sonny jadun Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Black Hills

nice quite place. dirt road, during rain will need 4x4. wifi sporadic but slow. can find spots all along the dirt road. another camper adjacent to this spot was already there. no issue. nobody drove thru at night.

Black Hills, NFS road, close to Hill City

stayed here overnight. nice and peaceful. place to myself. couple campers drove by. great wifi connection. will definitely stay here.

Pactola Lake

Road pull out with walk in access to the shore. pulled over for the day. National Forest so can camp for the night. Overnight stay was not in my plan. Marina ans Pactola lake public access($14) day fee, 2 min. drive from this spot. if you have a kayak, can easy access the lake from this pullout spot

National grassland Boondocking

its the gravel road running g between the boundary fence of National grassland and National Badland Parks. pulled into this gravel road about a mile interior. camped on the side of gravel road, no one used the gravel road all night.. Ni idea what this access road is about. At the entrance of road there was a sign alluding to that road is only dry weather. Couple of spots on road were deep mud, did not use 4x4. 2 wheel drive would have made it thru sides also. In wet weather doubt 2wd will make thru these spots. RTT drivers pay attention to wind direction, it can pick up at night. Great wifi on TMobil network.

Walmart Youngstown

Roof Top Tent here last night. couple of other campers were here too. little loud around 11 pm with traffic but quiet out. stay away trucks parked as they can get noisy.

Rock Run Park and Boat Launch

Great spot for fishing and relaxing. got here around 9 am. quite a few fisherman. May not be private during the day. could camp at night here. Within reach of town. Few kids may hang around her. Have to go around retaining wall by left of road to get access to the launch.

BLM land

stayed here last night. just outside town. nice n quiet. good wifi. track little rutted. no problem for 4runners. RV folks may not like them. nobody else here. No noise.
as an alt Walmart in town, west of this site allows parking too. saw some RV's camped there.

Starview Lane, Laguna Niguel

nice place. liked it very much. not much traffic.

One mile off pave road

after observing sunset at Dantes View, drive here and set up the RTT. Any flat place you can find by the side of gravel road, it will work. as long you are 1 mile away from the paved road. There were few other car campers here too. Nice quiet place. No wifi though.

Lemonade Canyon

pulled into this slot late yesterday evening. As you enter the dirt trail there is a sign that says no camping within one mile of road. make sure you heed to this advice. gorgeous setting. I have a 4runner, usual clearance and did not use 4x4. Terrain is rocky. car getting here can be an issue. slow wifi but at time was able to send photos on WhatsApp. could also talk.

Marble Canyon

stayed here last night. pretty quiet and gorgeous place. There was a wind advisory and wind was blowing at 45 mph. My Alu-Cab RTT did great. slight rain too. No issues at all. I have T-Mobil. it was slow bit okay. Able to use it. No issues. overall great spot. will have no hesitation to stay here again. There were couple of campers far far away.
Remember to get to BLM land you have to enter thru gate. plz close gate after you get thru

Wild camping near 610

nice quite place. Gravel road. late at night another motorist joined me. 5-7 min. to National park gate. No WiFi. spot very close to road. if need more isolated, u can drive up.

Chevron gas station

asked staff for water availability, she referred me to dollar store spigot up the street. I could see the hose n spigot at front left corner of building.

Kolob Terrace Rd

stayed here last night. first one to come here. later few campers were able to join in. nice and quiet. time to time you would here traffic on the main road. around 4 pm lot of coyote were howling. excellent wifi. great view. traffic from adjacent roads far way can see you camping.

Canyon walls BLM land

All camping sites were full in Capitol Reef campsite. As drove out of park notice campers parked in an open area. Looks like traveler have been using this are for camping. No facilities and charge to camp here. some open areas have fire pits too. Great internet access.

Williams Bottom

BLM campground. 9 camping spots. $20/night. self registration. Seniors with access card pay $10. camping table and fire pit at each site. UT-279 adjacent to camp site. pretty quite after 9 pm. wood readily laying around the campsite


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