they said we needed permission to enter from the hotel down the road. We backtracked to the hostel a few hundred meters away and talked with some people there. They had no idea. When we returned to the rehab center a few minutes later to get better instructions we found the men walking away down the beach. They saw us over their shoulder but seemed intent on leaving us behind. Shame, we were going to make a nice donation to their cause.

La Canoa Camping/Hostal

Tried to stay here, everything is locked up. Maybe closed for the season.

Hosteria Farallon Dillon

Can’t say enough good things about Farallon Dillon! The staff are so helpful, especially the owners Yolanda and Captain Dillon. Such a welcoming and generous couple. The pool is fantastic and the restaurant chef (Belgian) prepares the most amazing Mahi Mahi. Don’t miss this place!
Power and water were available to us at the upper parking lot (amazing sunset views)

El Paraiso

Very friendly owners. We paid 2.50 per adult and 1.50 per child to swim, which was great after a day of hiking in Cajas. They now charge 5.00 for a vehicle to camp overnight. 110V electricity is available if you ask.

Hosteria “San Luis”, Huizho

We paid $15 for a family of four to use the pool. Turns out it doubles as a truck stop at night. Parking lot was completely full with trucks coming and going all night.

Mi Comisariato

The store you can buy everything at. Very good place to stop if you are coming north after crossing the border from Peru. Guarded parking lot and no height restrictions.

Shortcut To Huaraz

This shortcut it NOT worth it. This was one of the worst roads we have driven in 5 months / 20,000km in South America. There is one 5km section of paved road inexplicably in the middle of the 40km and the rest is terrible. If you have a stiff suspension like our van you will be reduced to a crawl. It took us nearly 2 hours and was not fun.

Lago Parón National Park Camping

The old ranger was not working here when we visited. There is now 3 teenagers (2 boys 1 girl) running the refugio. We heard a scary story from another overlander that one of the boys had tried to extort him for money to use the toilet (it is free for all visitors) and threatened him with an ax! He reported this to the rangers at the park gate and they were not impressed. We drove up a few days later and the morning we arrived so did a van with the community president and his entourage. They appeared to give the teenagers a good long lecture and we did not have any problems at all during our 2 nights there. Be prepared for very cold nights and acclimatize appropriately for 4200m.

The road up from the gate is very narrow with tight turns that were at the limit for our 6.5m long van. We had no problem with traction in dry conditions with 2WD, although high clearance is recommended. Beware, if you encounter another vehicle on the switchbacks it is very difficult to pass (good luck!).

We also agree that this is probably the most scenic camp spot we have used in 5 months in South America. The mornings were totally clear with more clouds in the afternoon.
The nice hike to the back of the lake took about 1.5 hours one-way. Beware that there are several creek crossings which became noticeably deeper in the afternoon due to the sun melt.

Hotel Tampumayu

The hotel seemed closed, gates were locked but we rang the bell and a very friendly staff opened the gates and we were able to camp. 20 soles for the night, clean bathrooms and a lot of birds walking around the grounds. Good stop in between Cusco and Nazca.

Campamento Placido - Piurai

This was a great place to stay. Very friendly and welcoming owners, beautiful views, quiet nights and an alpaca roaming around. Definitely recommend staying here if you want to explore Moray and Maras. Clean bathrooms and very cold showers.


This office is OPEN. We were able to get our SOAT in under half an hour. Be sure you have photocopies of you registration/ownership documents and a photocopy of your passport, they also need to see your TIP. We were there at 10am on a Monday morning. 42 soles for two months for our van.


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