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Boteti River Bushcamp

Back again after 3 weeks and still the best bushcamp along the Boteti. Easy acces also along the Boteti River Road from the south.

Lake at Rysana Pan

Beautiful and easy accessible bushcamp at a small lake in the westernmost edge of Ryasana Pan. Easy 2WD access. A lokal house is 500 m away, some locals passed by, nobody bothered us. H+-Orange signal.

In the pan, off the road

Nice grassy bushcamp at the edge of Tshitane Pan on the way from Lekhubu Island. Many ants, very quiet, very remote, H+-Orange signal.

Lekhubu Island Camp

Primitive camping without anything except pit toilets in a nice landscape overlooking Sowa Pan with some nice Baobabs on the Island. Crossing the pan to the island was not possible after one heavy rain. Access from Nata and through the bush to Lekhubu Island on the north access track was ok, the track to the south was muddy and slippery in places but doable without risk to get stuck. So by far the worst part at wet conditions is crossing the pan to the Island from the main track - but then you can use the northern detour. No cell phone signal.

wild camp with elefants

Overnight parking in the middle of the wide cutline road from Lesoma. We went 2 km further on the sandy road to be invisible from the main road and to avoid road noise. Nothing special, ok if you arrive at dark and leave early next day. Weak Orange signal.

Ihaha Camp

10 primitive campsites in Chobe National Park with a nice view over the Chobe floodplain, each of them with lots of privacy. Ablutions are ok. Many animals around. Wild, remote and quiet. No Orange signal.

Chobe Safari Lodge

Big upmarket lodge with a campground. Despite close the Kasane, very natural and quiet. Half of the sites are very narrow, privacy is not perfect but ok. You can see many animals around the lodge and the campground: warthog, bush bock, gennet, banded mongoose, velvet monkeys and many birds. Good Wifi at the bar or 4G Orange signal.

Mile 17 Beach

Overnight parking at Mile 17 Beach. Distance to C34 is ca 800 m on a well maintained track, no road noise, visible from the road at daylight. H+ MTC Signal.

Wild camp at Gary’s Waterhole

Big waterhole with a good amount of water also at the end of dry season. At least 70 Elephants came in the evening. Very remote and quiet. Access: 5.5 km along the fence on a good track, then 4,5 km on a narrow winding track through the forest. Ok with our 3.25 high and 2.20 wide truck. No 4 WD necessary. No Orange signal.

Elephant Sands Lodge & Camp

For us a great lodge with many elephants at the waterhole especially during dry season from July to November. During this period it will be very difficult to find a better waterhole for Elefant watching. The Lodge is built around the waterhole and the elephants come very close (2-3 m). Watching them is great from the nice pool and bar area. Also from the campsite and the tents you have a unobstructed view. The campsite is nothing special: ok ablutions, no shade, no drinking water, no electricity, good wifi and plugs for electricity at the bar only. So go here for the elephants not for camping. 150 Pula p.P.

Ntwetwe Pan Bushcamp

Camping in the middle of Ntwetwe Pan. No people, no trees, no shade, no mosquitos, just nature, the stars at night and really a lot of wind. Easy access to the pan from A3. Take the track to the south west of the pan. You find plenty of space on the edge of the pan. Be careful driving on the pan. Don´t try when i´s wet. H+ Orange signal.

Planet Baobab

Very nice and well maintained lodge and campground with a bar and a big swimming pool. Ablutions are clean, sites are under big baobabs, spaciouss with lots of privacy, each with a shaded picnic area. In our opinion much better than the narrow parking lot at Gweta Lodge without any privacy at the sites. Good 4G Orange signal. 105 BWP p.P.

Nxai Pans South Camp

10 nice campsites at the southern edge of Nxai Pan. Site 10 is very private. Ablutions are clean, water is flowing. 40 km sandy dirt road to get here, no problem anywhere. Don´t miss the great pans around Baines Baobabs and the waterhole in the Nxai Pan with many Jackals and Elephants, some Springbok, few blue wildebeest, giraffe and Zebra. For cats you have to be lucky or bring a lot of time.

Boteti River Bushcamp

Great bushcamp directly at the Boteti River. Easy acces from the tarred road: take the cutline road (in Maps.me) to the Boteti River Road, go a bit north, then follow a sandy track 200 m down to the river. Accessible for big rigs. No Orange-signal.

Sunday campsite 1

Remote and rustic wilderness camp with a distant view of Kori Pan. Many birds will visit you if you offer water. A primitive long-drop-toilet and nothing else but nature. Access from Rakops to Matswere Gate and further on is ok with some scratches on the truck from branches. Also south to Deception Pan the track is ok, north to Sunday Pan and Leopard Pan it gets very narrow.

Kori 4

Remote and rustic wilderness camp with a distant view of Kori Pan. Many birds will visit you if you offer water. A primitive long-drop-toilet and nothing else but nature. Access from Rakops to Matswere Gate and further on is ok with some scratches on the truck from branches. Also south to Deception Pan the track is ok, north to Sunday Pan and Leopard Pan it gets very narrow.


Primitive unfenced campground with 10 spacious sandy sites and only little privacy. No view of the Boteti River from the camp. Ablutions are very clean. Good H+ Orange-Signal. Too expensive for foreign visitors. 217,50 BWP for SADC-citizens.Quite nice game drive along the Boteti River on relatively deep sandy tracks with Zebra, Elephant, Kudu and Wildebeest in the River.

