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Little Gallagher Creek


One spot very close to road but no privacy at all.

Another smaller, not for big rigs or trailers (ideal for tents and smaller vehicles) private and shaded spot +- 50m along the narrow track. Easy access to creek from here.

Wild camping along river

No shade, no privacy. An emergency stop only 😖

Old Highway 95


Public picnic spot, level, treed, fire pit, concrete table and bench, space for 3/4 vehicles. Quiet and secluded. Weight restricted bridge to access.
Other options are available on this dead end road.

Latah county fairgrounds

Tent camping not permitted. Sign to that effect at RV office.

Off the beaten track

One of the most beautiful roads in Mexico. But on a bicycle heading inland from Ruiz to Durango also one of the most strenuous! 300km took me 6 days!

Hotel Jesus Maria

Not recommended. Getting here at dusk this place was recommended by local shop keeper. 150 MX$ for single room, bucket shower, no WiFi, thin blanket, no staff about to request extra bedding. Water not potable.

Numerous eateries in town. Space in secure yard for vehicles only positive.

There are other options to stay in town, any of them should be better than this place.

Electronics Shop. Tele Partes de Uruapan

Excellent variety of electronic parts including tools, audio and visual spares.Owner speaks a little English.


FREE. No facilities.
Public picnic area next to laguna. Plenty of shade and flat. Access will depend on water level.
Great place for more than one night.
Lake water is just about suitable for washing, no more.

Wild lake near Los azufres

I wasn't able to find this place.

Aculco. Cheese town.

Attractive town specialising in artesinal cheeses - every other shop it seems.
Bit pricey but great variety available.

Muy tranquillo dam.

FREE. No facilities.

Dam not shown on Osmand nor

Route here from east better suited to two wheelers. Definitely worth the effort though. Lovely setting, clean enough for swimming. Couple of fire pits. No rubbish!

Cyclists not permitted on Cuota 70D.

Cyclists not permitted on Cuota 70D. Expect to be given a lift by road maintenance/safety crew to next exit. There aren't any signs prohibiting bicycles.
Not sure where this restriction starts or ends.

Behind Pemex

FREE. Large flat gravel area behind Pemex in front of abandoned truck workshops.
There are a couple of roofed truck bays for shelter from the wind and rain.
Very basic shop for snacks.
Toilets $5.

Riverside Camp

Plenty of options to the north or south of the bridge. Most can be seen either from the bridge or from neighbouring houses.
I had a few local vehicles and pedestrians pass me - all were very friendly.
Thx to OP.

Domel Supermercado

New (Nov '21) clean supermarket with wide range of goods including homeware and alcohol. The only supermarket in town. English speaking owner/manager.

Rancho Cuatro Encinos

This place is permanently closed.

Rancho Cuatro Encinos

Nov. '21
Looks to be permanently closed.

Ferril abandonado

Abandoned rail route between Beristáin and Zempoala. Shown on Osmand as Linea HD and Linea H ferrocarril abandonado.
Best suited to two wheel travellers who can weave between rocks and ruts but passable (slowly) for other vehicles, NOT bigger rigs.
A lovely alternative to main roads. Plenty of wild camping options.

La Tierra Grande ~ Cabañas

Nov. '21.
Dormitories no longer available.
1 chalet will be AirBnB in near future.
Cabanas now $1550 for two people, $1950 for four.
Optional breakfast extra $100.
Sleep inside own vehicle $200 per person.
Tent camping $200 per person.
Toilets but no shower for campers.


This is not Tlatlauquitepec. Wrong location.


I wasn't able to find this place.

Hotel San Carlos

Nov. '21.
Basic but clean hotel. Matrimonial $200. Off road parking.

near las margaritas

Not really suitable for ground tents. Anywhere close to the water's edge is very damp ground.

Slightly better place 450m to the east. Look out for beached boats and huge ? tree. No easy access to water, shoreline is overgrown and muddy.


Lanchas (Ferry) between Las Barrillas and Jicacal

For pedestrians and cyclists only.
10 minute scenic trip across the lagoon.

Oct. '21: $10 per person + $10 for the bicycle.

Cane staging area

FREE. No facilities.

Huge flat open gravelled and grassed space ±500m from road. Southern side of MEX 180. Partly overgrown entrance.

Background traffic noise noticeable in tent. probably not if inside vehicle.

N.B. Oct. 2021 very few mosquitoes.

Suitability for big rigs unknown only because of access track width.

End of the road

FREE No facilities. Couple of bars / very basic eateries with baños in rundown Playa Las Palmitas just to the east.

Flat, level, grass and sandy area at end of beach track. Just you, a few palms, the wind, and far offshore lights from oil rigs.

Lots of debris on the beach but OK for swimming.

Playa Varadero

Correction. Place not closed.


Lanchas across lagoon

Commercial service does not exist.

October 2021. Private boat owner wanted $600 for one passenger one way!

A better quiet place at beach

FREE. No facilities.

This is another dirt track leading to beach but alongside a derelict concrete structure which is good for daytime shade.

Good selection of shops and eateries in village.

Stray dogs wander around.

quiet place in front of the beach

Very overgrown in October. Better place one block further west.


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