mzphim Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Braunig Lake RV Park

Stayed one night. Super clean bathrooms and shower w hot water. Paid $27US

Country Hotel

Parker our camper trailer in parking lot and had power. Bathroom was gross but price was only 50 pesos and the place is safe, lots of big rigs. There's a pool that looked pretty clean. Parking lot is huge easy in and out for our 30' o fun

Huge Pemex

Easy in and out for big rigs, lots of parking


Stayed for a week. Nice unique park. Pool and showers needed cleaning when we were there but otherwise really lovely. No biting bugs in august which was a first in Mexico for us. Beach isn't super due to Gulf pollution washing up, lots of trash. We met one of the owners and he was super helpful and quite a character. The dog friendly atmosphere here is very refreshing and was just one of the reasons we stayed over a week here.

Freedom Shores

Paid $250 pesos per night for two people in travel trailer. Camped on lagoon with power. Clean bathrooms. Water spouts at campsite did not work

Yax Ha Resort

Nice place with pool, electricity, hot water and amazing views

Yax Ha Resort

Lovely place on the water.


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