vamuquivamu Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Camping Municipal de Avaré

big place, good price 35 reales per tent or van and all facilities, just the wifi and signal phone is very poor

Posto Recanto

big place with all facilities, the showers cost 10 reales, but if you full the tank is for free. they have free cold water for drink too. we spend one night here.

Scout Camp

Parque fechado em função da pandemia covid-19

Scout Camp

Parque fechado em função da pandemia covid-19

Camping Península das Palmeiras

amazing camping with all facilities and a beutiful view of the lake. we bargain with tje owners and pay 22R.p.p. for one night, out of season

Posto Ypiranga - Buffon

great place, a little bit noise, but very safe, guards all night
- showers pay 7 Reais
- wash is free if you consumed 20L of gas

Sao Jose do Norte

Good place to spend a night
they dont have showers but in other side of road have pay shower for 7 Reais
very quiet and safe, they work 24h with bathrooms

Posto Ipiranga Hoff

we dont stop in safe area, but at side of shop, they have hot and cold water for free, but the showers cost 15 reais p.p.

Soledade City Park

the city park is really beutiful, good ilumination, many spots for connect the energy and toilletes for free, maket most close 2km, we spend 3 nights, the guard stay just in entrace we recommend to stay close for more safety.

Estacionamento da igreja São Gabriel

good place, very quiet, we can get power 220V, hot showers and toilets, for thanks we help with a donation for visit the church, is Amazing

Posto da Lagoa

this place is quiet and safe, they have 2 external spot of energy and toilets for free, but the shower cost 15 Reais

Parque Municipal Lauro Ricieli Bortolon, Marau-RS

very good place, stay here 3 days, hot
showers , toilets, energy at sites.

Posto Shell caminhos da neve

great place, they have water and toillets, the shower cost R$10 p.p. This services work 24h, very friendly people.

Mirante do Rio do Rastro

Best place to pass the night in Rio do Rastro, amazing sunset and sunrise, good structure for campers and RV, just R$ 0,50 for toillets, water and eletricity

Praia do Rosa

great place to pass the night, but the road is very small for big RVs and we recomended to go in afternoon to avoid the fiscalization.


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