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Banff Train Station RV Parking

We got a warning this morning as you are not supposed to sleep in your car in Banff national park unless you are in a campsite. the sign says 12hs parking. The other motor-homes left very early long before 6am.

street Parking

There is a sign allowing 3 hour parking.

The Balance Rock

Parking lot at the back of restaurant The Balance Rock. We asked the owner and she was very friendly. Food is OK but she was pleased we ate there.

Trailer Park Teotihuacan

We've stayed for more than 6 weeks with our two cockers and had no problems with the doggies. In the beginning they took turns running around, but after a while they tolerated each other very well. The place is fantastic !!


Fantastic campsite !!! Beautiful view of the mountains, a breath of fresh air !! And there is toilet paper in the toilets, a rare commodity in Mexico campsites:) The owner is very welcoming and my pets love it here.

Sun Beach

It's the cleanest camping I've seen in Mexico!! They clean the swimming pool and toilets every morning. They sweep the sand, wash doors from top to bottom. It's amazing. Veridiana is extremely helpful and her family is very kind. Her mobile is 232 1240050 (only Spanish).

Centro Ecoturistico Tapimba

Fantastic finding by the Lake Zirahuen! M$100. The service and food at the restaurant are divine. The Cuban owner, Sergio, is very friendly and the informal camping offers kayaks. Great lake view and swimming is possible. He appreciates if you have one or two meals at the restaurant. He has a bigger gate next to the cabanas, just stop at the restaurant and ask them to open it for you.

San Miguel RV Park

They are currently working on the main gate (gps coordinates). There is another gate in front of a small restaurant selling "carnitas", very near the church square (same street, about 70mt before coordinates). This gate is always closed, so someone has to go to the office to ask for the gate to be opened. Hope it helps :)

Hostel Villa Colonial

Paid $200 for double room with shared bathroom. We are 7mt long, Mercedes sprinter, but were able to park in front of the hostel. great staff.

San Fernando RV Park

U$25, very slow internet...

El Moro RV

Fantastic finding downtown Loreto! It's small, simple but a block away from the beach and the main square. M$200 with water, electricity and internet.

Playa de Naranjos

Excellent rustic resort with bungalows to rent (M$400/700). We are paying M$100 for dry camping, parked 20mt from the idyllic beach. The owners, Armando and Delia, are former fisherman and have wonderful stories to tell. They've created an oasis of peace with security, sanitation, water and silence. It is a few kilometers north of Santispac.

La Espinita

We paid $50 pesos to spend the night, without water/electric. It's a large parking lot behind the hotel/restaurant.

Siesta Real Hotel

This Hotel has a large parking lot, no dogs in the rooms but we could sleep in our van. Good option if you cross the border Mexicali late in the day.

La Bufadora - Camp 7

Price is down to 70 pesos.


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