Boteti River Bushcamp

Quiet bushcamp at Boteti River with many elefant and hippo tracks, but in the river we saw only cows and heard thousands of frogs in the night. Far away from the main road and local houses. Very weak Orange-signal.

Audi Camp

Comfortable place to relax after returning from the bush in Chobe or Moremi. Sandy sites, some with shady trees, nothing special so far. But the pool and bar area are very nice. Food in the restaurant is good and cheep. 100 BWP p.P. without electricity. You can hear the bar across the street and some traffic noise but it was not too disturbing for us. Good wifi and 4G Orange signal.

Water hole

Several places to park beside the road at Mababe Depression. There is a big permanent Waterhole also in dry season with many Hippos and lots of Elefants in the evening. Nice place but not good for the night any more. It seems to be the main road now passing by this location and also the 2 spots further south because of a big waterhole on the main road. 5 Cars passed by after sunset and they wanted us to pay 300 BWP p.P. for parking here. We left at 8 pm and went 5 km further on a side track in the bush. But this also was only an emergency spot.

Forest wildcamp

Ok place for a night after or before Moremi Game Reserve. Unfortunately the area was recently burned. Easy access on a sandy track. Not visible from the road. Cell signal phone but no Orange signal.

Moremi National Park - Xakanaxa Campsite

Xakanaxa Camp has 10 nicely situated spacious sites with two clean ablution blocks. At 262 Pula p.P. (plus park fee 120 Pula p.P. plus 50 Pula for the car) the best deal in and around Moremi but still expensive for what you get. Site 8-10 have the best view over the grassy lagoon. Elefants and buffaly may visit the camp, also monkeys are around and we were lucky to see 6 wild dogs in the camp at our site. There is wifi at the gate but the staff will not tell you the password. They are not very interested in giving you information about wildlife sightings or helpful to change your campsite. They told us "that's not possible because we are fully booked". At the end 5 out of 10 sites were free. The "road" to Xakanaxa from South Gate is the best in the park, you have no trouble with low branches or small tracks. Track to Third Bridge is much narrower and slow going but doable with our 325 high and 220 wide truck. We knew, that 3rd bridge is broken and there is no way from Third Bridge Camp to Xakanaxa except going back to South Gate. But the staff at DWNP Office in Maun did not know about or did not want to tell us after our request. The landscape around Paradise Pools and Sitshi Pools towards Dead Tree Island is very nice. All the minor tracks are very narrow and bumpy and a challenge for big rigs, but once you are out of the Mopana it is a kind of ok. Sand is quite hard and was no problem anywhere in the park. Orientation is not easy because of many tracks, floodings, low branches, etc.. There are animals around but you have to be really lucky to find lion, leopard, wild dog and friends. Compared with Etosha or Kruger it is much more difficult to find these special animals. So, if you are here, don´t search for them but enjoy the beautiful landscape, the sounds, the clear sky and the nature around you.

Bush camp before the south gate

Quiet bushcamp 4 km before Moremi South Gate. This is a wide open area with plenty of animal tracks but no animals during our stay. Access is difficult to see and narrow between trees but after 50 m the track gets more visible. This is the best place to stay and explore the Black Pools and Xini Lagoon Area. When you leave the "main road" to Third Bridge tracks are getting narrow and winding and will be difficult with a big car. In late September it was very dry in the area with only few animals. No cell phone signal.

Bush camp 60km from Maun

Nice bushcamp on a sidetrack from old Maun-Toteng Road in a gully together with some sheeps. Not visible from A3 but you can hear the road. Very slow Orange Signal.

Bush Camp A2/A3

Quiet bushcamp 500 m from A3 close to the A2 crossing. Easy access on a sandy track. Ok for a stopp after Border Crossing from Namibia. 4 locals with sheeps passed by at 8 pm, a local car broke down 300 m down the road in the morning. No one bothered us. Slow Orange-Signal.

Gross Barmen Resort

Big Campground with clean sites and good restrooms. Only 2 other campers were there from Friday to Saturday. There are two big outdoor pools at about 28-30°C. For 200 NAD p.P. the use of these 2 pools is included. You have to pay 100 NAD p.P. extra to use all the indoor facilities. There is a big hot pool (ca 40°C) and two cool jakuzzis, steam room, sauna and gym. Everything looks new, is very big and clean. We were alone in the spa-area.

Mile 8 Beach

Closet free beach camping option north of Swakopmund at Mile 8 Beach. Distance to C34 is ca 300 m on a well maintained track, no road noise, visible from the road at daylight. 4G MTC Signal.

Messum Crater Road near Cape Cross

Overnight parking beside the road to Messum Crater ca 3 km from C34. There are many options to camp along the road towards Messum Crater. We went here instead to the beach to escape the fog and the strong wind. No cars, very quiet, very weak MTC Signal.

C39 Wildcamp

Very nice and peaceful camp close to a waterhole with birds, rhino and antelope tracks. 800 m from C39 on a good dirt drack with 4 dips that require a bit of clearance. Not visible from the road. No MTC-Signal.

Springbok Rivier Valley View, C39

Overnight parking with a great view across the Springbok Rivier at a picnic place beside C39. Visible from the road, but no traffic after 5 pm and before 8 am. Very slow but working MTC-Signal.


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