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Rest area - Welcome to Michigan Info Center

just a place to stay a night and get some rest bathroom are open

BLM SW of Picacho Pumping Plant

No one around away from the road Fire ring was made here flat land No amenities No trash can Must be self contained beautiful weather 30 minutes from town cell service is good great place for the dogs to run around

Alamo Road

Down this road is Shooting range for the locals but there's lot of side roads for some quite camping Must be self contained No amenities No trash can No water Pack in Pack out 20mins from Roswell Beautiful Desert Pecos diamonds all around Stay Away from the road you'll be cover in dust

Rest stop

rest stop bathroom open 24hr A place to get some rest

rest stop

rest stop for the night bathroom open 24 nice clean no amenities No water Trash can is in the front quite no problems

Bear Mountain

Beautiful free but lots of trash Local use this place to shoot up shoot there guns No one mess with us No amenities Must be self contained No 4x4 need unless you choose the rough roads Lots of broken glass all around Becarefull with your pet and kids Beautiful 60s in late Nov follow me on Instagram Moomoo617

Murray Ryan Visitor Center

Look for the Shell gas station with Papa John's they have water hoes , air ,gas and pizza Cross the street is UPS, food store ,more pizza and a weed shop

Shell Station - Free Potable Water

located in Silver City show gas station you could get car wash are water across the street is grocery store dispensary Little Caesars

Black Jack CG

End of October being of November Firday was pack most sites have a a picnic table a grill and a fire ring and a very spacious for a couple RVs to be in just one site Pit toilet on each side No Water Beautiful Mountains views at the back end Spotting cell service No trash can Must be self contained No 4x4 Need all sites are big Rv friendly

Timber Camp Recreation Site

Big open area with big pot holes be careful going all the way back Not much shade lots of hiking trails though a lot of cactus trees Becarefull with small kids and dogs both dogs came back with cactus pins on them Some highway noise but not to bad No amenities No trash can Must be self contained 4x4 is not needed There is a horse loaded in the back and there is cow back there too

Forest Service Road 60 Tonto National Forest

The only noise is from the freeway Not too bad No one around just No amenities No water the creek in the back was dry up in late October Not to hot and 30s to sleep the views are beautiful Must be self contained Beautiful there are cows and Hunting areas in the back

Pine Grove Campground US Forest Service

No one around From the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is close for the winter from October 15-May 15 everything is closed no amenities No trash can Must be self contained Campsite all over Big Rvs friendly in between Flagstaff and Phoenix

Pine Grove Campground US Forest Service

We learn the hard way Airzon is in two part North Rim of the Grand Canyon is Close for the Winter between October 15 til May 15 it's 35$ per car to enter from there two here everything is closed But here there was No one around forest to our self No amenities no water no bathroom Must talk all trash back with you

Wild Camping Near Senic Highway 67

Lots of Free campsite by the North Rim No amenities No trash can No water it's October No one was around Dogs off the leash running around in the forest (35$ per car for North Rim Park fee ) at park entrance Close Between Oct15 til May

Off of FS200

not too far from the North Rim Grand Canyon which is open in May 15 closes on October 15th so October through May the Forest Road and the campsites around are closed no amenities no water no trash can 4 x 4 is not needed unless you want some more secluded sites that are all the way in the back some spots have great T-Mobile service kip

BLM Glen Canyon Dam

it's a paid campsite 14$ a night No amenities but a table No overnight parking at the Welcome center stay at Walmart 6 mins away

Turkey Creek Road

breathtaking views Road wasn't that bad came in a van beautiful Mountains views

Mt. Shavano National Forest

Beautiful sounds of the Fooses Creek everyone is back in school and work so it was very quiet no amenities Voilt toilet no trash can Must be self contained 4x4 is for the higher Mountains sites Rvs not best to stay up front

Walmart - Mishawaka

Quite just one Rv Walmart is close at 11PM opens at 8

Browns Creek

there's campsite all around here some need 4x4 but most are flat area There is Voilt toilet at the beginning of the Brown Creek trail But it's mostly self contained vehicles No amenities low T-mobile bars Watch out for the cows

Mt Princeton 4WD TH

Just beautiful Mountains views all around No amenities No trash can Pit toilet by the being of the Brown creek trail the road is not bad the higher you drive the roads get worse and narrow high clearance for by 4 is recommended for the higher camping sites The lower campsite is a open cattle range so Becarefull WITH THE COWS!!!!! Leave them alone they'll leave you alone..Dont scared them ..And please recycle glass

CR 96 Beaver Reservoir Road

The Reservoir is dry up and is private lake but the road has a lot of campsite some are deep in forest some are 4x4 is get into Beautiful trails all around No amenities Must be self contained 14 days for free

Switzerland trail

Rough Road Osteo traders are used to the pot hose so we made it in a minivan very very slow White knuckle it all the way up here so worth it so beautiful The road is Narrow and scary Seen a car off the cliff still there No amenities No trash Can Must be self contained No Rvs should try the road

North Fork Middle Cottonwood Creek

Beautiful Mountains views No amenities No trash Can Must be self contained The lower campsite are right by the creek Keep the Creek Clean Please Pick up Glass, beer Cans, and trash. Camp fire we just took a walk without tools, and pick up dead wood while anothers cut down new trees Keep cutting trees The future won't have a forest..

Salida North BLM

Beautiful Quiet lots of big Rvs , small cars sites right off the road at the Day area is where is forks left is sites by the River Straight ahead takes you higher into the mountains 14 day for free no amenities or trash Must be self contained And please if you burn your trash no glass or cans they don't burn But your CIGARETTES BUTTS do so throw those in the fire respect Colorado and don't be a litter bug Leave it better than you found it

Browns Creek

This Mountain is like a Mine Apartment building There's all types of people living here Some travelers Some camper but must living here There's Campsite all over the Better off Road vehicles you have the more secluded site Must be self contained there's a pit toilet by the Brown Creek trail Becarefull There's is a lot of kids and Cows on Roads..

Rocky Mountain

Stay in a Tent Came in a van 307 Road is a bit bumpy but beautiful views Not too bad there Rvs down here The site are but enough for 2 campsite on each pull out So be scary to take the another side from a camper No amenities No Trash Must be self contained Flowing creek behind the campsite Some have Shade Some don't be prepared for the bugs and wild life in the Mountains 14 days max for FREE KEEP IT CLEAN NO CIGARETTES BUTTS RESPECT COLORADO

Antero Reservoir

If you like Tent/Rvs city this place is for we came in July it was pack lots fishing boat lots of hot as generators going on too for us We stay up front by the gate for a night the mosquitoes we're so bad I think you have to pay to get on the water North side is only fishing No campsite no overnight South side you can stay up to 14 days We didn't make it a day go down 285 to 307 free better shade primitive campsite in the Mountains

MDC campground @ Thomas Hill Lake

Beautiful right the Lake No amenities does have a place to get water has 3 out house Must be self contained can stay up to 14 days Free Come in the Weekday to find a spot the Locals take up spot with tent then in the weekend bring there Rvs not cool That's been happen for years watch out for ticks in the grass and snakes in the water

Thomas Hill Reservoir

Beautiful free 14 campsite with a out house No amenities Must be self contained


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