Date Place Comment
Campo Mosqueda

Really nice and quiet place to stay a few days. Busy during the week-end but alone between monday and friday.

Punta Vista RV Park

Nice and clean place. With no shower, but pitches with electricity. When we arrived, we were the only rig and Luis, the owner, was disapointed and sorry because he was organising a party at night. We had noise at night because of the party, but Luis let us sleep for free because of the noise.

El Jito RV Park near Los Mochis

Safe place to sleep. With shower and Wifi. But quite expensive for what they offer.

Puerto de Mazatlan (parking)

Big parking lot where you can board to go to Baja California. The parking lot is really big and really secure : guards and some Mexican soldiers passing through. You have plenty of lights in the night and you can park between the trucks. Really quiet, except the noise of the engine of some fridge trucks running during the night. I spent a good night here, only a few blocks from the centre. Paid 70 pesos/night.

Pemex, FREE, Laundry Service

Ask for the guard, he will tell you where to park. Parking is really noisy and not the best place on earth to spend the night but it will do the job if you need a safe place to sleep next to the Highway.

Corrupted policeman

Take care when you go through Gualdajara. A police officer stopped us, arguing that rigs with double wheel axle couldn't cross the city on the central lanes (he might be right as I didn't see any truck or bus on the bridges). He told us we had to go on the 'paralellas'. He asked for money to let us go. We finally paid 500 pesos to be able to continue. Next time, I will take the "periferico" of Guadalajara so I don't have to cross the city.

Pemex Ciudad Ixtepec - OK, FREE

Really quiet and secure gas station. Guard was nice and helpful but we didn't find the shower.

Restaurant With Alberca

Really nice place to stop for a night or rest for a few days. Nice owners and big swimming pool. Food was also good.

La Combi

Javier and his wife are really nice and helpful. We spent a night in their campground, nearby the road, but noise was not a problem for us. Food is also good after a day of driving. Excellent place to stay and hope to be back in a few years when everything will be perfect.

Puma Gas Station

We didn't stop here beacause we didn't feel really secure. Parking is big but also open. We prefered staying at the parking of the hotel nearby, but quite expensive.

Hotel with camping option

Good place and secure nearby the border. Owner is not specially friendly but let us use shower in a room of the hotel. Also gave us electricity for the night. Quite expensive (15 USD) for what they offer.

La Vista Restaurante

Good place to stay for one night. Calm and secure. Chicken wings are delicious and staff is very nice.

Bomberos Granada

Due to coid crisis, we parked our rig in the fire station for 18 months. Good place and secure to let your rig for long-term parking. We paid around 20 USD/month.

Back side of kids park

Really nice place with a new kids park. A bit noisy on friday night but really quiet after midnight.

It is now also with parking fee (blue line on the ground). 0,50 USD/hour. Officially from 8 to 22:00. We paid only from 8:30 to 17:00, when the guard leave the place. This was on a busy sunday. On monday, it was quiet so no guard and no parking fee.

Alan and Miguel Mechanical

Alan is belgian, Miguel is Chilean. They are mechanicals for agriculture vehicules but they can help you if you Bav problems with your vehicule. They found a cheap way to fix the support of our fuel filter which was broken

Julio Guide to Machu Picchu

When you arrive in Aguas Calientes or the entrance of Machu Picchu, you have a lot of guides proposing their service to visit the site. Asking to locals, we were lucky to meet Julio. He made us a great visit of the Machu Picchu. We entered at 12 and left around 17:30. We didn't see time passing as Julio told us a lot about Machu Picchu and the Incas. Really passionate. Also for our 4 children (from 7 to 14) who didn't want to leave the Machu Picchu after the visit. Really worth it to make it with Julio. We paid 150 soles for the 5 hours visit. We made the visit in spanish but Julio also speaks english. He usually works with agencies but you contact him : +51941467822 or [email protected]

GM Mecanico

Gustavo and his team changed oil, filters and fixed little problems on our Iveco. He is really nice and helpful. We had a great time with him. Thanks to him we found how to fill our gastank in Gas Oeste. If you need mechanical help, it is the good place to be. Really recomended !

parking near police and play ground

Quiet place, in front of the lake, with a playground for children, just in front of the police office.

Estacionemiento Cabo Polonio

Good place to sray the night. The wifi was not working when we wenr.

Acodike Cerrito

If you have a fixed LPG tank on your RV, it is the only place in Montevideo I found where he will fill your tank. He has an adaptator for ACME connector and will fill your tank connecting his gas bottle. Price : 58 UYU/kg.

He also give us water to fill our tank.


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